Ozone Air Purifier Directions

Ozone generator home air purifier sanitizer directions, use safe low concentrations occupied spaces, higher room levels effects health. For safe use one should always use caution and common sense, read the instructions and follow the directions.

Using Air Purifier For High Level Use In Unoccupied Spaces

The ozone air purifier or sanitizer may be used to treat unoccupied spaces, including the entire home or office. This is the most effective way to attack microorganisms and reduce strong odors because it allows the ozone to go after pollutants at the source. Ozone has been proven to reduce levels of mold, mildew and other microorganisms. It will also help accelerate the dissipation of chemicals from new carpet, furniture and paint.

Simply close off the problem area or shut the windows and doors in the entire home. Next, set the ozone dial to correspond to the size of the area to be treated. Then leave the space for 1 to 4 hours depending on the severity of odors. Upon return, open the doors and windows to let in fresh air until the ozone smell is gone. Perform this procedure as often as necessary until the odors are removed.

Many users prefer any plug-in timer, like is used on lamps, so that it comes on everyday while they are at work and then shuts off for couple of hours before they return home. When they walk in the air smells fresh and clean and the ozone has reverted back to normal oxygen.

Using Air Purifier In Occupied Spaces For Safe Use

Some users keep the ozone sanitizer at relatively low settings while in the home or office. This can hold down microorganism growth while keeping the air smelling fresh and clean. However, caution is advised because ozone levels may exceed those recommended by government agencies. Each home is different so it requires the trial and error process to locate the right setting on the dial.

If you choose to use the ozone air purifier or sanitizer in occupied spaces, set the ozone control dial at safe modest levels initially and let it run for two hours. If you smell ozone when you walk into the room, turn the dial down or off. On the other hand, if you smell household odors, turn the dial slightly up. Repeat the process until you walk into the room and do not smell household odors or ozone, just clean fresh air. Caution is the key to use of the ozone air purifier sanitizer in occupied spaces.

The corona discharge air purifiers will produce some nitrogen compounds the same way it does naturally in the environment. Using them properly should not create any bad side effects. Using one improperly in small bedrooms while sleeping with the door shut and no ventilation the amount of oxygen decreases. Since there are higher nitrogen levels in the air there will be higher nitrogen compound levels produced and you may experience some of the bad health effects. Normally the lungs can absorb oxygen at higher rates from air containing ozone. The health effects of higher gaseous oxides in the home are due to low oxygen levels, lack of ventilation in the winter because homes are built more air tight. The side effects will diminish in one or two days after turning down the ozone or shutting the air purifier off.

Nitric oxides will only last for 6 to 10 seconds and then converted by oxygen and water into nitrates and nitrites. Nitric oxides occur naturally in the outer environment, from lightening, or during the combustion of fuels from engines and in the human body for the synthesis of other body functions because it is an oxidizer and good free radical. Nitric oxide like ozone occurs in animals, plant life and in humans as part of the natural immune system for killing bacteria and other forms of pathogens along with many other bio-chemical effects. Nitric oxide is relatively non-toxic at levels under 1 parts/million, but at higher concentrations over 1.5 parts/million is considered toxic.

The first signs of nitrogen oxides and over toxicity may include eye, nose, respiratory and throat irritation with dry cough leading to excessive coughing with excess mucus, rapid heart rate and shortness of breath. If any of these symptoms are experienced you should turn the dial down to the lowest setting or shut the air purifier off and open the windows for ventilation.

If we over eat or drink too much water it can be harmful to our health and ozone used improper can have the same effects as anything else. Its very important to use some common sense in everything we do. Many people are subjected to many risk factors in the home and to do nothing would be foolish. At times the benefits received from using ozone far outweigh the risks from not using it at all.

Always Use Caution and Common Sense

Excessive ozone concentrations can cause mucus membrane or respiratory irritation. Individuals with serious respiratory problems such as emphysema should consult their physician before use. Those with poor senses of smell should also exercise caution. If ozone is detected when entering the room turn the ozone sanitizer dial down or off. If dry throat, cough or watery eyes is experienced ventilate the area and discontinue use.

The level of ozone generated at any particular setting on the dial will vary with humidity, altitude, household contents, level of pollutants in the space and other factors. The average person is able to smell ozone as the room level approaches 10 to 20 ppb indoors or 0.01 to 0.02 parts/million. The FDA sets an upper level of 50 ppb in continuously occupied spaces for sensitive persons such as the very young, the elderly and the sick. The EPA has set target levels of 80 ppb for outside air in cities, but that is regularly exceeded. The rule of thumb is to turn the ozone sanitizer dial off or down if the ozone smell is detected.

Ozone News Read the latest regulatory news concerning ozone generators and home air purifiers.

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