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Welcome, Oxy-Mega Lymphatic System Functions

Lymphatic System Functions

Lymphatic system functions, intestinal problems, diet causes excess lymph fluid water around tissue cells, disease, infection, cancer, oxygen deficiency. Intestinal tract cleansing helps absorption of nutrients and fats needed for correct lymphatic system function. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables helps raise oxygen, energy and nutrient levels.

In these present days some come up with their own little gimmick or misinformation to sell their products. Most of this misinformation is found on the internet and at times our own government is another source of this misinformation that most would call brainwashing. We are told things like fats or sugar is bad for us so they come up with new weight loss products to reduce the absorption of fats or some product that coats the intestinal tract so it is not absorbed. You see fat and lactose free milk on the shelves while other food products have removed the sodium. It almost seems like this is done to create more health problems so the medical establishment and others can make more money. Not all sugar, fats or sodium are bad, some types are good that our bodies rely on for good health.

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Lymphatic System Functions

Lymphatic system plays major roles in our immune system in the defense of infection and cancer. It consists of vessels connected to several lymph nodes located throughout drains lymph from all over the body and back into the bloodstream. The lymph nodes act as filters that contain many lymphocytes or white blood cells that will destroy bacteria and viruses in the lymph. While helping to fight any infection the lymph nodes can become swollen and tender in the general area. Most of the lymphocytes are formed in the lymph glands.

Another function of the lymphatic system is the absorption of fats and proteins from our daily diet through the intestinal lacteals which gives the lymph fluid the rich milky color. The lymph fluid is circulated by the movement of our muscles through a system of one way valves to ensure it moves in the right direction.

The lymphatic system and the lymph capillaries helps in getting oxygen and nutrients to the cells by removing dead cells, poisons, toxins, and excess water from the tissue spaces around the cells. All of our body tissue cells are bathed in this fluid or water derived from our bloodstream. Blood is about 92 percent water. In 24 hours 42 pints of the fluid passes from the bloodstream through the capillaries into the body tissues. This bathes the cells and provides oxygen and nutrients to the cells and then most of the fluid passes back into the bloodstream carrying carbon dioxide and waste products. About six pints of the remaining fluid goes into the lymphatic system. Eventually the lymph fluid makes its way into the thoracic duct and the right lymphatic duct and drain into the subclavian veins and into the heart and blood.

Lymphatic System Disorders

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Lymphadenitis is an inflammation in the lymph nodes.

Lymphadenopathy is the medical term for swollen lymph nodes and common when infected with HIV or Aids virus.

Lymphangioma is a rare benign tumor of the skin or tongue caused from abnormal lymph vessels that are in two types. One appears as clear blisters in the young and often disappears. The other is known as cystic hygroma that appears as small white grapes or swelling just below the skin and common to the neck area.

Lymphedema is an excess amount of lymphatic fluid in our skin tissue that causes bloating or swelling in the arms or legs. Severity ranges from mild complications to very painful and disabling condition. Some may be susceptible to serious skin infections due to the lack of oxygen or bad circulation. When blockages occur in the lymphatic system the cause may be from parasites or cancer growths. Edema has similar symptoms but pertains more to water balance in the body and circulation of blood and water through the capillaries.

Lymphoma is any cancer that originates in the lymphatic system cells, tissue, lymph nodes and spleen. The lymphomas are divided into two major categories: Hodgkin lymphoma and all other lymphomas, called non-Hodgkin lymphomas.

Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D. quoted in The Textbook of Medical Physiology that all chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from the lack of oxygen at the cell level.

In order for our cells to get their oxygen from the blood stream, the cells must be in what he described as their dry state. In this condition there is no excess fluid around the cells. There is only enough fluid to fill the crevices around the cells. He believed that as long as the fluid around the cells was at the proper water level, contained the right mineral balance, and was free of toxic wastes, the cells would continue to live, function and grow in healthy manners.

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The blood proteins in our blood stream make sure that the current amount of water is kept in our blood stream so that no excess fluids can seep around the cellular walls. If our blood proteins escape out of our blood stream, and find their way into the spaces between the cells, then our lymphatic system must immediately remove these proteins from these spaces. The proteins present in this altered condition will pull both sodium and water out of the blood stream. This reverse transfer causes a water and sodium-potassium imbalance, alters the cells dry state, inflames the cells and reduces the cells ability to produce energy. When this situation occurs, the presence of excess water between the cells pulls oxygen as well from the bloodstream. This reduces the amount of oxygen that can get to the cells through the blood stream.

Any prolonged blood protein imbalance will cause pain, sickness, and disease and, if serious enough it can induce death in just hours. Blood proteins are not the same as the proteins we eat. We eat protein to obtain the amino acids from these proteins. From the amino acids, the body manufactures its own proteins, especially those for the blood stream called albumins, globulins, and fibrinogens. Dr. Guyton wrote: The importance of this function of the lymphatics cannot be stressed too strongly, for there is no other route besides the lymphatics through which excess proteins can return to the circulatory system.

