Air Water Ozonator Machine

Portable air ozone generator water ozonator machine, auto boat camper recreational vehicle truck refrigeration application. Ozone generator equipped mini air compressor injects ozone into any purification application. Ozonator is built for travel, high humidity conditions, vibration.

AOS-1A can be wall mounted, used portable for both air water applications. Among the most affordable and versatile corona discharge ozone generators on the market with the same applications as the AOS-1MP.


Portable corona discharge air water ozonator machine can be used for simple deodorization in auto, boats mobile homes, recreational vehicle or trucks. Basically, the AOS-1A is manufactured for truck refrigeration in trailer units or refrigerated railroad boxcars when transporting fresh fish and meats, or fruits and vegetables.

Receiving new loads at the destination, it should look like it did at departure because of the extended shelf life with less product shrinkage and weight loss. The addition of ozone will reduce defrost cycles giving more constant temperature because the moisture is less apt to freeze and build up on the evaporator coil.

Bacterial slime grows on refrigerated evaporator coils, drain pans and at times it plugs up the condensate drain lines especially in cooler boxes. As the air travels through the coil to be cooled it picks up the microorganisms and blows it across the product contaminating any unwrapped item. When the coils are neglected and not cleaned on any regular basis, the slime can restrict the flow.

During storage of fruits and vegetables, they absorb off gases from their ripening and decay of others. Odor from ethylene gas, packing materials, mold spores, and other contaminates contribute to rapid ripening that effects the taste. The process of respiration is speeded up along with faster ripening when more off gases are being generated.

Ozone will oxidize the metabolic products, control and neutralize the odor generated during the ripening stage. This helps preserve and almost doubles the shelf life on fresh produce, and it enhances the taste of each by retaining their own original flavor. Florists and nurseries also experience the benefits of shelf-life and better plants using activated oxygen. The extension of shelf life and less shrinkage adds tremendous savings with higher profits.

Ozone enhances the taste of most perishable food by oxidizing pesticides and neutralizing ammonia and ethylene gases produced by ripening or decay. The reduction of ethylene gas increases shelf life and reduces shrinkage. It changes the chemicals complex molecular structure back to its safe and original basic elements. It does not leave any toxic by-products or residues, does not harm normal cells or alter its chemistry, is non-carcinogenic and always reverts back to oxygen.

AOS-1A portable air water ozonator machine purifies water for drinking and cleaning vegetables when on vacation in your camper or recreational vehicle, or killing the musty mold or mildew odor and other bad bilge and odor on the boat or yacht.

Unit decomposes organic and inorganic contaminants in water into harmless compounds. Washing fruits and vegetables in ozonated water reduces harmful bacteria, fungus, herbicide, mildew, mold, pathogens, pesticides and virus. It extends shelf life of all dry and fresh perishable foods, and their taste is enhanced by the action of the ozone.

AOS-1A portable air water ozonator machine can control and eliminate substances that cause allergic reactions that effect medical health, disinfect, sanitize and kill bacterial slime and odors that grow in truck refrigeration coils, water holding tanks in recreational vehicle, bait tanks in fishing boats, ballast water and bilge water in boats.

AOS-1A portable corona discharge air water ozonator machine is among the most inexpensive portable corona discharge ozone generator on the market for air and water purification applications in auto, boat, camper, recreational vehicle or truck refrigeration. Comes standard with variable control for adjustable output. It can be used to purify your air and drinking water or any other useful application. The AOS-1A is fantastic in all respects of aesthetics, quality and performance.

Simplicity At Its Finest.

AOS-1A Ozonator Machine Features

Voltage: Standard 12 Volt DC.

Fused short circuit protection.

Output: 240 milligrams/hour at 3.5 liters/minute.

Self-contained Air Compressor with variable control.

Comes complete with diffusion stone bubbler, hose, and check valve.

Warranty: Covers defects for one year from date of purchase.

Meets or Exceeds UL/NSF Standards. LED light indicator shows power is ON.

Quartz glass corona discharge dielectric tube utilizing micro-gap technology and non-reactive materials guarantees the production of ozone.

Clean your auto, camper and vegetables of mold with purification that works. Currently using the Smog Buster ozone generator.

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