Ozone Counter Top Water Purifier

Element ozone counter top home water purifier health ozonator kills bacteria cysts fungi mold parasites viruses contaminates. Reduces bad odors, chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, inorganic mater effect taste.

Ozone water purifier applications include dental offices, supermarkets, restaurants, retail fish, meats, poultry, produce markets, where ever sanitization is needed on fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry.

Everyone is concerned about drinking water quality and looking for ways to improve it. Less expensive counter top water purifier with only filtration system does not kill the harmful bacteria, they only trap or pass through the filter. You may pay more for this point-of-use ozone counter top water purifier treatment system but you are providing your family with the safest and best water available. Own your own home bottled water system today and enjoy pure water at its finest.


Element ozone counter top water purifier treatment unit turns on automatically when the faucet diverter valve is pulled out, the end consumer receives clean pure water without all the bacteria, cysts, fungi, mold, parasites, viruses, chlorine, heavy metals, inorganic compound, metallic taste and bad odors. Much better alternative than bottled water with equal residual for bottled water and food processing.

Element Ozone Counter Top Water Purifier

Natural Resources Defense council says that more than 53,600 treatment systems violated EPA rules in 1991 and 1992. Together they broke the rules for contamination 25,000 times and for reporting and monitoring 217,500 times. EPA issued fewer than 4,000 fines. This kind of neglect can be deadly to everyone.

April of 1993, cryptosporidium caused approximately 400,000 cases of illness in Milwaukee and killed 100 people. In May of 1994, 100 people were sickened and 19 died from the same parasite. The survey of treatment utilities found cryptosporidium in more than 80 percent of the rivers and lakes that supply 66 major treatment systems. Research data proves ozone kills this same parasite.

These types of neglect and occurrences of contaminated foods and rivers are getting worse every day. According to statistics, more than 1.5 billion people are without safe drinking water. More than 35,000 people die daily of water borne disease. Between 1978 and 1984, there were 72,000 reported cases of disease associated with drinking water in the USA. Ozone is 99.999 percent effective in purifying water.

Activated oxygen is 3,125 times faster than chlorine and its 50 percent stronger oxidizer than chlorine. Its 25 times more efficient than hypochlorous acid, 2,500 times more effective than Hypochlorite, 5,000 times more effective than Chloramine against bacteria, cysts, fungi, mold, inorganic compound, parasites, viruses, and heavy metals. Applications for treatment systems are now easier, more efficient and less costly.

The Element ozone generator water purifier treatment system is the better alternative to other brands because these home counter top water purifier systems are more effective at killing bacteria, cysts, fungi, mold, parasites, viruses, and reducing chlorine, heavy metals, inorganic material, metallic taste and bad odors. Why buy bottled water when you can have it come out your own faucet! You can taste the purity without bad odors.

Effective and fantastic in all respects of aesthetics, quality and performance.

Element Ozone Counter Top Water Purifier Unit Benefits

House plants love it!

No lamps to replace yearly.

Naturally clean and pure without chemicals.

Controls algae, kills all types of biofilm.

Sterilizes, disinfect, cleans at the same time.

Kills bacteria, cysts, fungi, mold, parasites and viruses.

Environmentally safe chemical free delivery systems unit.

Washing fruits and vegetables kills bacteria, mold fungus, pathogens, parasites and increases shelf life.

Reduce chlorine, heavy metals, organic and inorganic compound, metallic taste and bad odors. Saves you money on the cost of bottled water.

Carbon filters will help remove particulate contaminates, sediment matter, bad chemicals, chlorine effects taste and health when used in-line.

Element Ozone Counter Top Water Purifier Unit Features

Size: 13x7x17 inches.

Automatic ON/OFF Operation.

Compact easy installation.

Fused short circuit protection.

Complete with faucet diverter valve.

UL Approved.

Voltage: Standard 120 volt.

Treats about .79 gallons per minute or 1,140 gal/day with an ozone residual of 2ppm.

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Ozone Water Purifier

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