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Welcome, Applied Ozone Benefits Fish Meat Produce

Ozone Benefits Meats Fish Produce

Ozone treatment benefits fresh perishable food applications, fish, meats, poultry, produce, processing, storage, reduce spoilage organisms. Control, kill bacteria, food pathogens, virus, cause illness, disease.

Ozone air water treatment kills disease producing food pathogens on fresh perishable food like fruits, vegetables, fish, meats. Spoilage organisms like bacteria, fungus, mold spores, virus reduce product shelf life. Spoilage organisms thrive, multiply faster, higher temperatures, high humidity, organisms multiply lower temperatures during refrigeration. Cross contamination occurs during cold storage, processing.

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The foods we eat and the environment is continually being polluted by chemicals, bacteria, pathogens and viruses. Using this natural element to its fullest potential not only benefit you and our environment with less chemicals but world health.

Ozone treatment in food applications is efficient on fresh meats and fish as low as .04 part/million to retard and control the growth of microorganisms. Higher levels of .1 part/million have been used for curing or aging beef. The higher level tends to oxidize fats, and actions of the digestive enzymes soften and slacken muscles and connective tissue that makes it more tender. This process takes about 44 hours with ozone and about 20 days without.

Billon conducted research with his detailed report on beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and rabbit stored in normal atmospheres and found that significant levels of microbial contamination sets in after 7 days. The same levels were reached on meats when exposed in an ozonated atmosphere only after 14 days under identical conditions. Shelf life is increased by 30 to 40 percent in and ozonated atmosphere if the meat has low bacterial counts to start with.

Water is ozonated and frozen for storage in fishing boats while at sea. Ozonated water is used for washing fish or seafood during processing and air applications when in storage. Fishing boats in Canada can stay out for about 14 days before returning to port by using it in the storage. It extends the shelf life of fish from 1 to 3 extra days.

Food Illness Disease Eliminated, Ozone Fresh Perishable Food Applications

Used in agriculture or from farm-to-home, meats and fresh produce prep rooms in markets and restaurants during storage could drastically cut down illnesses caused by bacteria, pathogens, parasites and virus. According to reports from Center for Disease Control and Prevention there is an estimated 14 million illnesses each year in the US. Of these, 30 percent are caused by bacteria, 3 percent by parasites and 67 percent by viruses.

Bacteria, food pathogens, Mycoplasmas and viruses enter the bodies through the mouth and nose. Established they can cause two types of infections. They adhere to the intestinal track and cause viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu) or to the liver causing viral hepatitis. The main viruses associated with gastroenteritis are adenovirus, astrovirus, calicivirus, Norwalk virus, and rotavirus. This rotavirus kills an estimated 600,000 children globally each year and 55,000 children are hospitalized in the USA annually.

Any illness from these can be life threatening to the young and elderly. These numbers from Center for Disease Control are under-estimated. Another article estimates that 76 million of these illnesses are reported annually in the U.S., which resulted in 325,000 hospitalizations and about 5,000 deaths. The numbers proves that many foods are unfit for human consumption. Anyone should be able to see that the methods currently being used are not working. If processors continue using only chlorine, these statistics will keep rising every year.

Ozone has the ability of saving hundreds of thousands of lives and millions from illness and disease relating to fish, meats, poultry and produce contamination. Mistakes do happen in food processing. When mistakes are made you are placing your business, your customers and your reputation in jeopardy.

The main goal for food processors should be to have fresh perishable foods delivered in the freshest condition to the buyer. That means that the air and water supply is the key in every step of the chain from farm to home. Safe air and water is the key to life. Without it, human life would cease to exist. With the worlds increasing industrialization, pollution is multiplying at an alarming rate. Safe air and water means what it says. Free of algae, contaminates, bacteria, cysts, fluoride, herbicide, mold, disease pathogens, parasites, pesticides, yeast and virus.

SAFE foods and water, clean air, are needed for the health and future of any nation. OZONE is what makes this happen. Compared to other alternative treatment, it is the only SAFE SOLUTION.

If everyone wants an abundant supply of fresh perishable foods at affordable prices and to export it all over the world, someone needs to make some important decisions. We need to start conserving these resources instead of letting it go to waste. Taking control and using ozone in all food applications will add to our nations fresh perishable food supply and the supply of other nations. The threat of illness and overpopulation makes this necessary.

Dollars saved and the benefits received from everyone far exceed the low initial investment. Generators can be installed on any existing system. The operational cost for the production of activated oxygen is minimal compared to your other expenses. Ozone treatment can inhibit disease pathogens and other high microbial counts in storage and insure the safety and quality of all produce and poultry.

Cross contamination happens very easily in the food processing and retail sales, even when strict Health Code Laws are enforced. It eliminates pathogens and contamination in the air, foods and water. Workers would enjoy the cleaner environment as well as providing safer product to all their customers. Environmental benefits in food processing application with this technology are almost endless.

Ozone treatment on fresh produce, poultry or processing food applications is environmentally safe. There are no unfavorable consequences on food applications except to the pollutants that dirty and contaminate the air we breathe and what we eat. Full use will save on chemicals normally used for pathogen control and microbial control that wind up contaminating our air and water resources. The reduction of chemicals will not only enhance the environment but benefits our welfare. It would be of greater consequence to our health and welfare by not using it.

We are already seeing the results on the ecosystem in our environment with the use of chemicals in food processing application and agriculture. When we keep feeding it with toxins, it will reproduce toxins. Most all of the chemicals used in growing crops, in the processing, the drugs we use; the excess from waste treatment plants eventually winds up in the ocean. From the streams to the lakes, from rivers to the ocean, marine life, animals, and birds are dying because of chemicals. If we want to get ourselves back in balance, we have to get nature back in balance. We feed on nature and depend on it for our survival.


Approval for direct contact on all food processing applications was final on June 26, 2001. Applied Ozone Systems failed in its petition #5A4449 to FDA for approval on all fresh perishable food applications but did create an interest and our goal was not in vein. However, they did receive their letter from USDA stating; There is no objection to the use of your system to supply safe levels into the air in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

Applied Ozone Systems offers an affordable product that benefits the poultry, produce and processing industry in all treatment and storage applications for dry and fresh perishable food processing applications.

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