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Welcome, Oxy-Mega Thyroid Gland Function Hormones

Thyroid Gland Function Hormones

Proper thyroid gland function regulates body metabolism, blood calcium levels, energy, excess fats, hormones, oxygen, weight loss.

Under active thyroid gland symptoms include appetite loss, chronic fatigue, constipation, depression, dry skin, hair loss, infections, cold sensitivity, low body temperature, muscle weakness, overweight, painful premenstrual periods, slow growth or speech, tiredness, and weight gain.

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Thyroid Gland Information

The thyroid gland is an important organ of the endocrine system and located in front of the neck below the larynx consisting of two lobes on each side of the windpipe. It regulates the physical and chemical processes that occur at the cellular level. It regulates the manner and rate at which the tissues utilize food and natural chemicals for the production of energy and to expend that energy into body heat and muscular energy. The thyroid gland produces hormones from the thyroid tissue cells called triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) which regulates our metabolism and oxygen consumption of tissues. These hormones are comprised from iodine and amino acids from proteins.

The pituitary gland controls the release of hormones from the thyroid gland. Deficiency of these hormones can affect all body functions. The thyroid gland also produces calcitonin, which participates in the regulation of parathormone and phosphate metabolism in the bones. Calcitonin also acts to regulate calcium levels in our bodies. Low calcium levels in the blood will inhibit the calcitonin output. Calcitonin is the single-chain polypeptide containing 32 amino acids. This biochemical conversion process is not possible without oxygen.

The thyroid gland can be the cause of many other health problems. Our sex glands, parathyroid glands, pituitary gland and our bodies metabolism are influenced by our thyroid gland function.

Thyroid Gland Common Symptoms, Causes

Hypothyroid symptoms from an under active thyroid gland or deficiency of hormones are appetite loss, chronic fatigue, constipation, depression, dry skin or other skin conditions, hair loss, infections, sensitivity to cold or low body temperature, muscle weakness, overweight, painful and heavy premenstrual periods, slow growth or speech, tiredness, and weight gain.

An under active thyroid may be caused by an autoimmune condition in which thyroid blocking antibodies are produced. If the thyroid gland has been removed by surgery or destroyed by radio iodine therapy it may produce too little thyroid hormone. Using drugs like lithium and amiodarone. An inflammation of the thyroid called thyroiditis.

Hyperthyroid symptoms from an over active thyroid gland or the over production of hormones may cause anxiety, diarrhea, fatigue, hair loss, hand tremors, heat intolerance, insomnia, menstrual irregularities, muscle weakness, nervousness, palpitations, protruding eyeballs, rapid heartbeat, separation of nails, sweating, and weight loss.

An over active thyroid gland may be caused by several factors like Graves disease that results in the production of antibodies that stimulate the thyroid gland. It may also be associated with diabetes or pernicious anemia. An enlarged thyroid or goiter may contain the single or multiple nodules, resulting in the over production of thyroid hormone. Regardless of what some may say what the cause is lets consider what the thyroid gland needs to function.

Healthy Thyroid Gland Function

For proper growth and development, the storage and distribution of water and salt, the thyroid needs the right nutrients to function. Iodine and all the amino acids are necessary for the body to complete this natural cycle of synthesis as well as oxygen, hydrogen and other elements. The complete process will not occur unless the body has every component.

As the blood circulates through the thyroid gland every 17 minutes, germs are rendered weaker and eventually killed in the blood if there are sufficient reserves of iodine. If the iodine intake is low, the thyroid gland is deprived and becomes less efficient.

Second function of iodine is to calm the body and relieve nervous tension. When tension from stress runs high, there is irritability and difficulty in sleeping. Iodine will lessen nervous tension, relax the body, and enable it to reorganize, if the body has enough stored in reserve or replenished with all the other nutrients.

Third function of iodine in the human body relates to clear thinking. The mind works better when the body is supplied with iodine. The thyroid gland needs iodine to metabolize the stored excess natural fats in the body. It acts as the catalyst that touches off the fire from within, burning up the foods we consume. If this food is not properly burned off, it may be stored as unwanted fats.

