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Welcome Applied Ozone Systems Ozone Water Purifier Ozonator

Ozone Water Purifier Ozonator

Ozone water purifier ozonator kills bacteria cyst fungi mold parasites viruses yeast, purification treats fresh fish meats produce. Ozone attacks, oxidizes impurities like iron, arsenic, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites, organics, degrades organic pollutants including pesticides, herbicides, environmental chemicals.

Ozone water purifier applications include dental offices, supermarkets, restaurants, retail fish, meats, poultry, produce markets, where ever sanitization is needed on fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry.

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Element took state-of-the-art ozone purification system and scaled it to the size that works for you.

Ozone is not new. Ozone is widely used by many industries with large-scale installations, such as agriculture, water treatment, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical. It has proven itself to be superior to other chemicals and detergent solutions, such as bleach for washing fish, meats, fruits and vegetables. Until now, ozone generators were large, complex and expensive. Element Ozone has successfully scaled the best industrial purification processes to meet compact, on-site needs of light industrial and commercial, food and beverage service.

Element Ozone Water Purifier allows you to control purification processes and limit your liability of contamination. Our wall-mounted or under-sink ozone units can be effectively used in dental offices, supermarkets, and restaurants for food preparation and food service, making the entire food process ozone-friendly. Proven better as an anti-bacterial cleanser. Longer lasting fish, meats and produce. Lower bacterial and viral contaminations in the work place. Why Element Ozone? Because ozone is the future, and the future is now scaled to fit your business.

Ozone Water Purifier, natural anti-microbial system beautifully engineered state of the art industrial strength ozone sanitization and disinfection technology for light commercial applications. Element Ozone has scaled ozone technology to specifically meet the demands of today's food service industry.

Hands-free motion sensor activates the unit for easy, hands-free operation. The ozone water purifier system is programmed to dispense the 20 second flow of ozonated water for quick hand washing and an uninterrupted stream for disinfecting meats, produce and food surface areas. Simple to operate and easy to install.

Ozone is more effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses than harmful chemical treatments. Another bonus for employees and our environment, the natural by-product of ozone is oxygen (O2).

Limit your liability of contamination. Ozone has full FDA approval for direct-food contact applications. Treats all known bacteria, fungi, yeast, and protozoa (including parasites and amoebae). The most powerful food-grade antimicrobial agent available.

Ozone Water Purifier

Ozone Water Purifier Ozonator Features

Hands-free motion sensor activation.

Contoured easy-clean cabinet surface.

Ozone Water Purifier Benefits

Extends the shelf life of food products.

Inexpensive to produce and has unlimited supply.

Kills bacteria, yeast and protozoa on food-contact surfaces such as fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, and all animal meats.

Kills yeast and mold spores in food processing.

Washes and kills bacteria, yeast and protozoa on fresh produce.

Attacks (oxidizes) impurities in water such as iron, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites and organic clumps.

Oxidizes and degrades organic pollutants including pesticides, herbicides and other persistent environmental chemicals.

Ozone Water Purifier Effectiveness

Treats all known bacteria.

Treats all known Fungi and yeast.

Treats all known Protozoa (including parasites and amoebae).

Is the most effective of all known sanitation agents for Cryptosporidium.

50 times more effective than chlorine bleach.

Kills bacteria 3100 times faster than chlorine.

The most powerful broad-spectrum microbiological control agent available.

The most powerful food-grade anti-microbial agent available.


Clean and environment-friendly; its only by-product is oxygen and purified water.

Has full FDA-approval for direct-food contact applications.

Proven safer for employees than any conventional chemicals.

Extremely effective as the disinfectant at relatively low concentrations.

Has UL and NSF Certifications.


Eliminates all chemical usage and is chemical-free.

Eliminates the chemical by-products of chlorination.

Eliminates the use of hot water and conventional sanitizer.

Generated on site, eliminating transportation, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals.

Permits recycling of wastewater.

Reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).

Ozone Water Purifier Specifications

O3 Output: Water Dosage Concentration 2ppm for the FS2180.

O3 Output: Water Dosage Concentration 1ppm for the FS1420.

Flow Rate: .79 gallons/minute for the FS2180.

Flow Rate: 1.85 gallons/minute for the FS1420.

Input Water Quality: Municipal Water

Input Water Pressure: 17.0 to 71.0psi

Input Water Temperature: 5 to 30ºC to 41 - 80ºF

Power Consumption: 80 watts

Supply Power Requirement: 120V

Ambient Temperature: 85F 30C Maximum

Room Condition: Good Ventilation

Dimensions: (L/W/H) 13/7/17 inches (330mm/177mm/432mm)

Net Weight: 7.0kg, 15.5 lbs.

Warranty: 2 Years

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