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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Colon Cleanser Oxygen Supplement

Colon Cleanser Oxygen Supplement

OXY-MEGA colon cleanser dietary oxygen supplement, magnesium oxides, citric acid, benefits constipation intestinal tract health. Timed release ensures OXY-MEGA colon cleanser dietary supplement provides adequate amount oxygen, slowly, better utilization.

OXY-MEGA colon cleanser, excellent alternative product compared to other types of oxygen supplements. OXY-MEGA colon cleanser dietary oxygen supplement offers its users benefits in an effective manner.

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OXY-MEGA colon cleanser oxygen supplement is easy to use and comes in capsules only. OXY-MEGA is highly effective for helping to balance pH, constipation relief and non-habit forming.

Stabilized Oxygen

Stabilized oxygen, non-technical term referring to compound containing oxygen atoms, which are stabilized with buffers so that the product can be bottled without the oxygen being released before it is needed. The results are more stable environments of oxygen, which can be taken as most dietary supplement's.

OXY-MEGA colon cleanser dietary oxygen supplement is the combination of citric acid and powdered magnesium oxide compounds, which has been stabilized to release mono-atomic or nascent oxygen over 12 hours or more. The timed release ensures that OXY-MEGA colon cleanser dietary oxygen supplement will provide an adequate amount of oxygen, slowly, for better utilization.

How Does OXY-MEGA Work?

OXY-MEGA, when in an acidic environment, begins to slowly release nascent or mono-atomic oxygen in O1. Nascent oxygen is naturally produced by mother nature in fresh fruits and vegetables, animal and human cells. The release of oxygen continues throughout the digestive system. The magnesium oxide helps to transport it throughout the system.

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By-products of OXY-MEGA colon cleanser dietary oxygen supplement are magnesium oxides and nascent oxygen. In its oxide type, very little magnesium oxide is assimilated. It passes through the intestinal tract, kidneys and bladder, helping to cleanse by delivering oxygen along the way. Therefore, it is the perfect vehicle for transporting.

Colon Cleanser Dietary Oxygen Supplement Benefit

OXY-MEGA colon cleanser stabilized dietary oxygen supplement offers many benefits to its users. However, everyone is unique and the effects of OXY-MEGA will vary depending on the individual.

Laxative effect of OXY-MEGA colon cleanser helps loosen intestinal tract build up which aids in the release of unwanted waste materials and toxic substances that may be present during constipation. Any build up of intestinal tract waste may cause an over growth of anaerobic bacteria, parasites, and mold or yeast infections which thrive in such an environment.

Slow release of mono-atomic oxygen creates an inhospitable environment for anaerobic bacteria, parasites, pathogens, yeast infection and other toxic matter sitting dormant in the intestinal tract. OXY-MEGA does not affect the friendly bacteria which are needed for proper digestive and intestinal tract health.

Other benefits can include better absorption of nutrients from food and supplements, healthy environment for digestive enzymes to thrive, better results from weight loss products or other colon cleansing programs. Over time you can expect the same benefits from colon irrigation cleansing.

OXY-MEGA colon cleanser dietary oxygen supplement is formulated to release safe and beneficial amounts of oxygen. Some of the competitors products claim to release oxygen, but fail in comparison. OXY-MEGA colon cleanser oxygen supplement comes in capsules, and highly effective.

OXY-MEGA colon cleanser dietary oxygen supplement in the capsule contains citric acid, which prompts the release of oxygen. Some competitors of magnesium oxide products may contain other ingredients making the product less effective.

Considerations About This Colon Cleanser With Stabilized Oxygen

Those considering any colon cleanser product there are many health supplements from which to choose. Things to consider when looking for high quality colon cleansing oxygen dietary supplement.

Some manufactures of colon cleansers state that high levels of oxygen in parts per million is bad and causes over oxidation within our bodies. Taking vitamin supplements like Tropical Sunrise with natural antioxidants will help protect healthy cells from over oxidation. OXY-MEGA colon cleanser is formulated with higher levels of oxygen than most other colon cleansers which is the biggest reason why they work better and faster than most other brands. When taken as directed, each capsule will release oxygen over 12 hours.

Providing the stable environment for oxygen atoms, they must be bound to the stabilizing compound. It is important to choose one product that has stabilizers that provide the stable environment and allows for the controlled release of oxygen.

Supplement Facts: Two or three capsules are recommended per serving which contain magnesium oxide compounds. Other ingredients are citric acid in vegetarian capsules. The magnesium oxides in this product is intended to be the oxygen delivery mechanism for the purpose of colon cleansing and general colon health and not intended to be used like other magnesium supplements.

OXY-MEGA colon cleanser with oxygenated magnesium oxides compounds and citric acid is available in 180 capsules per bottle. Also available is the OXY-MEGA stabilized oxygen in liquid.

No anti-acid products should be taken with the colon cleanser. The capsules need the citric acid to activate the release of oxygen from the salts of magnesium.

OXY-MEGA colon cleanser dietary supplement is recommended with all detoxification and home colon cleansing therapy equipment on the Medical Ozone Generator pages.

OXY-MEGA Original colon cleanser oxygen supplement

The new OXY-MEGA Oxygenated Colon Cleanser has 180 vegetarian capsules per bottle without the citric acid are smaller so children or adults can swallow more easy. For best results they should be taken with warm water and followed up with fruit, lemon or orange juice. Both contain about 2,250 milligrams of magnesium oxides per serving of 3 capsules.

OXY-MEGA is specially formulated oxygenated magnesium oxide blend. OXY-MEGA releases nascent oxygen to help soften stools, eliminate debris in the digestive tract and assist in the digestive process.

If anyone is deficient in antioxidants, even oxygen from the air we breathe can accelerate aging, disease and cellular damage. Nascent oxygen is even more aggressive than atmospheric oxygen and ozone. Therefore, it is recommended that antioxidants like those in Tropical Sunrise should be taken in conjunction with any oxygen supplement. However, it is important that they be taken at least an hour before or after taking this dietary supplement. This will ensure that the cells will be properly protected while the colon cleansing is taking place. Enzymes formed in cells from eating fresh fruit and vegetables are the most effective antioxidants.

Tropical Sunrise Liquid Multi Dietary Supplement

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OXY-MEGA Colon Cleanser Capsules Recommended Use

OXY-MEGA Liquid Activated Stabilized Oxygen

OXY-MEGA Liquid Stabilized Oxygen Supplement

Hydrogen Potential pH Balance

Oxygen Deficiency Disease

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