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Welcome, Applied Ozone Control Odor Mold Growth

Ozone Control Odor Mold Growth

Ozone machine air purifier control odor, respiratory problems, home chemical, fungus, mildew, mold growth. Warm humid environments harmful bacteria, fungus grow dangerous levels.

Ozone kills bacteria, fungus, mold, virus. Protect business, home, restroom, kitchen. Most bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, virus become air-borne. Breathing mold organisms result miserable allergies, coughing, headaches, respiratory sinus problems, contaminate living, work environment.

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Bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, viruses become air-borne. Just taking in one breath of these organisms can cause respiratory problems and contaminate everything in your living or business work environment. Why would you subject your family to any unhealthy condition when you can inhibit mold growth and other environmental headaches.

Odor problems originate from airborne or surface contaminants; bacteria, molds and fungus growth, spores, and fumes from chemicals. Each substance or compound, if it has an odor, has its own identifying odor. When the chemical nature of any substance is changed, its odor is changed. When ozone is introduced with the substance it will react and change the odor of that substance.

Molds are found in damp spots around humidifiers, attics and crawl spaces under homes, basements, bathrooms, house plants, HVAC ducts, damp ceilings and walls, wet carpets and windows. They can cause damage to most building materials. Condensation from steam and poor ventilation is the biggest cause in bathrooms and around clothes dryers or stoves when they are not properly vented to the outside.

Some molds or fungus produce toxins to protect their environment. The toxins or fungus, when inhaled are significant causes and effects of many health conditions like common allergies, asthmatic reactions, coughing, depression, diarrhea, headaches, irritability, fatigue, memory loss, respiratory problems, sinusitis, sneezing, sore throat, weak immunity and wheezing.

There is a clear and direct association in the literature between the abundance of mold and respiratory, allergic and asthmatic conditions. Molds are now classified as one of the leading causes of allergies. Almost all chronic sinus infections (afflicting 37 million Americans) are results of molds according to the 1999 Mayo Clinic Study, and a 300 percent increase in the asthma rate over the past 20 years has been linked to molds according to 1999 USA Today Cover Story.

The Mayo Clinic has determined that fungus causes nearly every case of chronic sinusitis, the most common chronic disease in the nation. The symptoms of chronic sinusitis include: inflammation of the nose and sinus, stuffiness, nasal blockages, thick mucus and post-nasal drip. There is no known medical treatment but there are alternatives.

There are thousands of fungus which causes cold or flu symptoms but they all have the potential of causing other health effects. The toxin produced by some fungus are carcinogenic and suppress the immune system, lymphoid tissue, bone marrow, liver and kidney.

Damage done to building dry wall and wood from leaky roofs or faulty plumbing results in repairs ranging from $7,000 to $30,000. Burning down any contaminated structure and the following law suits are unnecessary.

Mold can be sprayed and cleaned with bleach but take the necessary precautions with good ventilation. Hydrogen peroxide works better. Complete cleaning is essential if you or family are currently suffering from any of the related symptoms because it grows just as fast in our bodies. A home dehumidifier is another way to prevent mold by reducing the excess humidity in the air.

Why suffer the medical nightmares of chemicals when there are affordable and effective ways to combat respiratory problems!

Natural ozone applications will control odors, kills and inhibits mold growth, fungi, bacteria and viruses through oxidation. In more simple terms, the ozone molecule quickly absorbs the odor molecule and in effect neutralizes it to innocuous compounds like oxides that are odorless. The natural deodorizer for restroom that inhibits mold growth and breaks down chemical substances to the original compound.

Ozone used in the business, home, public or employee restroom and washroom controls bad odors and contamination of bacteria, inhibit fungus growth and pathogens on foods. There are many sources that can harbor bacteria and many spaces where pathogens can hide.

Using canned flowers, wicks and chemicals for odor problems in your business or home as air purifiers only cover-up obnoxious restroom odor problems. Ozone eliminates the need for expensive chemical sprays or blocks. It will oxidize and neutralize bad odors.

Without the use of synthetic chemicals or filters in restroom, inexpensive ozone air purifier will keep the space smelling naturally fresh, with no unwanted bad odors or fungi growth. Those complaints will turn into compliments. Your monthly savings will rise with less money spent on chemicals and high service costs. You will be doing your part in helping the environment and your health.

Personnel that have the unpleasant task in cleaning will further appreciate fresh air and the cleaner environment. To reduce and control odors, it is the most effective natural bathroom restroom deodorizer and the most environmentally friendly solution to your odor problems.

Natural solution to odor problems is to reduce or eliminate biological contaminants: bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses, and fungus; animal dander, cockroaches, and pollen. Chemical gases, formaldehyde, radon, cleaning agents, paint fumes or other bad odors. Source control, ventilation improvements and the purifier are effective ways of improving indoor oxygen breathing conditions. Its the better and cleaner alternative for purification.

Purifiers help in to disinfect and in oxidation of undesirable in your business or living environment. Filters help in the removal of particulates that cause allergies. Better breathing improves along with your condition and well being.

Used in the home it allows for better sleeping conditions, reduces headaches, allergic reactions, sinus conditions and depression. Air purification systems are ideal to disinfect, detoxify and deodorization as in water applications.

Air purifier like the Spring Air or Lightening Air ozone generator machine is capable of purifying bad odors in your home or public bathroom, restroom or washroom. Installation is quick and simple with easy to follow instructions. See the air purifier pages on the left for more information.

Smaller bathroom and kitchen units are available in the product order.

Natural Restroom Deodorizer Sanitizer, Control Odor, Respiratory Problems, Inhibits Mold Growth.

Ozone air purifier will control odor, inhibit mold growth and medical respiratory problems are available for the home or your business for allergies, odor problems and to neutralize the potential sources of cross contamination from bathroom or washroom. There are generators and air purifiers that run on 110-220 or 12 volt for your car, boat, truck, or motor home. When driving there is no need to suffer from exhaust chemicals and bad odors.

Control odor and respiratory problems; enjoy the compliments from customers and worker for supplying fresh breathable air.

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