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Ozone applications, air food purification, essential disinfectant water supply treatment, business home indoor environment, medical health problems. Safest natural purification, disinfectant available. Strongest most ideal anti-microbial, bactericide, fungicide, deodorizer, detoxify, germicide, sanitizer, sterilizer, vermicide agent used today.

Healthy nations are stronger and ozone is what makes this happen. Compared to other chemicals used for purification in our food and water supplies, it is the only solution against the threats that plague our environment and humanity.

Ozone, sometimes referred to as activated oxygen, ozone has the ability of saving hundreds of thousands of lives annually and millions from food-borne illness if used in air purification and water applications. Its effectiveness in oxidative therapies for treating the cause of health problems and preventing degenerative disease has not changed in the field of alternative medicine.

Air Purification Ozone Applications

Being exposed to environmental pollutants pose varying degrees of adverse health effect. In the last several years scientific evidence has indicated what you are breathing in residence or other buildings can be more polluted than the outside in the latest and most industrialized cities. Some say up to 500 times worse. About 30 percent of new and remodeled buildings worldwide may be subject to excessive indoor pollution.

Environmental pollutants costs business over 100 billion annually. Research indicates that people spend approximately 90 percent of their time inside. The risk for most people may be greater due to exposure to pollution indoors than outdoors. People who are exposed to indoor pollution for the longest periods are often those most susceptible to the adverse effects of it.

Sometimes these problems are results of poor building design or occupant activities. Bad oxygen or lack of it creates health problems. Air purification systems enhances occupants well-being, comfort and workplace productivity. Many can gain an advantage over others if they are known to offer better and pleasant indoor environment for themselves and their customers.

Failure to respond can have many consequences to you and others with increasing problems. Some rare life-threatening condition like Legionnaire disease and carbon monoxide poisoning could also occur.

Other consequences are reduced productivity due to discomfort and increased absenteeism, deterioration of furnishings and equipment, strained relations with family, tenants and employees, negative publicity, opening potential liability problems and higher insurance cost.

Commonly known as SICK BUILDING SYNDROME. Indoor pollution sources release gases and particles that are the primary cause of indoor problems. Inadequate ventilation increases the level of odors, pollutants and emissions that you breathe and puts you at higher risk.

Pollutant sources are: oil, gas, kerosene, coal, wood combustion, building materials, pressed wood products, furniture, cabinets, damp carpeting, household cleaners, maintenance and personal care supplies, hobby and craft supply, central heating and cooling ducts, humidification devices, mold, tobacco smoke, pesticides and outside pollution.

Adverse effects may show immediately or years after exposure. Immediate effects include irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. Other effects include: sinus, headaches, fever, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, allergic reactions, sneezing, dry cough and fatigue.

Effects from long-term exposure to pollution include emphysema, asthma, and other respiratory diseases, hypersensitivity, allergies, measles, influenza, Pneumonia, humidifier fever, heart disease and cancer. Good air purification is important.

Water Purification Ozone Applications

Natural Resources Defense council says that more than 53,600 treatment systems violated EPA rules in 1991 and 1992. Together they broke the rules for contamination 25,000 times and for reporting and monitoring 217,500 times. EPA issued fewer than 4,000 fines. This kind of neglect can be deadly to everyone.

April of 1993, cryptosporidium caused approximately 400,000 cases of illness in Milwaukee and killed 100 people. In May of 1994, 100 people were sickened and 19 died from the same parasite. The survey of treatment utilities found cryptosporidium in more than 80 percent of the rivers and lakes that supply 66 major systems. Research data proves it kills this same parasite.

These types of neglect and occurrences of contaminated foods and rivers are getting worse every day. According to the WHO statistics, more than 1.5 billion people are without safe drinking water. Consequently, more than 35,000 people die daily of water borne disease. Between 1978 and 1984 there was 72,000 reported cases of disease associated with drinking water in the USA. According to EPA, Ozone is effective 99.999 percent in purifying water.

Using it to purify and clarify in water applications is not new. It has been in practical use since 1893. The first treatment plant application was in Nice, France, in 1906. Currently, it is being used in more than 2,000 treatment plants worldwide. More than 300 municipal treatment plants are using it in the USA. Ozone use in water applications for treatment is now easier, more efficient and much less costly.

Revolution in this type of treatment is that it works, and works well on produce at an affordable price.

Approved by FDA in 1982 for purifying bottled water applications and is approved as the only agent to purify in CA. In 1991, USDA approved it for the recycling of poultry rinsing.

Because of possible regulatory action on chlorine, the produce industry is showing much interest in this natural alternative to chlorine for water applications in the processing of fresh produce.


Reduce or eliminate biological contaminants: bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses, and fungus; animal dander, cockroaches, and pollen. Chemical gases, formaldehyde, radon, cleaning agents, paint fumes or other bad odors. Source control, ventilation improvements and purifiers are effective ways of improving indoor breathing conditions. Its the better and cleaner alternative for purification.

There are generators that run on 110-220 volts or 12 volt for your car, boat, truck, or motor home.

Purifiers are essential disinfectant and purification and oxidation of undesirable in your living environment. Filters help in the removal of particulates that cause allergies.

Ozone applications in the home environment allows for better sleeping condition, reduces headaches, allergic reactions, sinus condition and depression. Air purification utilizing activated oxygen is an essential disinfectant to detoxify, and deodorization as well as food, water and medical applications.

Ozone systems can be applied safely to any home or business in water applications or effective air purification disinfectant.

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