AOS-1MS Medical Ozone Generators

AOS-1MS medical ozone generators, doctor hospital veterinary clinic, control infection, oxygen therapy machine.

Ozone oxygen therapy benefits animal, veterinary clinic, humans because antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-tumor, anti-viral properties, lowest side effects other known treatments.

Ozone Applications Veterinary Medicine

Medical ozone therapy is used for bacteria and viral infection, cancer, pain and most all degenerative disease.

Medical ozone therapy is very effective in acute and chronic viral diseases as an anti-viral agent in reversing positive antibody tests and in improving general animal health.

Ozone therapy is the treatment of choice of Equine Infectious Enema and promptly reverses the clinical symptoms. Equine Influenza and other disease of horses and other animals including cattle, cats, dogs, sheep, goats, domestic birds and various zoo animal.

Ozone therapy is effective against respiratory viral infection for acute and chronic bacterial disease, including those that do not respond well to antibiotics and fungal disease, and valuable adjunct in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease of horses.

Ozone oxygen therapy is particularly effective against any blood and malignant disease caused by viruses and bacteria such as Bovine, Canine Malignant Lymphoma, Feline Lymph sarcoma, Feline Leukemia and other disorders in turkeys, chickens and zoo animals.

Rectal ozone insufflations are also powerful adjunct to the treatment of both infectious and noninfectious diseases of the digestive tract. Ozone therapy is effective in reducing intestinal parasites, viruses, bacteria, E. coli, Salmonella, protozoa and fungi. Ozone therapy is effective in diarrhea and inflammatory bowel disease of horses. Excerpts from Veterinary Use of Intravenous O3 and other O3 Applications.

Since the legality of medical ozone generators and their application vary from country to country as well as other locations. Check with your doctor, hospital and your local legal authority before embarking on any oxygen alternative. Legality is not an issue in veterinary clinics for animals and pets.

Applied Ozone Systems is proud to announce another affordable high output ozonator machine. This will soon be the most popular ozonator machine around the world in clinics for the Alternative Health, Chiropractic, Colon Hydro therapists, Dental, Medical Professionals and Veterinary Medicine.

Second most inexpensive medical ozone generators or water ozonator machine with corona discharge technology on the market. This powerful little unit can be used to purify your colonic water, detoxify the colon or any other useful application. The low-cost alternative to the more expensive medical ozone generators or water ozonator machine and fantastic in all respects of aesthetics, quality, performance and simplicity.

Medical ozone generators are simple to operate machines. The price is so low your doctor can buy several and rent them out to your clients or patients. This helps them be more responsible and allows you to spend more time with those in greater need.

Hospital infections are on the rise, so no more excuses of medical ozone generators being expensive, the price is right and the time to help save lives is now. If you are not familiar with activated oxygen therapies do some research because the day may come when it could save your life?


AOS-1MS Medical Ozone Generator Machine Features

Fused short circuit protection.

Voltage: Standard 110 volts. 220 European Optional.

Meets UL/NSF Standards. Light indicator shows power is ON.

Class 6 Quartz glass dielectric tube utilizing micro-gap technology and non-reactive materials guarantees the production of O3.

Comes complete with diffusion stone bubbler, hose, check valve, variable control and adjustable oxygen flow regulator from 1/16 to 1 liter/min.

Warranty: Covers defects for one year from date of purchase.

AOS-1MS ozone machine includes variable control in the portable stainless steel enclosure. Perfect for use by any doctor of medicine in dental clinics, hospital or veterinary clinic for bacterial infection, viral infections or cancer therapy. Size; 11 x 7 x 5.5 inches. Weight; 5.5 lbs.

Ozone Output Calibration Chart

AOS-1MS Series Ozone Generators Machine

AOS-1MS Medical Ozone Generators

AOS-1MD Laboratory Medical Ozone Generators Machine

AOS-1MD medical ozone generators are built in the USA and superior in quality, performance, reliability, and workmanship to all others on the world market. The AOS-1MD has the corona discharge dielectric cell. The AOS-1MD uses ozone resistant fittings and silicone tubing, which comes in contact with ozone. The AOS-1MD is ideal for any medical application that requires dependable and stable ozone production. Built to last for years without any maintenance.

AOS-1MD Medical Ozone Generators Machine

AOS-1MD Ozone Generators Machine

AOS-1MD Ozone Calibration Chart

Front control panel includes 5 to 100 percent variable control with six-position range selector switch that allows for hundreds of different output settings.

AOS-1MD can be used with other colon hydrotherapy equipment or any medical professional who uses oxidative therapy in their clinic.

Best therapies and alternative in medicine for any bacterial, Mycoplasmas or viral infections is medical ozone oxygen therapy. Safer, natural and more effective alternative.

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AOS-1M Medical Ozone Generators Machine

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