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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Medical Ozone Therapy Home Health

Medical Ozone Therapy Home Health

Book information covers, balanced healing, causes, disease problems, detoxification, health, home colonic irrigation, medical ozone therapy, oxygen.

Contains over hundred information references, colonic irrigation, medical ozone therapy, disease, air food water purification applications.

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Breath of Life Book, Medical Ozone Therapy Self Detoxification

Anyone would be amazed at the health risks in the home or at work and shocked with disbelief after reading the chronologies on AIDS, Hepatitis C, the mycoplasmas and their causes for most disease and degenerative conditions in the new down load version.

Some lifestyles put us at higher risk and our bodies get OLD before its time. Contamination of the air, water, and the junk we eat throws us out-of-balance. This weakens the immune system with minor problems occurring over time. When the alarm sounds and it's ignored, serious problems may soon follow. DEATH is usually the final consequence to our actions. Colon therapy and nutrition benefit our health.

Being exposed daily to disease and environmental pollutants in the air, water and on the foods we consume pose varying degrees of risk to our welfare. The synthetic chemicals used in food processing, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, vaccines, and some vitamins are hazardous to our well-being.

Many of the everyday home problems come in many types and disguises. Your knowledge of the causes and remedies for degenerative conditions, heart disease, food and nutrition, the daily risks and how to avoid them may someday save your life!

Book on ozone therapy, self detoxification and colonic irrigation contains vital information and references that benefit those alternative health professionals who administer medical ozone therapy, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide in their treatments.

Methods described for colon therapy help rid allergies, bad absorption, Mycoplasmas, and other related disorders of the intestinal tract that lead to sickness and old age.

Sickness is the inability of our bodies to detoxify itself properly. For our bodies to heal naturally, the first step toward balanced wellness is the program that cleans the whole digestive tract and shortens the healing crisis.

Colon cleansing or what others may call high colonic irrigation, high enema increases the absorption of nutrients into the blood which allows us to regain balance. Most will experience larger weight loss during this time. Colonic irrigation is essential in beginning the healing process, achieving maximum immunity and avoiding early aging or old age.

Dietary supplements discussed are essential for keeping the scale of life in balance, the KEY to your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Cause and remedy for aging, aids, alcoholism, allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, constipation, diabetes, drug addiction, fungal and yeast infection, gangrene, health risks, heart problems, hepatitis, herpes, absorption, multiple sclerosis, overweight problems, parasites, periodontal disease, toxic metals, tuberculosis, ulcers and weakened immunity are also included.

Gives the reader valuable information on useful applications in agriculture, farm and ranch, food processing, home, retail market and air water purification. When we are out-of-balance the first result is early aging. Self detoxification ENDS the Cycle of Death and starts the Cycle of New Life.

Breath of Life

Here long before the beginning, I will forever continue throughout all time. When the sun rises or when the lightning streaks across the sky, I am there. Through energy I transform to give life all around. My presence is known only by the profound.

I clean the air to make it blue and pure. The blue that protects you from afar and the harm nearby. The breath of life is near as natural as can be. Bringing peace of mind to all those in fear.

I am the breath that refreshes that you so desperately need. That which rekindles the flame in weeping hearts that nothing can surpass. I am the giver that lights up your life. That which gives new life is in the healing power I possess.

My foes are ignorant and that is their choice. They can mislead through their greed all while they can. They can say all they want but it will not change the fact. The good is in what they think is bad.

Those who believe and with hope are those not lost in peril. Through the light and truth I shall prevail. I am what I am and nothing can change that!

Charles C. Ankeney

This book on ozone gives hope for the future in learning the true causes of sickness and using alternative methods like medical ozone therapy, and colonic irrigation for self detoxification rather than treating symptoms. The first step toward wellness is educating yourself on the causes of health risks and problems and using medical ozone therapy treatments.

You can order the new Breath of Life 2008 revised version on disk or receive in an email attachment from the order page with 307 pages. Contains seven pages just on medical ozone therapy protocol and information on veterinary use.

Printed version of this book on medical ozone therapy is not available.

Order Printed Version On-Line

Book Information, Review, Contents of Revised Version.