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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems, Contents Ozone Information

Contents Ozone Information

Ozone generator machine, home, business application air, detoxify, food, health, medical, pool spa water purification. Information contents include brief web site description.

Applied Ozone Systems Air, Food Water Purification

Quality ozone generator, application air purification, detoxify, food purification, health, medical therapy, water purification systems, business, home, industry.

Contact Information

We will be happy to respond to your email questions, comments or quotes.

See the latest regulatory news concerning ozone generators and home air purifiers.

Ozone News


Ozone Applications Air Food Health Water Part 1

O3 applications, disinfections, purification of air, food water supplies are essential for the medical health future of any nation.

Fresh Fruits Vegetables Ozone Applications Part 2

O3 is used for natural disinfections in water application and air purification systems for fresh fruits vegetables during cold storage.

Fresh Perishable Food Processing Part 1

Using o3 air water kills pathogens on fresh perishable foods like fruits, vegetables, fish or meat.

Benefits Meat, Fish, Food, Disease Part 2

O3 treatment applications benefits fresh food, fish, meat, poultry, produce in cold storage, controls bacteria contamination, pathogens, illness, disease.

O3 Benefits Home Mold Health Risks Part 1

Bad indoor air problems, pollution in living environments, home health risks.

Home Air Pollution Solution Part 2

Best solution to business, home air pollution or sick building syndrome is simple.

O3 Controls Odor Inhibits Mold Growth

Ozone air purifiers control odors other bad odor problems in the air caused from chemicals, fungus, mildew, inhibits mold growth in the home.

Ozone Activated Oxygen?

Ozone, colorless water-soluble natural compound used worldwide, disinfecting, detox, deodorization in air, food, and water purification treatment.

Breath of Life Book

Medical Ozone Benefits Family Home Health

Book covers causes remedies of disease, medical ozone therapy in whole self detox for balanced health.

Breath of Life; O3 Book Contents

Breath of Life Book, introduction to detox therapy using it to rid the bodies of colon disorders, degenerative disease.

Down Load Breath of Life Book Or Order Printed Copy

Introduction to whole detox utilizing O3 to its fullest potential.

Health Applications Using Ozone

High Colonic Irrigation Colon Cleansing Part 1

Self-colonic or colonic irrigation with ozone is the most effective way to detoxify, clean the colon of toxins or waste.

Colonic Colon Cleansing Benefits Part Two

Self colon cleansing helps regain regular bowel movements, restores muscle tone, peristalsis, cleans, stimulates the liver to produce more bile that aids in the absorption of lipids and nutrients.

Colonic Irrigation Colon Hydrotherapy References

Colonic irrigation, colon hydrotherapy, enema treatment, constipation therapy, intestinal cleansing, medical journal study references.

Colon Cleansing Colonic Irrigation Equipment Supplies

Affordable medical o3 generators, Colema colonic boards; nutritional supplements, self detox therapy or professional use.

Colonic Testimonials

Included are some colonic testimonials that have been sent by e-mail.

Medical Ozone Therapy Oxygen Therapies

Medical ozone therapy, natural alternative, detoxify, kill infectious disease causing bacteria, mycoplasmas, virus organisms.

Medical Ozone Therapy Detox Part 1

Using medical o3 oxygen therapy are natural detox therapies, common health disorders caused by intestinal tract dysfunction.

Natural Detox Therapy Cleansing Part 2

Complete detox or self cleansing natural detox therapy benefits colon, immune disorders, medical health problems, disease symptoms.

Human Intestinal Parasites Worms

Intestinal parasites worm infections in humans are main causes of world health problems in children, men, and women; most will not face reality, suffer.

Health Risks, Nutritional Supplements

Air Chemical Food Medical Water Health Risks Part 1

Contamination in air, water, foods are high. Anyone suffering from cancer, disease should avoid health risks.

Food Preservatives Radiation Synthetics Vaccines Part 2

Additives used in food preservatives, mercury, pharmaceuticals, synthetic vitamins, vaccines pollute our drinking water, environmental health risks to everyone.

