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Welcome Oxymega Heart Disease Disorder Causes

Heart Disease Disorder Causes

Heart disease disorder causes; diet, chlorine, cholesterol, blood clot, bad circulation, oxygen supply, vitamin mineral deficiency, toxins. Other heart disease causes or contributing factors include bad lifestyle, excessive alcohol, fast food restaurants, saturated, hydrogenated oil, bacterial, parasites, viral infection.

Heart disease disorder is the number one killer in the USA. Approximately 50 million are afflicted with heart and blood vessel disease, which claims more than one million lives annually.

Circulatory system is composed of the heart, blood vessels and blood. Its function is to distribute oxygen and nutrients to the cells, transport carbon dioxide and waste from the cells, maintain pH balance, regulate our bodies temperature and produce blood clot when bleeding.

Coronary arteries supply blood to the wall of the heart, supply oxygen and nutrients for the heart muscle. When the oxygen supply is restricted, chest pain is the main result. When the coronary arteries restrict the flow of blood to the heart muscles, heart attack is the result. High blood pressure or hypertension results in strokes.

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Common Heart Disease Causes

Most common causes of these restrictions is hardening of the arteries called Arteriosclerosis, which is caused by fat or cholesterol deposits. Another cause is blood clot in the coronary arteries. Some feel the main cause of mini tumors in the walls of blood vessels is the abnormal reproduction of cells caused by chlorine. If you are suffering from angina or chest pain, avoid drinking and showering in chlorinated water. Use carbon filters to remove the chlorine.

Factors that also contribute to heart disease disorder are diabetes mellitus, drugs, excess weight, high blood fat, high blood pressure, high uric acid, nicotine, obesity, stress, and vitamin mineral deficiency.

Poor bowel function is an important cause of accumulated fats and toxins on the artery walls. OXY-MEGA colon cleanser will help clean the intestinal tract and help restore normal bowel function.

Stagnate waste products in the colon fosters the growth of anaerobic bacteria and other parasites. The toxic waste produced is continually being recycled into the blood. Toxins accumulate around the heart first, then in the veins and arteries. Since the toxins are circulated in the blood, they are deposited in all other parts of our bodies.

Toxins can also originate from alcohol poisoning, bacterial, parasites and viral infections. Cleaning the intestinal tract is very important so we can detoxify naturally to avoid heart disease and damage to heart muscle caused by toxins or nutritional disorder.

Certain synthetic medical drugs used to treat cancer and heart disease can affect heart rate or cause permanent heart muscle damage.

Ozone improves blood circulation by reducing red blood cell clumping. This is due to an increase in the negative surface charge of the red blood cell. The flexibility of the red blood cells is improved due to an increase in membrane fluidity, which loosens the structure of the membrane lipid. This occurs when the ozone combines with the fatty acids and peroxides are formed in the cell. The improvement in the membrane flexibility of the red blood cells increases blood circulation through smaller vessels and stimulates several enzymatic processes related to oxygen metabolism.

After oxidation of the plaque, the flow and viscosity of the blood in the arteries return to the normal rate of flow. Oxygenation of the red blood cells is increased in the lungs, which increases oxygen in the tissue. Ozone helps erythrocytes in performing their biological functions, which restores flexibility in tissue capillaries.

Ozone will effectively sterilize the blood of all bacteria and viruses, the same way it purifies water. Protein levels are not effected by treatments. Vitamin levels in the blood are decreased and should be replenished after any ozone therapy. Uric acid, waste product in blood is almost completely eliminated. Ozone treatments support the detoxification process of many toxic and carcinogenic substances in the blood and organs.

Avoid Certain Foods With Heart Disease

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Typical fast food diet and other bad lifestyles pave the way for cardiovascular disease. Changes in your daily habits is essential to avoid and prevent heart disease.

Avoid all fried food with saturated and hydrogenated oils. Use polyunsaturated oils only. Also avoid alcohol, animal fats, aspartame, caffeine, homogenized milk, margarine, salt, soft drinks, sugar, processed food and white flour products.

Balanced diet of whole grains, fiber, raw organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs will clean the arteries and nourish our bodies. Consume foods that will build the blood and strengthen the heart like almonds, brown rice, buckwheat, chicken, garlic, herring, mackerel, olive oil, onions, peas, salmon, sprouts, tomatoes, trout, tuna, turkey, watercress and wheat germ.

Essential Heart Disease Disorder Health Nutrients

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Vitamins: B complex; B1; B6; niacin; B12; C; D, E; bioflavonoids; choline; folic acid; inositol, and pangamic acid. Plant derived nutrients from Tropical Sunrise would be very beneficial.

Minerals: Calcium, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Germanium, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Silicon, Sulfur and Zinc.

Amino acids: L-carnitine will reduce fat levels in the blood and increase oxygen uptake. L-taurine will help stabilize the heartbeat and aids in digestion of fats.

Flavonoids act as antioxidants and prevents oxidation of cholesterol in arteries that produce plaque. Grape seed extract is an excellent source.

Essential fatty acids like evening primrose oil or black currant oil will prevent hardening of the arteries.

Chromium Picolinate helps reduce blood and fat. Lecithin acts as an emulsifier to fat. Extra vitamin E aids in the assimilation of these fats.

CoQ-10 and NSC-24 are also beneficial. CoQ-10 will prevent additional heart disease damage due to the lack of oxygen. NSC-24 has cholesterol reducing agents that help clean the blood and prevent plaque.

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