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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Medical Ozone Oxygen Therapy References

Medical Ozone Oxygen Therapy References

Medical ozone oxygen therapy references, sterilize instrument, bacterial, virus, wounds during surgery, reduce infection. Effect; anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-tumor, anti-viral.

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These applications have been in use around the world for over fifty years. Its been proven to work for pain and most all degenerative diseases with the lowest side effects in existence. Oxygen therapy can revitalize the practice of world medicine with health therapies that work for disease.

These are only some of the thousands of reference documented on the safe use of medical ozone therapy or oxygen therapy from doctors and professionals around the world.

1. There are over 3,000 references in the German literature showing it safe, successful use in over 50 years of application to humans during millions of dosages.

2. German Medical Soc. has published that 384,775 patients were treated with the minimum of 5,579,238 applications and the side effect rate observed was only .000005 per application! This is the lowest side effect rate in existence.

Report also stated, The majority of adverse health effects were caused by ignorance about ozone therapy (operator error). The Univ. of Innsbruck's Forensic Institute published Dr. Zacob dissertation quoting this in The Empirical Medical Acts of Germany.

3. Int. Ozone Assoc. information and the machine manufacturer reference report over 7,000 M.D. in Europe using medical ozone safely and effectively, some for more than 40 years.

4. 1980 August 22nd Sweet F, Kao M S, Lee S. (Dept of obstetrics and Gynecology, WA. Univ. School of Medicine, St Louis) and W. Hagar (St Louis Air Pollution Control) publish in, Science Vol 209: 931-933, USA peer reviewed scientific journal, their study: Ozone Selectively Inhibits Human Cancer Cell Growth. They announce, Evidently the mechanisms for defense against ozone damage are impaired in human cancer cells.

Cancer cells (lung, breast, uterine and dome trial) showed marked dose-dependent growth inhibition in o3 at .3 and .5 parts per million while the normal cells were not affected.

Evidently cancer cells are less able to compensate for the oxidative burden of o3 than normal cells. They also stated that it inhibits cancer 40 to 60, and up to 90 percent in dose dependent manner.

5. 1983 May 24, 25 PROCEEDINGS SIXTH WORLD O3 CONFERENCE 412 page book: Medical Applications of O3.


Removes viruses and bacteria from blood, human and stored. Successfully used on AIDS, Herpes, Hepatitis, Mononucleosis, Cirrhosis of the liver, Gangrene, Cardiovascular Disease, Arteriosclerosis, High Cholesterol, Cancerous Tumors, Lymphoma, Leukemia. Highly effective on Rheumatoid and other Arthritis, Allergies of all types. Improves Multiple Sclerosis, ameliorate, Alzheimer Disease, Senility, and Parkinson. Effective on Proctitis, Colitis, Prostrate, Yeast and Fungal, Trichomoniasis, Cystitis. Externally, it is effective in treating Acne, burns, leg ulcers, open sores and wounds, Eczema, and fungus.

6. 1988 Oct 26, Associated Press, O3 may limit AIDS Symptoms Bethesda Naval Hospitals Dr. Kenneth Wagner reports ozone stopped the HIV virus from multiplying, and left cells undamaged. Dr. Steven Kleinman from the Red Cross says it should be experimented with further. AP then reports on Dr. Carpendale, Chief of Rehabilitative Services at the San Francisco VA Hospitals ozone study controlling diarrhea, and possibly hindering the AIDS virus.

7. 1991 October 1, The peer reviewed JOURNAL OF THE AMER. SOC. OF HEMATOLOGY published the ozone\HIV work of M.D. Wells, Latino, Galvachin, and Poiesz. Their article: Inactivation Of HIV Type 1 by O3 In Vitro appears in Blood Journal, Volume 78 Number 7, October 11, 1991, page 1882 describing the research coordinated by Dr. Bernard Poiesz from Syracuse State Univ. of NY Research Hospital.

They performed 15 replications of one study that interfaced it with HIV infected factor 8 blood. It completely removed the HIV virus 97 to 100 percent of the time, yet was non-toxic to normal blood components. Ed McCabe announced this study back in 1988, in his Oxygen Therapies book.

8. 1993 August/September, The Int. Ozone Assoc. holds Eleventh O3 World Congress and Exhibition August 29 to September 3rd, 1993 in San Francisco. Tours were given of nine San Francisco water treatment plants using it, booths of industrial ozone manufacturers were perused, plus the two-day medical ozone meeting was well attended by participating doctors from all over the world.

9. Dr. Claudia Koscherkova, of research and development at the Nisnerokinov Institute is presently treating 39 arteriosclerosis patients with o3. He and C.N. Kontorschikova M.D., Central Research, and especially Sergi P. Peretyagin M.D., Manager of the research-center (he's the father of modern Russian ozone usage).

Others are using medical ozone on babies, HIV blood, animals, adults, and even gunshot wounds! They have four major centers in their largest cities; Nezhni, Novgorod, Ivanovo, Kirov, and Smolenskj, plus others in the Baltic Republics.

They are also using o3 inhalation, 1-4mcg/ml concentration of it is humidified by ultrasound and inhaled, and pioneering the re-circulatory extra corporeal ozonation of human blood for up to 1 1/2 hours at low concentrations of 1 1/2 to 2 microgram per milliliter technique.

10. Over 120 Russian M.D. have over the past six years treated thousands of people with oxygen therapy.

Research and reference information.

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