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Welcome, Oxy-Mega Constipation Intestinal Blockage Symptoms Causes

Constipation Intestinal Blockage Symptoms Causes

Constipation intestinal blockage symptoms causes stomach bloating, cramps, abdominal bowel pain, dry hard bloody stool. Long term constipation results; colon cancer, bacteria, parasites, yeast infection, poisonous toxins, stress, vitamin mineral absorption.

Other constipation intestinal blockage symptoms include: allergy, appetite loss, asthma, backache, bad breath, bad odor, concentration loss, depression, eczema, fatigue, food craving, gingivitis, headache, hemorrhoids, indigestion, insomnia, irritability, memory loss, menstrual problems, nausea, nervousness, prostate problems, stomach pain, swelling, tension, weight problems.

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Constipation can effect anyone at any age and another major health problem today. Constipation can result from improper eating habits, digestive disorder, and other causes. Constipation effects over 4 million people yearly in the USA. Proper eating habits and the intake of food is important but it is equally important to rid our bodies of the waste.

If you eat daily you should have at least one bowel movement daily. Some think that having only 2 or 3 bowel movements weekly are normal. When the food waste moves to slow in the colon because of weak muscle contractions or constipation, the waste tends to ferment or putrefy into poisons due to the bacterial action during the putrefaction of foods. These toxins are then absorbed into the blood stream and will eventually burden every vital organ and cell in the body. In Europe, this condition is known as Alimentary Intestinal Toxemia or toxic colon. Some have died from long term constipation if the colon ruptures.

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Constipation, Intestinal Blockage Causes

Some constipation or intestinal blockage causes are due to not chewing your food, dehydration, insufficient fiber, fruit, vegetables and fluids in the diet, irritable bowel syndrome, lack of exercise, side effect of drugs, or pregnancy. Ignoring the call of nature to remove the bodies waste products, the muscular action in the colon moves the bowel waste in reverse. This action causes the building up or bulging of waste in the colon that weakens the walls. Eventually, this or long term constipation may cause cancer, colitis, diverticula disease, intestinal toxemia, over weight, prolapsed colon and ulcerations.

Obstructions or any blockage that causes the waste to back up due to weak muscle contractions, undigested food, Crohn's, diverticulitis, hernia in the smaller intestine, closure or narrowing, twisting or knotting of the colon, or worm infestation. Other constipation causes include colon cancer, obstructions, scar tissue, stricture, or tumors. Anything that causes the intestinal tract to narrow down or restrict the flow may cause constipation or intestinal blockage.

Some medications that may cause constipation are antacids that contain aluminum and calcium, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, antispasmodics, blood pressure drugs, diuretics, iron supplements, and pain killer medications.

Constipation leads to mal-absorption that results in the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. It creates an environment for unfriendly bacteria, parasites and yeast infection. The build-up of poisonous toxins creates stress on the gall bladder, liver, pancreas, pressure and stress on the upper gastrointestinal, thinning of the intestinal walls, and muscle weakness in the colon. Stomach bloating or lower abdominal pain is another common symptom of being constipated.

When transit time is too long, feces are dry with hard lumps or clumps can cause constipation. Usually caused by lack of fluids, lack of friendly bacteria, essential oils, stress, excess mucosa, and not enough good fiber.

Mucosa is mucus formed to trap harmful substances and keep them from penetrating into the body. The natural mucus is needed for lubrication in the elimination of waste. Some processed foods create mucus that adds to the propagation of bacteria or pathogens. An excess of mucosa in the stools causes clumping of the feces and constipation. Colon dysfunction occurs when the mucus becomes stagnant and putrefied which keeps building up layer upon layer. It then becomes a source of infection, irritation, abscessed, and ulcerations on the walls of the colon and the toxins created will be absorbed into the blood. Eating processed foods with Crisco or hydrogenated oil will also build up in layers on the inside of the intestinal walls, sometimes up to 1/2 inch thick which narrows or restricts the flow. These conditions inhibits the absorption of nutrients and water.

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Some Laxatives May Cause Other Intestinal Tract Problems

Constipation usually leads some people to the dependence on laxatives. Overuse of some drug store type laxatives for constipation can cause bleeding in the intestinal tract with bloody stools, damaged nerves, muscles, and damaged colon tissue. Most laxatives contain carbohydrates, sodium or sugar. Some laxatives for constipation will list their inactive ingredients, some will not. Glycerin is used in antifreeze, solvents and sweeteners. Sodium hydroxide is used in chemical products and soaps. Stearic acid is used in pesticides and listed as one possible carcinogen. Read the ingredients and think twice about using these laxatives.

Health article called How To Be Always Well by, Dr. Robert G. Jackson, says; Anything that lessens the functioning or working power of any one organ, cell or part, automatically lessens the functioning power of every other organ, cell or part, through the circulatory and nervous interrelations which obtain between all the cells, organs and parts of our bodies.

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Natural Constipation Intestinal Blockage Treatment Relief

Loosing our natural stimulus that induces normal bowel function because of weak muscles, ozone colon irrigation tends to stimulate these muscles and reduce stomach bloating. The herb Marjoram, strengthens stomach and intestines, helps relieve abdominal cramps. Avoid alcohol, baking soda, cheese, Crisco, hydrogenated oil, white dry poultry or other meat, and all products with refined white flour, sugar, white rice and yeast.

Eating any diet of raw fruits, apples and vegetables, brewers yeast, yogurt, whole grain cereals with lots of water, and wheat grass juice can be taken for constipation. Balanced portions of all vitamins and minerals from plant derived dietary supplements like Tropical Sunrise and Oxy-Mega can benefit constipation or intestinal blockage. Magnesium and potassium stimulates nerve impulses for muscle contraction and builds the foundation for muscular tissues and elasticity.

Oxy-Mega colon cleanser is more gentle and better than herbal cleansers for constipation intestinal blockage relief. Oxy-Mega, the heavy duty super duper pooper pill.

Those not seeking professional advice about long term constipation intestinal blockage, if the colon ruptures your nearest of kin may be very busy making final arrangements. Learn more on the importance and benefit of colon cleansing.

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