Fluids in the lymphatic system move up the legs, into the large thoracic duct in the chest where the fluids eventually empty into the subclavian vein at the base of the neck. At this point the fluids return to the blood stream with the captured blood proteins to re-balance the system. Dr. Guyton explained that the lymphatic vessels have one-way check valves in them. These valves keep the fluids in the system flowing in only one direction.

Approximately three quarts of blood pulses through the capillaries every minute of every day we are alive. During those same sixty seconds, the heart will beat eighty times and pump water through the tiny capillary pores to supply the cells with minerals, nutrients and oxygen. Fluid engineers calculate that the pressure is so great, and the pumping action so rapid, that the distance the water actually travels is microscopically small. In less than one second, the water flow must rapidly exchange its nutrients, minerals and oxygen for toxins and waste products before the blood proteins pull the water back into the blood stream.

This is why it is so important for the cells to be in their dry state. For every cell to take part in this healthy exchange, the cells must be packed as close as possible together. The cells must be as little distance as possible from the capillaries.

Dr. C. Samuel West, specialist in the science of lymphology and member of the International Society of Lymphology, has proven that food present in cells without enough oxygen turns into toxic waste and fat. The less oxygen present in the cells, the more pain we experience. Dr. West advocates exercise since the lack of exercise reduces circulation and thus the transfer of oxygen to the cells. This leads to high blood pressure and fluid retention.

The lack of ATP (Addenison Tri-Phosphate) causes the glucose in the cells to ferment creating an anaerobic (without oxygen) condition. This upsets the metabolic processes of the cell. These cells, lacking sufficient oxygen, start manufacturing improper chemicals and soon these cells and their surrounding cells become weak and unhealthy. If prolonged, the entire immune system may start breaking down.

The lack of cellular ATP drastically alters the body sodium-potassium balance in the individual cells, in the bloodstream, and in the fluid that surrounds the cells. The chemical change also alters and reduces the electrical fields in the cells and the bloodstream. Once this electrical change occurs, minerals begin to fall out of the fluids surrounding the cells and the bloodstream and start sticking together in what is called mineral deposits. If these minerals settle in the joints, arthritis occurs; in the eyes, cataracts occur. When they settle in the arteries, we describe the process as hardening of the arteries.

Our muscles also respond to electrical charges sent by the brain. These messages tell the muscles to contract and release. Anything that upsets this electrical transfer of energy, as does the lack of adequate ATP, will cause the muscles spasm and work or respond poorly. Dr. West created his dry state formula that anyone can understand: Oxygen=Pumps=Electricity=Power.

ATP is created from the chemical reactions between glucose and oxygen, which is required for all the energy requiring reactions of cellular metabolism. Glucose or sugars are the fuel for the cells and the ATP is the energy. Foods that contain high amounts of oxygen are the complex carbohydrates like fresh raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts.

Common Sense Remedies for Lymphatic System, Lymphedema or Edema

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The nutrients we feed our body from fresh foods are the potential energy, and then when changed into chemical energy with oxygen through the oxidative process there is life in the cells. Eating junk food forces us to use up more of its oxygen reserves than usual in order to metabolize the preservatives and what few nutrients may actually be in the food.

Dense food compounds, such as fats and proteins, are not only low in oxygen content, but also require extra oxygen from our bodies to convert them into energy which further depletes our oxygen reserves. Other oxygen-robbing foods include processed sugar, white flour, alcohol, coffee and soda drinks.

Avoid all fried foods with hydrogenated oils and use the good oils only. Use organic sugar and milk and use sea or rock salt instead of regular table salt. If edema is your making your legs bloated with fluid and you sit at your desk most of the day, check the height of your chair to make sure it is not to high. This puts extra pressure on the back side of your legs that could reduce blood or lymph fluid flow. Avoid tight socks or shoes that will restrict blood flow through the capillaries.

Some drugs have calcium and potassium blockers that cause other problems. Some of the prescription drugs used for high blood pressure will cause excess fluid retention around the cell tissue as well as other problems. Garlic works well for high blood pressure. Most all of the prescription diuretic drugs have bad side effects. Herbs that work as diuretics are astragalus, chaparral, corn silk, dandelion, gotu kola, horsetail, juniper berries, nettle, parsley and uva ursi. Vitamin B6 helps reduce water retention and silicon is another natural diuretic. When taking diuretics it is important to take extra minerals like those in Tropical Sunrise. If there are heart and circulatory problems there are natural herbs like butchers broom, capsicum, garlic, gentian, ginger, and hawthorn berries without the bad side effects.

The Oxy-Mega colon cleanser adds additional oxygen, helps with infection, and cleans the intestinal tract. This allows for better absorption of the good fats and nutrients that the lymphatic system needs. Plant derived liquid dietary supplements will help with any vitamin and mineral deficiency.

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