Vitamins Minerals Natural Health Foods Part 1

Natural vitamins minerals, food, nutrition, essential, balanced health, disease prevention.

Important Nutritional Dietary Supplement Facts Part 2

Before you buy vitamins and minerals as dietary or nutritional supplements you need to know the essential and vital facts.

Tropical Sunrise Dietary Supplement

Tropical Sunrise natural liquid multi dietary supplement contains amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, fruits, herbs, vitamins, minerals.

Tropical Sunrise Extract Actions and Properties

Tropical Sunrise plant herb extract actions, properties, antioxidant, vitamin, minerals, natural content supplement information.

Tropical Sunrise Supplement Facts

Order Tropical Sunrise Dietary Supplement

Oxygen Generators

Industrial Oxygen Generators

Industrial oxygen generators, oil less concentrator provide reliable, maintenance free air supply for any ozone application.

Medical Oxygen Generator

Medical oxygen generator concentrator with pressure swing adsorption principles is maintenance free.

Eclipse Portable Oxygen Generator Specifications

Portable Oxygen Generator Concentrator

Portable oxygen generator concentrator, commercial and home application.

Oxygen Therapy Supplements

Colon Cleanser Oxygen Supplement

Colon cleanser dietary oxygen supplement with oxygenated magnesium oxides, peroxide, citric acid for intestinal tract health.

Liquid Activated Stabilized Oxygen

OXY-MEGA liquid activated stabilized oxygen dietary supplement, pH balanced water, helps blood, cells, muscles, increase energy.

Oxygen Deficiency Disease

Oxygen deficiency, cause most disease? Our most vital element on earth.

Oxygen Supplement Health Products

Oxygen supplement health products for colon cleansing, colonic irrigation, constipation, detox, digestive, parasites, prevention.

Oxygen Colonic Cleanser

Cellular oxygen colonic cleanser creates rich intestinal environment, cleans, detoxify, purifies, rejuvenates.

Stabilized Oxygen Liquid Dietary Supplement

Oxy-Mega stabilized oxygen liquid dietary supplement, electrolytes of potassium chlorite, sodium bicarbonates in de-ionized water.

Order OXY-MEGA On-Line

Pool Spa Products

Mini-SPA Water Ozonator Ozone Generator

Low cost Mini-SPA water ozonator ozone generator keep spa clean, reducing, eliminating the need for chemicals.

Ozone Generator Ozonator Machine Pool Spa

P-Z Series Ultra Violet ozonator are easily installed in new spa and pools or fitted into existing.

P-Z Specifications

Spa Pool Water Ozonator Machine

Worlds foremost manufacturer air water ozonator, industrial, domestic spa pool application.

Pool Ozone Generator Size Chart

Swimming pools chemical make up, bather load, dirt mildew mold wind contaminates, location, pump run time, temperatures, size determine ozone generator model. Heated swimming pools require 10 to 15 percent more ozone.

Pool Ozone Machine Generator Management, Protocol, Theory

Swimming pool ozone machine generator theory, secondary water disinfectant protocol, check valve, injector, pump performance.

Product Section

Ozone Generators Air Water Purification

Quality air purifiers, ozone generators, ozonator, purification systems, portable o3 systems, water purifiers for air water purification applications.

Smog Buster Ozone Generator

Smog Buster ozone generator reduces cars, trucks, diesel engines exhaust air pollution, chemical emission levels, adverse health effects.

AE Series Ozone Generators

Product Catalog Order Ozone Generator Machine

O3 generators and equipment can be ordered here from Applied Ozone Systems.

New Products Ozone Generator Ozonator Machine

Applied Ozone Systems specializes in consulting, design, development, sales service of ozone generator ozonator machine, air purification, water purifier systems.

New Ozonator Specifications

Portable Home Ozone Air Purifiers Ionizer Machine

Home air purifier machine reduces mold, sources of indoor pollution that contribute to allergies, asthma, hay fever, respiratory problems.

AOS-1A Water Air Ozonator Machine

Air water ozonator portable o3 generator, auto boat camper recreational vehicle truck transport refrigeration applications.

