Portable Ozone Generator Machine

Portable ozone generator machine air water purifier ozonator, home business restaurant restroom food applications. Washing fruits vegetables, ozonated water reduces harmful bacteria, pathogens, pesticides, herbicide, extends shelf life dry fresh perishable foods, enhances taste.

Ozone machine ozonator designed mini air compressor injects ozone into any application. Wall mounted, portable, most applications. Carry room-to-room, freshen clothes, bubble colonic water, fountains, smaller ponds, spa, bathtub water to relieve aches, pains. Most any application is possible with this affordable versatile ozone generator.


AOS-1MP Series corona discharge portable ozone generator machine purifies water for drinking or for watering house and garden plants. Ozonated water keeps plants healthier, promotes growth and keeps flowers fresher. The home air water purifier and ozonator can be used in refrigerated cases, produce coolers, fish and meat boxes, bakery, food or meat preparation in supermarkets or retail markets.

Disinfect the oxygen you breath or sanitize hospital rooms or medical surgical tools, kitchen containers and utensils, dishes and control bacteria, mold, fungus growth on counter tops with the ozone machine. Bad cooking odors and obnoxious odor from pets in kennels or veterinarian offices can be eliminated with ozone. It can also be used to bubble ozone into olive oil, an effective treatment for skin problems.

AOS-1MP Series home air water purifier can be applied to evaporative coolers or air conditioning systems to control bacteria, fungus, mildew, mold and virus that multiply in the ductwork and around windows in poorly ventilated homes or basements where mold growth is evident.

Used in evaporative coolers to purify the water, the corona discharge portable ozone machine eliminates bacteria and virus that thrive in sump water and the evaporative coolers pads stay cleaner. When first applied you can see it working with the foam floating on the surface after oxidation.

AOS-1MP ozone machine or air water purifier helps in the reduction of outside air pollutants and bacterial contaminates results in fewer colds. Bad health and medical symptoms decrease when breathing purified air with fewer germs.

Watering potted plants in the home with ozonated water keeps them healthier, promotes growth and raises the pH of the soil. Ozonated water increases oxygen and nitrogen content making the flowers fresher and longer lasting.

Used as portable air purifier it increases shelf life to cut flowers. It destroys the ethylene gases produced by aging and decay. Reduce algae, bacteria, fungus, mildew, spores, viruses and root rot.

Control of indoor contaminates like smoke from tobacco in bars, casinos and hotel rooms, restaurant, fire damage, wood stoves, formaldehyde, fumes from chemical agents, obnoxious odor from restroom and trash compactors, contributes to better living or work environments.

AOS-1MP ozone machine in the business, home, restaurant, public or employee restroom and washroom, controls bad odors and contamination of bacteria, inhibit fungus growth, and pathogens on foods. There are many potential sources that can harbor bacteria and many locations where these pathogens can hide in the restroom.

Using canned flowers, wicks and chemicals for odor problems in your business, restaurant or home as air purifiers only cover-up obnoxious restroom odor problems. Ozone eliminates the need for expensive chemical sprays, blocks, or urinal puck. It will oxidize and neutralize bad odors.

Without the use of synthetic chemical or filters in your business or restaurant, this inexpensive restroom purifier will keep the environment smelling naturally fresh, with no unwanted bad odor or fungi growth. Those complaints will turn into compliments. Your monthly savings will rise with less money spent on chemicals and high service costs. You will be doing your part in helping the environment and your health.

Restaurant cleaning personnel will appreciate the fresh air and cleaner environment. To reduce and control odors it is the most effective environmentally friendly deodorizer.

Natural solution to odor problems is to reduce or eliminate biological contaminants: bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses, fungus, animal dander, cockroaches, and pollen. Chemical gases, formaldehyde, radon, cleaning agents, paint fumes or other bad odor. Source control, ventilation improvements and purifiers are effective ways of improving indoor breathing conditions. Its the better and cleaner alternative for purification.

AOS-1MP portable ozone machine or home air water purifier and ozonator is perhaps the most inexpensive corona discharge ozone generator machine on the market for air water purification applications. The AOS-1MP 12 volt model is designed for autos, boats, campers, recreational vehicles or truck transport refrigeration units. The ozonator is built for travel, high humidity conditions and vibration.

Comes standard with easy carry handle and variable control for adjustable output for any application. This will soon be one of the most popular affordable and versatile portable ozone generator ozonator around the world.

AOS-1MP Ozone Generator Machine Benefits

Purifies Air, Foods and Water, Environmentally Friendly, Oxidizes Obnoxious Odor, Reduce Indoor Air Pollutants, Eliminates Ethylene Off Gas, Reduces Formaldehyde Levels, Kills Bacteria, Fungus, Mold, Mildew and Viruses, Reduce Harmful Chemical on Foods, Prevents Bacterial and Odor Cross Contamination, Kills Bacterial Slime On Refrigeration Coils and Drain Pans.

AOS-1MP Ozone Machine Features

Size: 9.5x6.5x5 inches.

Weight: 6 lbs.

Fused short circuit protection.

Output: 500mg/h at 3.5 liter/minute.

Voltage: Standard 110 volts.

Complete with diffusion stone bubbler, hose, check valve and variable control.

Meets or Exceeds UL/NSF Standards. Light indicator shows power is ON.

Class 6 Quartz glass dielectric tube utilizing micro-gap technology and non-reactive materials.

Currently using the PZV ozone generator.

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