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Welcome, Applied Ozone Generators Ozonator Pool Spa

Ozone Generators Ozonator Pool Spa

Home residential commercial swimming pool spa ozone generators water ozonator treatment system machine. Natural health purifier. Destroys algae, bacteria, mold, viruses, prolongs equipment life.

Reduce pool water treatment chemicals 90 percent used while neutralizing harsh irritating pool chemicals byproducts. Swimming pool ozone generators improves sanitation, eliminates eye, skin, hair irritation and chemical odors, prolongs equipment life, and produces crystal clear water. Clean, Pure, Safe, Simple, Effective Oxidizer, No Harmful Health Byproducts.

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Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Ozone Generators

The residential swimming pool or spa water ozone generators are easily installed in new pools, spa or fitted into existing ones. Ozone is injected into the return and instantly purifies the water. They attach to the water circulation system quickly and easily. The specification of each are included in the Model Specifications below.

PZV series portable ozone generators features an ultra violet bulb and internal mini-compressor for custom applications. The system is ideally designed to stand alone, injecting ozone into all water treatment and purification applications, such as non-ozone ready spa, aquarium, smaller ponds, and air applications.

PZV Series water ozonator comes complete with Micro-pore diffuser to allow maximum ozone absorption-plus ozone resistant check valve.

Requires no installation. Simply plug it in and throw the diffuser into the tub. The PZV ozone generator has 20,000 hour lamp rating with two year warranty on the lamp, and one year warranty on the air compressor. 800 gallons maximum.

PZV Ozonator Machine

PZ1 series ozone generators for portable ozone ready spa and tying into the blower line for natural injector draw. Or, for maximum ozone water mixing, use with the bypass injector kit. The PZ1 has modular extruded aluminum case featuring an internally potted ballast.

Purification system was designed to maintain safety, reliability and ruggedness with replaceable lamp assembly. It is backed by full two-year factory warranty and is UL Classified. 800 gallons maximum.

PZ1 Spa Ozone Generators Machine

PZ4 works on all above-ground swimming pool, but is especially good for flex-plumbed pools of 15,000 or less. Ozone enters the water through an inline injector, which is installed just after the filter. Installation is simple and maintenance free. The PZ4 is simply set on the ground next to the equipment and its built-in feet are pressed into the soil. The water ozonator unit should be wired to the timer.

PZ4 water ozonator system is designed for quick turn-key installation, with simple connections, no cutting or drilling. The in-line or bypass injector mixers provide maximum absorption. The PZ4 is weatherproof and features an air filter/dryer under the system. The clear gasket glows when the system is on. The PZ4 warranty is two full years on all parts.

PZ6-C with compressor is the most compact air or water ozonator for smaller portable spas under 300 gallons. The corona hybrid technology provides highly efficient ozone generation without the corrosive and toxic byproducts. The Hybrid system uses solid-state drivers with EMI and surge suppression to ensure spa controls are not affected when the unit is started or operating.

The PZ6-C is thermally protected to prevent overheating in the event that airflow is interrupted. Its compact package includes built-in check valve. The unit is ready for installation on ozone ready spas or installed with the Bypass System to ensure complete ozone utilization. The PZ6 is Underwriters Laboratory Classified and Recognized and may be UL listed for spas. There are many applications for the PZ6-C in home and business use like: aquariums, bubble in drinking water, car deodorizer, cisterns, foot massage therapy, fresh food storage, purify and wash your fruits and vegetables in the kitchen sink, refrigerated cases, water evaporative coolers, falls or small ponds, and watering house plants.

PZ6 Portable Spa Ozone Generator

PZ7-2HO Series swimming pool ozone generators features patented by-pass injector configuration for quick installation on the return line. This allows maximum ozone water mixing to oxidize contaminates and purify the water. The heavy extruded aluminum adds to its durability with clear gaskets that glow when the system is on. The PZ7-2HO is rated up to 40,000 gallons. All products are backed by full two-year factory warranty on all parts.

PZ7 Swimming Pool Ozonator Machine

PZ2 series is compressor driven water ozonator especially built for commercial pools and spa where proper oxidation is needed. It can be used on commercial spa all the way up to the largest Olympic size.

PZ2-1 and 2 series are extra quiet with high output air compressors to produce maximum ozone production. The PZ2-1 is rated for up to 25,000 gallons for residential swimming pool water treatment and 1,000 gallons for in-ground spa. The PZ2-2 is rated for swimming pool up to 50,000 gallons and 2,000 gallons for in-ground spa. The PZ2-4 is rated up to 100,000 gallons and 3,000 gallons for in-ground spa. Installation is fast and easy by simple saddle connection to the return line. They feature the patented bypass for optimal ozone absorption and extended system life. The PZ2-4V is injector driven without the air compressor and rated up to 100,000 gallons.

