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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Fresh Fruits Vegetables Ozone Applications

Fresh Fruits Vegetables Ozone Applications

Ozone applications, natural chemical free produce wash disinfectant sanitizer, water air purification system, fresh fruits vegetables storage. Ozone, unsurpassed natural control, kill common organisms like bacteria, E. coli, Fecal Coliforms, food pathogen, fungus, listeria, mold, virus, yeast, parasite, protozoa, cyst deactivation.

Attach, destroy, oxidize offending molecules. Rapidly decomposes leaving no oxidation traces, no toxic halogenated compounds.

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Fresh Fruits Vegetables Ozone Applications

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Chlorine can take hours to penetrate the cell wall of bacteria or virus, while activated oxygen or ozone oxidation occurs within seconds. Unlike chlorine, it does not produce trihalomethanes and is non-carcinogenic. Chlorine can be blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide yet there is no evidence of any deaths to humans of over exposure to o3.

The natural disinfectant efficiency of ozone is 3,125 times faster than chlorine and 50 percent better oxidizer than chlorine. Ozone is 25 times more effective disinfectant and sanitizer for processors than hypochlorous acid, 2,500 times more effective than Hypochlorite and 5,000 times more effective than Chloramine.

Most all processors use chlorine as the disinfectant or sanitizer to wash fresh fruits vegetables. There will always be residues left on the product. There are no residues with ozone and the fresh fruits vegetables are chemical free. Ozone applications in water for dip, dump, and flume system for washing would eliminate chlorine on the fresh fruits vegetables you consume. Used in recycling systems it will cut down on the amount used with higher savings to processors.

Ozone applications in air purification storage or produce water applications oxidizes many inorganic and organic impurities as well as inactivate bacteria, mold, virus and cysts. It oxidizes iron, manganese, heavy metals, sulfide and nitrite into insoluble types, which can then be removed by filtration. Filters are important in the removal of high levels of oxidized minerals. It also functions to polish it or clarifying agent.

Ozone will oxidize organic chemicals into safer elements. During the ozonation process, some compounds like ammonia and cyanide is broken down into nitrogen and water or other safe compounds. In all reactions, the main by-product after oxidation is oxygen.

Growers or processors wash fresh fruits vegetables, the used supplies go into waste holding ponds. The ponds are polluted with organic material and the chemicals used in the process. All of which can leach into the ground supplies or overflow into creeks and rivers. Many have had to pay high fines as the consequence. Ozone, if injected into the ponds will break down contaminates while oxygenating it at the same time. The waste material is more biodegradable after oxidation and safer for the environment. Ozone does not change the pH, nor does it react with the remaining organics to produce carcinogenic trihomethanes.

Ozonated water is chemical free without algae, bacteria, cyst, mold, virus and yeast, parasite. The taste is improved making it softer with less scale buildup in appliances and plumbing lines with no stained fixtures and less tub rings. It oxidizes organics, iron, heavy metals and other contaminates. Water without chemicals and offensive chlorine and sulfur odors is possible.

Ozone has been used on fresh fruits vegetables in cold storage and for medical reasons were long before the inception of FDA. It was in use before the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act. It has Grand fathered Legal Status. In the mid 1960s, much negative information surfaced on it through government grant money used for research. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been used to dispute the effectiveness of ozone. In 1976, FDA declared ozone as toxic gas with no medical uses, again paid for by taxpayer dollars to suppress the truth.

Air purification systems utilizing activated oxygen will also disinfectant and sanitize any product in storage and its used for deodorization as well as water applications.

Ozone air purifier system applied safely, business home water application air purification.

Air Conditioning Fabric Store Pharmaceutical
Apartment Factory Photo Lab
Aquarium Farm and Dairy Poultry Farm
Aquatic Plant Fire Restoration Printing Company
Automobile Fish Market Produce Market
Bars/Tavern Florists Shop Paper Mill
Banks Food Processor Pulp Mill
Barber Shop Furniture Store Realtor
Barn Greenhouse Rendering Plant
Basement Grocery Store Restaurant
Beauty Salon Gym Rest Room
Bingo Hall Home Retail Sale
Bottled Water Hospital/Clinic Retirement Home
Bowling Center Hotels and Motel Salad Bar
Carpet Cleaner Kennel School
Casino Locker Room Senior Center
Catering Hall Lumber Mill Smoking Rooms
Chemical Distributor Meat Market Spa/Pool
Compactor Medical Lab Taxidermy Shop
Cooling Tower Meeting Room Textile Industry
Country Club Morgues/Mortuary Trash Bin
Day Care Center Nursing Home Storage Facility
Dental Lab Nursery Warehouse
Dry Cleaner Office Waste Water
Electronics Industry Paint Store Veterinary Hospital

Ozone Controls, Eliminates, Reduces

Algae Ethylene Gas Smoke
Ammonia Formaldehyde Spa Chemical
Bacteria Fungus Stale Tobacco
Car Exhaust Indoor Air Pollution Styrene
Chemical Gas Obnoxious Odor Pathogen
Chemical in Pool Paint Fume Pet Odor
Chlorine Pathogen Mildew
Cleaning Agent Sewage Gas Mold
Cooking Odor Skunk Odor Virus

New Products

Purifiers are available for all air purification during storage and produce water applications in the product section.

Ozone Benefits Meat Fish Produce

Breath of Life book describes most all ozone applications and how essential it is in keeping your health in balance with other natural therapies. Brief summary and contents of the Printed Version and the New Revised 2007 Edition is available in the book information.

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