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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Colon Cleansing Colonic Irrigation Equip

Colon Cleansing Colonic Irrigation Equip

Medical ozone generator, water ozonator, colonic irrigation board equipment, self detoxification oxygen therapy. Oxidative therapy technique, ultimate self colon cleansing detoxification therapies benefits youth, vitality, energy, vibrant health.

Helps backache, bad breath, bad gas, bloating, concentration loss, constipation, digestion, fatigue, headaches, indigestion, lung congestion, sinus congestion, skin problems, nail fungus, bacterial parasites viral yeast infection.

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No need to shop around any further for medical ozone generators or Colonic board for colonic irrigation. ONE STOP UNSTOP for information, colonic irrigation equipment and supplies.

Process of cleaning is the combination of oxygen and ozone therapy, colon cleansing therapies and taking the right nutritional supplements. It does not treat the symptoms that are associated with disease.

Ozonizing the water and adding hydrogen peroxide is the better method being used with success by oxygen therapy users. In the anaerobic world of parasites, pathogens and virus, ozone therapy and oxygen is public enemy number one to those creatures that invade our bodies.

Nothing can surpass the cleansing and killing power of this natural element.

Ozone therapy has many applications within the medical field where cross contamination problems need to be addressed in many doctors offices and hospitals throughout the world. The spread of Tuberculosis and other airborne infectious diseases can be minimized with self detox therapy.

Medical ozone generators use is well documented for various ailments such as HIV, herpes and Hepatitis. Oxidative therapy is routinely practiced in countries such as Germany and Switzerland. Since the legality of medical ozonator and their applications vary. Check with your physician as well and your local legal authority before embarking on any alternative practice.

High Colonic Irrigation Board

Deluxe Colonic Board

Deluxe Colonic Irrigation Board $279.00 plus shipping.


AOS-1M Corona Medical Ozone Generator

AOS-1M is the least expensive type corona discharge portable home water ozonator on the market and its affordable for everyone. Comes standard with variable control for adjustable output, bubbler, regulator and tubing. It can be used to purify your drinking water or any other useful application.

Unit is an alternative to the more expensive types of portable home water ozonator. Available in 120 volts only.

AOS-1M Ozonator Machine

AOS-1M Medical Ozone Generator

AOS-1MD Laboratory Medical Ozone Generator

AOS-1MD ozone generator is built in the USA and superior in quality, performance, reliability, and workmanship to all others on the world market. The AOS-1MD has corona discharge dielectric reactor cell. The AOS-1MD uses ozone resistant fittings and Silicone tubing, which comes in contact with ozone. The AOS-1MD is ideal for any medical application that requires dependable and stable ozone production. Built to last for years without any maintenance.

Front control panel includes 5 to 100 percent variable control with six-position range selector switch that allows for hundreds of different output settings.

AOS-1MD can be used with other colon hydrotherapy equipment or any medical professional who uses oxidative therapy in their clinic.

AOS-1MD Medical Ozone Generator

AOS-1MD Ozone Calibration Chart

AOS-1MS Portable Medical Ozone Generator

Stainless Medical Ozonator. 240 volt only with cooling fan and variable control in stainless steel enclosure.

AOS-1MS Ozonator Machine

AOS-1MS Medical Ozone Generator

PZV Ozone Generator Machine with mini air compressor.

PZV Ozone Generator Machine

The PZV portable ozone generators features an ultra violet bulb and internal mini-compressor for custom applications. The ozone is produced by passing air across the ultraviolet light, cold cathode type. It produces approximately 300mg/h and comes with easy carry handle and 2 year bulb warranty.

Colonic Irrigation Equipment Supplies For Self Detox Ozone Therapy

DETOX-1 Price
PZV water ozonator machine with hose and bubbler 120 volts 330mg/hr output 350.00
Deluxe colonic board with all accessories 279.00
Shipping 47.00
Total 676.00
AOS-1M water ozonator machine complete with regulator, fan, hose, bubbler (120 volts only) 750.00
Deluxe colonic board with all accessories 279.00
Shipping 50.00
Total 1,079.00
AOS-1MS stainless steel medical ozone generator machine complete with fan (220 volt only) 650.00
Deluxe colonic board with all accessories 279.00
Shipping 50.00
Total 979.00
AOS-1MD stainless steel medical ozone generator machine complete with regulator, bubbler and hose. 1,200.00
Deluxe colonic board with all accessories 279.00
Shipping 53.00
Total 1,532.00

Note 1. Oxygen bottles are sold separate from the ozone generator. Prices are subject to change without notice. Higher freight charges apply outside the USA. All units come with hose and diffuser stone. All items are sold separate.

Note 2. AOS-1MD series ozone generator can be adapted to the professional colon hydrotherapy systems. Generators are sold as water purifiers and not as medical devices.

Cellular oxygen colonic cleanser creates the rich intestinal environment that cleanses, detoxify, purifies and rejuvenates. Recommended with all detoxification and colonic equipment.

OXY-MEGA Colon Cleanser

Price Without Colonic Boards Price
DETOX-5 AOS-1M 120 volt with B-540 regulator, hose, and cooling fan. $18.00) 750.00
DETOX-6 AOS-1MS 240 volt only with B-540 regulator, and cooling fan. 650.00
DETOX-7 AOS-1MD 120 volt ozonator with B-540 regulator, hose, bubbler accessories. $21.00 1,200.00
DETOX-8 O1 Ozone generator with WH-12 oxygen generator 120v for Professional Colon Cleansing. $60.00 4,148.00

Everyone needs the right nutritional supplement to detoxify. During colon cleansing, disease or any oxidative ozone therapy you should also take antioxidants like those found in Tropical Sunrise, an exotic fruit and plant enzyme, and essential amino acid complex liquid dietary supplement. This will ensure that the cells will be properly protected, and it will help promote the cleansing and healing process.

Tropical Sunrise Dietary Supplement

Make better investments for yourself of good health. Product descriptions for the colonic irrigation equipment and supplies, prices are included with the Product Catalog Order.

Information on our equipment and supplies or other health products please contact us.

See the latest regulatory news concerning ozone generators and home air purifiers.

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Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the statements made on this page. This oxygen ozone therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, some of the side effects enjoyed may be purely coincidental.