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Welcome Oxy-Mega Digestive Disorders Malnutrition

Digestive Disorders Malnutrition

Digestive disorders, malnutrition, causes allergic reactions, arthritis, bacterial parasites viral infections, diabetes, tumors. Some digestive disorder symptoms include abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, excess gas, heartburn, rectal bleeding, hard swallowing.

Loosing your natural ability to properly detoxify yourself in getting rid of the waste products leads to digestive disorders that result in absorption and malnutrition problems. Malnutrition is when the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the diet are not absorbed through the intestinal tract. Digestive disorders are one of the most common health problems of today. Results of malnutrition and bad absorption are early aging, stressed immune system, and the beginning of any degenerative disease.

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Digestive Disorders, Malnutrition, Symptoms, Causes

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Symptoms of digestive disorders and malnutrition are abdominal pain, anemia, bad vision, constipation, depression, diarrhea, dry skin, fatigue, gas, hair loss, heartburn, loss of concentration, low energy, muscle cramps, physical problems, premenstrual syndrome, rectal bleeding, weakness, weight loss or obesity in some. Every vitamin and mineral along with all the other essential nutrients will have different effects from each deficiency.

If the intestinal tract is lined with any substance you will not absorb the vitamins, minerals, and all the other nutrients although an adequate diet is eaten. Yeast infections, parasites, toxins, inflammation or gluten from grains on the intestinal walls will also limit the absorption of nutrients resulting in malnutrition. Humans need enzymes and acids for the digestive system to properly break down the foods for future use of their nutrients.

Digestive disorders causes include toxic chemicals from pesticides and other contaminates in food, blockage or damage in the intestinal track or an obstruction in the bile duct which interfere with the passage of bile salts or prevents the pancreas to produce the enzymes for digestion and absorption. Digestive disorders can also be caused from antibiotics, drug medications, synthetic chemicals and processed food.

Digestive disorders causes autoimmune disorders like allergic reactions, arthritis, bacterial, parasites and viral infections, diabetes, tumors and other health related conditions.

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Avoid Certain Foods With Digestive Disorders and Malnutrition

Avoid all junk, processed, canned, refined food, acid forming citrus, alcohol, antibiotics, caffeine, chocolate, cokes, dairy products, drugs that bind, causes constipation or block absorption, fats, hydrogenated oils, pharmaceutical laxatives, meat, MSG, mucus forming food, saturated fats, processed salt, sugar, spices and white rice.

One of the major contributors to health problems is poor nutrition. Processed and highly refined food are lacking in the essential nutrients needed for any healthy immune system. It is important to eat varied diets of fresh foods to achieve some balance of vitamins and other nutrients. For optimum health, the cells need the proper nourishment to thrive. There are over 10 trillion cells in our bodies and each cell has their own specific purpose. When they are deprived of the essentials they will starve, and eventually die from malnutrition or get wiped out by the bad radicals. The complexity of actions and interactions our bodies go through to sustain life is almost beyond comprehension. To sustain life, the cells need all of which nature has to offer in nutrients.

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Common Sense Digestive Disorders and Malnutrition Remedies

Anyone with health disorders and weak from malnutrition, it is necessary to take additional supplements. This is vital for healing and restoring all degenerating organs. During long-term deficiency the colon may be thin and weak and the contractions may tear the walls of the colon when doing colon irrigation. Start by taking the OXY-MEGA colon cleanser for one or two months.

Injections of vitamin B complex, B12 and several other supplements are vital in cases of extreme malnutrition. You should consult with your physician first.

Vitamins and minerals, and other supplements are essential; especially A-B complex, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, calcium, magnesium, zinc, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, friendly bacteria, and all the amino acids. For better absorption, its better to take everything in liquid supplements.

If problems exist in the colon, eat the diet that is high in complex carbohydrates and low in bad fats. Eat plenty of fruits, drink lots of water or herbal teas, well cooked brown rice, millet and steamed vegetables.

OXY-MEGA colon cleanser will help clean the intestinal tract for better absorption and additional supplements are needed for maintaining optimum health. Very few people receive the nutrients needed when eating most balanced diets because most foods are lacking in certain nutrients through soil depletion. The remaining nutrients are lost due to processing and over cooking. Reports show that not one person consumes 100 per cent of the 10 most essential nutrients through their diet. However, we are receiving an over abundance of synthetic vitamin added to all our food by the processors, which causes everyone to be extremely undernourished from malnutrition.

Equally important are the enzymes contained in food that are lost during cooking and processing. Enzymes are needed for digestion without them both vitamins and minerals cannot function properly. If your diet consist mainly of cooked and processed food, the reserves will eventually run out and your faced with even larger threats against your health.

Some may be suffering from malnutrition disorders by taking synthetic vitamin supplements or eating genetically altered foods. Biogenetics is growing rapidly. Many of the items you purchase from the supermarket like breakfast cereals, cheese, corn, crackers, sodas, soy and other products are derived from genetically altered grain crops. They are also used as sweeteners like corn fructose, oils for cooking, baking and frying.

People suffering from digestive disorders or malnutrition are less likely to detoxify and eliminate the various toxins in the intestines and the rest without proper nutrition. Many toxins the liver deals with originate in the gastrointestinal tract. Our ability to remove these toxins is dependent upon proper function of the liver and enzymes for excreting the toxins. The detoxification and healing process improves by taking the right balance of nutrients.

Sometimes it may be necessary to take higher than the Recommended Daily Allowance of your current supplement. Vitamins and minerals, even in large doses are safe when they are plant derived liquid supplements. If you are currently and continue taking the synthetic supplements, you will not show any improvement because they are toxic and will hinder your efforts to detoxify.

Your vitamins and minerals supplement should be balanced with all of what nature provides. It should be completely digestible in order to receive all the benefits. If its not absorbable and utilized at the cellular level, its useless. OXY-MEGA colon cleanser and plant derived dietary supplements like Tropical Sunrise will help balance, cleanse and help digestive disorders at the same time.

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