The animals we consume are continually being fed antibiotics, synthetic hormones, steroids, drugs, toxic chemicals, and then radiated. When we eat it, we get the leftover toxic residues in our muscles, tissue and cells. These proven carcinogenic substances cause cancer and depress our immune system. The ever-increasing incidence of immune system diseases has increased dramatically. This creates stress and pressure of everyday life, financial problems, family problems, crime, etc. Removing the good fats from foods and replacing it with low calorie fake fats are causing serious problems of being over weight.

Major cause of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers have been attributed to being over weight. Most everyone is lacking in energy today; the body burns good natural fat and turns it into energy. Good fats are digested (broken down) and used to produce bile for digestion; they are used by the lymphatic system and the thyroid gland. You wonder why so many women get breast cancer today. Maybe its because their gallbladder, liver, lymphatic system, thyroid, and everything else is so plugged up with fake fats (hydrogenated oils) that they just quit working altogether. The human body was not made to digest or make use of anything unnatural. If you believe the unnatural junk is better, you will most definitely wind up with multiple symptom caboodle syndrome and die before your time.

Foods rich in iodine are asparagus, bananas, carrots, chard, cod-liver oil, egg yolks, garlic, lettuce, lima beans, kelp, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, peas, radishes, rhubarb, seafood, spinach, strawberries, squash, and tomatoes.

Foods that may block the utilization of iodine (in excessive amounts) are Brussel sprouts, Brassica (cabbages), cassava root, cauliflower, kale, millet, mustard, peaches, peanuts, pears, pine nuts, soybeans, and turnips. Chlorine in drinking water and excessive amounts of white table salt will also deplete iodine levels. Use sea salt with the cell salts and iodine. Some forms of synthetic drugs and x-rays will also inhibit the action of iodine in the thyroid gland. The recommended daily dosage for adults is about 200 mcg. When the body becomes saturated with an excess of iodine, there is an increase of moisture in the nose. Cut back on your iodine intake until the runny nose returns to normal.

Essential nutrients for an under active thyroid gland consist of all the amino acids, Vitamin B complex, beta-carotene, Vitamins A-C, E, iodine from sea kelp in liquid, iron, zinc and unsaturated fatty acids. Herbs like bayberry, black cohosh and goldenseal can help with thyroid gland function. Eat foods like apricots, cheeses, chicken, dates, fish, molasses, eggs yolks, parsley, and raw milk for the under active thyroid.

Essential nutrients for an over active thyroid gland consist of multi vitamins and mineral complex, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, E, essential fatty acids, and lecithin. Eat foods like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, mustard greens, peaches, pears, rutabagas, spinach, and turnips to suppress thyroid function.

Cleaning the colon and the smaller intestine with Oxy-Mega colon cleanser helps in removing the toxins and absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

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Eliminating and removing the causes with the proper nutrition is essential in regaining normal thyroid gland functions. Nutrients rebuild and nourish every body function. The most important nutrients for proper thyroid gland function is iodine and all the amino acids.

Under nourished individuals are less likely to detoxify and eliminate the various toxins in the intestines and the rest of their bodies without the proper nutrition. Many of the toxins the liver deals with originate in the gastrointestinal tract. Our bodies ability to rid itself of these toxins is dependent upon proper function of the liver and enzymes for excreting the toxins.

Proper thyroid gland function improves by taking the right balance of nutrients. For some, it may be necessary to take higher than the Recommended Daily Allowance. Vitamins, even in large doses are safe; especially when they are derived from organic plant life in the liquid type. If you are currently and continue taking the synthetic supplements, you will not show any improvement because some are toxic and this will hinder your efforts for feeling better.

Your daily vitamins and minerals supplement like Tropical Sunrise should be 100 percent pure and natural of high quality and perfectly balanced with all of what nature provides. It should be completely digestible in order to receive all the benefits. If its not absorbable and utilized at the cellular level, its useless. See Natural Multi Vitamins Minerals in the contents.

Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. OXY-MEGA oxygen colon cleanser and stabilized liquid dietary supplement product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.