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Welcome, Applied Ozone Fresh Perishable Food Processing

Ozone Fresh Perishable Food Processing

Ozone kills bacteria disease organisms pathogens, fresh perishable fruits vegetables produce fish meats air water applications benefits food processing. Spoilage organism like bacteria, fungus, mold spore, virus reduce product shelf life. Ozone benefits fish, meats, fruits vegetables in air water applications during storage, food processing.

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Spoilage organisms thrive, multiply faster at higher temperatures, high humidity. Many of these spoilage organisms and food pathogens will multiply at lower temperatures during refrigeration. Most cross contamination occurs on fresh produce during cold storage.

Chemicals used in air and water treatment have negative impacts on humans, as well as the environment. Ozone air water treatment is the most effective natural bactericide of all the disinfects or purification agents for bacteria or food pathogens.

Ozone is the best available technology and better alternative than using chlorine for purification in food processing.

Used in fresh perishable food processing or cold storage on fresh produce as an anti-microbial agent or food processing aid it benefits all perishables, all phases of food processing or preparation, help prevent disease from food pathogens and enhance the quality of the working environment at the same time. The cleaner breathing environment raises worker productivity with fewer accidents.

Ozone is the safest and most natural purification and disinfectant agent for fresh produce and water treatment used in food processing. It is the strongest and most ideal anti-microbial, bactericide, fungicide, deodorizer, detoxify agent, germicide, sanitizer, sterilizer and vermicide agent.

Ozone is unsurpassed for control of common food pathogens and others such as Cryptosporidium, E-coli, Fecal Coliform, Listeria, and deactivation of virus or cysts. Most everyone has read the problems associated with E-coli. Food pathogens can KILL.

Fruits vegetables in their growth stage are subjected to ozone or activated oxygen. The lack of it causes spoilage organisms and food pathogens to multiply which causes decay and sickness.

Chemical reaction and process of plant cells in the presence of light, change formaldehyde into plant sugar. The granules produced, starches are called plant quantasomes which are present within the chromosome, and are postulated to be the units of photosynthesis during this reaction.

Photosynthesis begins with plant quantasomes and quanta light. The waste by-product of photosynthesis is called free oxygen (O3). This has been the most natural process since the beginning of time. It's natures tool for cleaning our environment that we keep polluting.

Bacterial slime grows on refrigerated evaporator coils, drain pans and at times it plugs up the condensate drain lines especially in cooler boxes. As the air travels through the coil to be cooled it picks up the microorganisms and blows it across the room contaminating any unwrapped item. When the coils are neglected and not cleaned regularly, the slime can restrict air flow.

Those working in these rooms breathe the stale contaminated air and suffer the consequences. Air treatment with ozone has the capability to inhibit and destroy bacterial slime in days and turns the old stale air into cleaner air.

In low concentrations, it is generally a stronger fungicide than bactericide and it can inhibit or prevent the growth of mold on the surfaces of cooler walls and fruits when the temperature is below 50 degrees.

In lower temperatures, the microbe metabolism is reduced and its effect is more beneficial. The microbial effect of existing mold spores is increased with higher concentrations and higher humidity. Good circulation also raises the microbial effect and sterilization of the air.

The fresh perishable food processing industry should be taking full advantage of ozone in all air water treatment applications to prevent food pathogens. There are NO logical excuses for not using it!

The use of ozone for air water treatment of dry or fresh foods, meats, fresh produce of fruit and vegetable, or seafood for disinfectant and sanitization is essential. This will benefit not only the consumer but all those in the food chain, those in agriculture growing the crops, the rancher who raises the livestock, processors and retail markets.

Growers and processors should be using ozonated water to wash fruits vegetables instead of chlorine to kill bacteria and other spoilage organisms on foods and fresh produce. Applications in food processing for water treatment can be applied safely to hydro-cooler systems, bin, dump and dip tanks, flume spray wash systems, wastewater, processing and refrigerated storage rooms at an affordable cost.

The use of ozone in water for the treatment of fresh perishable food processing in rinse or wash systems and air treatment in cold storage will increase production and your profit.

Ozone Benefits Fruits Vegetables Air Water Applications During Storage, Food Processing.

Fruits vegetables when stored absorb off gases from their ripening and decay of others. The odors from ethylene gas, packing materials, mold spore, and other contaminates contribute to rapid ripening that effects the taste. The process of respiration is speeded up along with faster ripening when more off gases are being generated.

Ozone will oxidize the metabolic products and neutralize the odors generated during the ripening stage. This helps preserve and doubles the shelf life on fresh produce, and it enhances the taste of each by retaining their own original flavor. Florists and nurseries experience the benefits of shelf-life and better plants using activated oxygen. The extension of shelf life and less shrinkage adds tremendous savings with higher profits.

Ozone enhances the taste of most fresh perishable food by oxidizing pesticides and neutralizing ammonia and ethylene gases produced by ripening or decay. Kills most all bacteria and others on contact. The reduction of ethylene gas increases shelf life and reduces shrinkage. It changes the chemicals complex molecular structure back to its safe and original basic elements. It does not leave any toxic by-products or residues, does not harm normal cells or alter its chemistry, is non-carcinogenic and always reverts back to oxygen.

Shelf life will vary on fresh perishable food, fruits, vegetables when they are subjected to ozone with various benefits between them. Factors like age, crispness, quality, humidity, temperature, the condition on receiving, and the reduction of pathogens during ozonation will all determine the extended shelf-life of each different type. To much can damage fresh produce and have the opposite effect that was intended for its use. Positive effects show at low constant levels and allows workers to enter the storage room.

Ozone will be constantly consumed and absorbed during the oxidation process. To achieve the full effectiveness for fruits and vegetables, the humidity levels should be kept at 90 to 95 percent. The effectiveness lowers due to the presents of steam or 100 percent humidity levels. The microorganisms have to be in the condition of swelling in order to be attacked. When the humidity level is below 50 percent, the efficiency slows as the bacterial medium.

Fresh Fruits Vegetables Ozone Applications

Ozone Benefits Meats Fish Produce Part 2

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