AOS-1C Ozone Counter Top Water Purifier Ozonator

AOS-1C counter top water purifier kills bacteria cysts fungi mold parasites viruses; contaminates.

AOS-1M Medical Ozone Generator Ozonator Machine

AOS-1M medical generator water ozonator, bacteria, cancer, colonic irrigation, fungal, parasites, viral infection.

AOS-1M Calibration Chart

AOS-1MD Ozone Generator Machine

AOS-1MD corona discharge ozone generator machine, dental, hospital, laboratory, medical therapy, veterinary clinic application.

AOS-1MD Ozone Calibration Chart

AOS-1MP Portable Ozone Generator Machine

Portable ozone generator air water purifier ozonator, home business restaurant restroom food applications. Ozonator designed with mini air compressor that injects o3 into any application.

AOS-1MS Medical Ozone Generators

AOS-1MS medical ozone generators for doctor hospital veterinary clinic can revitalize medicine with therapies that work. O3 is used for bacteria, viral infections, cancer, pain, most degenerative diseases.

AOS-3D Dental Water Biofilm Purifier Ozonator Machine

AOS-3D ozone generator purifier eliminates dental water biofilm in delivery systems for high speed dental hand pieces, air-water syringes for cleaning.

AV2500 Ozone Machine Air Purifier Cleaner Treatment System

Natural o3 machine generator air purifier cleaner treatment system, business, home, industrial, medical applications.

Air Purifier Directions in Occupied and Unoccupied Spaces

Ozone Sensor Specifications

Sensor monitors specifications, instrument combinations, accessories for air water applications are included.

Portable Air Ozone Sensors Monitors

Portable air ozone sensor monitor instrument, checking generator ozonator equipment applications gas leak dissolved water analyzer.

Ozone Water Purifier Ozonator

Ozone water purifier ozonator kills bacteria cyst fungi mold parasites viruses yeast, purification treats fresh fish meats produce. Ozone attacks, oxidizes impurities like iron, arsenic, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites, organics, degrades organic pollutants including pesticides, herbicides, environmental chemicals.

Terms Conditions of Sale

Conditions apply to any and all Internet, phone, home office orders and sales of products, or contract between Applied Ozone Systems (the company) and the buyer, customer or dealer.

OXY-MEGA Content Information

OXY-MEGA Colon Cleanse : colon cleansing product

OXY-MEGA Liquid Activated Stabilized Oxygen

OXY-MEGA Colon Cleanser Supplement


OXY-MEGA Liquid Stabilized Oxygen Supplement

OXY-MEGA Colon Cleanser Recommended Use

OXY-MEGA Liquid Recommended Use

Nascent Stabilized Oxygen

Oxy-Mega Colon Cleanser Benefit

Oxygen Intestinal Cleanser

Oxygen Research Reference

Medical Facts Regarding Oxygen

Allergy Asthma

Alzheimer's, Dementia, Aluminum Toxicity


Cancer Causing Chemicals

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Pain Problem

Colon Cleansing Benefits Intestinal Tract



Digestive Disorders Malnutrition

Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Fungus Mold Yeast Infection

Heart Disease Disorder

Hepatitis Virus

Hydrogen Potential pH Balance

Hypoxia Oxygen Deficiency

Influenza Flu Virus

Natural Multi Vitamins Minerals

Lymphatic System Functions

Osteoporosis Disease

Thyroid Gland Function

Weight Loss Diet Obesity


Medical Ozone Oxygen Therapy References

These are some of the thousands of references documented on the safe use from doctors and professionals around the world.

Ozone Research References

Research references information for the preparation of The Breath of Life was obtained from various sources.

Related Information

Brian H. PhD Faculty Information Food Science

Virology primer: With special reference to o3

Hepatitis C O3 Therapy

O3 in medicine: overview, future directions

Utilization of o3 for external medical applications

Commentaries on prion diseases, o3

Possible mechanisms of viral inactivation by O3

Prescription Drug Reference Side Effects