PZ2-1 and 2 have two year warranty on residential and commercial pool systems. In addition, they are Underwriters Laboratory Listed for use in residential and commercial application. Each is approved by the FL. Health Department.

PZ2-2 Swimming Pool Ozonator Machine

Commercial Swimming Pool Ozone Generators

The PZ2 Series ozone generators for commercial pools are also available on request from 6 ozone cartridges to 8, 12, 24 and 48. For swimming pools from 150,000 to 1,200,000 gallons. The warranty for all commercial pools are two years and one year on the air compressor. The PZ2 Series can be sold separate or as and option for NSF approved with NEMA enclosure, contacting system and degassing column like the PZ2-12 NSF as shown in the following picture.

Product Order Catalog

PZ Model Specifications

Swimming Pool Water Ozonator Prices

Model Our Price/Shipping Cost
PZV-110 volt Portable Compressor Driven with MP-3 Diffuser $350.00 +$15
PZ1-110 volt 60Hz for Ozone Ready Portable Spa 8gr/day $149.50 +$15
PZ1-220 volt 50/60Hz for Ozone Ready 8gr/day $162.50 +$15
PZ1-110 volt 60Hz with Injector Bypass Kit for Non-Ozone Ready Portable Spas $289.00 +$15
PZ1-220 volt 50/60Hz with Injector Bypass Kit for Non-Ozone Ready Portable Spas $302.50 +$15
PZ4-110 volt with P24 Injector Kit for Above Ground Pool $429.00 +$15
PZ4-220 volt 50/60Hz with P24 Injector Kit for Above Ground Pool $459.00 +$15
PZ4-110 volt with P15 Injector Kit for In-ground Pool $400.00 +$15
PZ4-220 volt 50/60Hz with P15 Injector Kit for In-ground Pool $426.00 +$15
PZ6-C-110 volt Portable Compressor Driven, w/hose and stone bubbler $275.00 +$15
PZ7-2HO Injector Driven with P15 Injector Kit 110/220 50/60Hz Universal Ballast $799.00 +$15
PZ2-1-110 volt with P03 1 1/2 Injector Kit Compressor Driven $1,216.00 +$26
PZ2-1-220 volt 50/60Hz with P03 1 1/2 Injector Kit Compressor Driven $1,240.00 +$26
PZ2-2-110 volt with P06 Injector Kit Compressor Driven 1,570.00 +$26
PZ2-2-220 volt 50/60Hz with P06 Injector Kit Compressor Driven 1,650.00 +$26
PZ2-4-110 volt with P13 Injector Kit for In-ground Pool Comp. Driven 2,600.00 +$33
PZ2-4-220 volt 50/60Hz with P13 Injector Kit for In-ground Pool Comp. Driven 2,700.00 +$33
PZ2-4V-120/220 volt with P13 Injector Kit for In-ground Pool, Injector Driven No Comp. 1,934.00 +$23
PZ2-6-110 volt with Injector Kit for In-ground Pool Comp Driven 3,520.00 Ask for quote
PZ2-6-220 volt 50/60Hz with Injector Kit for In-ground Pool Comp Driven 3,700.00
PZ2-8-110 volt with Injector Kit for In-ground Pool Comp Driven 4,600.00
PZ2-8-220 volt 50/60Hz with Injector Kit for In-ground Pool Comp Driven 4,750.00
PZ2-12-110 volt with Injector Kit for In-ground Pool Comp Driven 5,931.00
PZ2-12-220 volt 50/60Hz with Injector Kit for In-ground Pool Comp Driven 6,058.00
PZ2-16-120 volt with Injector Kit for In-ground Pool Comp Driven 10,400.00
PZ2-16-220 volt 50/60Hz with Injector Kit for In-ground Pool Comp Driven 11,000.00
PZ2-24-220 volt 50/60Hz Rack System 19,250.00
Injector Bypass Kit for Non-Ozone Ready Portable Spas PZ1 or PZ6-C 140.00 +$8

P-Z Notes: Please specify the injector type kit. Injector kits come in two types: Universal Saddle Clamps come standard for 1 1/2 or 2 inch pipe for easy bypass installation or In-Line hard plumbed with tees must be ordered separate. Ozone ready means injector is already installed. Some items may have from 2 to 4 weeks delivery time. Specify the voltage, ozone generator should be the same as the pump voltage, in-ground or above-ground, pool pump discharge line size (1 1/2 or 2 inch), brass or plastic in the order description. Shipping: Rates are UPS Ground within the USA. Rates will be higher for Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

For NSF approved systems, for PZ2-1 thru12, add Degas Column for $325.00. For NSF approved systems for PZ2-16 thru 24 add Contactor System for $1,200.00.

Information on our residential swimming pool and spa ozone generators, purification equipment or other health products please contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.