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Welcome, Oxy-Mega Super Oxygen Colon Cleanser

Super Oxygen Colon Cleanser

Super oxygen colon cleanser supplement reduce intestinal tract bad bacteria, constipation parasites yeast infection digestion problems.

Cellular super oxygen colon cleanser dietary supplement creates better intestinal environment, cleans detoxifies purifies rejuvenates. Healthy cells, friendly bacteria are aerobic, which means they need oxygen to survive.

Oxy-Mega oxygen colon cleanser works by releasing oxygen. You can not get these benefits from other colon cleansers.

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Maintain Proper Intestinal Tract Health Plus Additional Oxygen Benefits With OXY-MEGA Colon Cleanser.

Over time undigested food and waste material build up in the upper intestinal tract and colon. This unwanted matter is the perfect breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria, disease, yeast infection and parasites that could cause bloating, intestinal blockage, constipation or other serious problems. OXY-MEGA colon cleanser dietary supplement helps cleanse the intestinal tract by breaking down and loosening the unwanted fecal matter where it can be excreted.

OXY-MEGA super oxygen colon cleanser will also reduce the bad bacteria and parasites that are harmful but it leaves the good bacteria, which is needed for proper digestion and human functions.

OXY-MEGA super colon cleanser oxygen dietary supplement does more than other bulk herbal fibers to cleanse that are not able to diminish the bad bacteria. Other fiber supplements do only half the job.

OXY-MEGA Super Ultimate Oxygen Colon Cleanser

Applied Ozone Systems is continually striving to introduce new and revolutionary products to the patrons of the natural health market. OXY-MEGA super oxygen colon cleanser product is an excellent alternative to other types of oxygen supplements. OXY-MEGA super oxygen colon cleanser dietary supplement offers its users many benefits in an effective manner.

OXY-MEGA ultimate oxygen colon cleanser dietary supplement was created to help restore colon health, especially after antibiotic use where the friendly bacteria have been killed and the opportunistic anaerobes have taken over the colon.

Anaerobes are bad bacteria which survive in an atmosphere with little or no oxygen. Aerobes, can only survive in an oxygen rich environment. There is yet another classification of bacteria, the facultative strains, which can thrive in either anaerobic or aerobic conditions. Some facultative bacteria are classified as friendly bacteria.

Logic behind OXY-MEGA super oxygen colon cleanser relates to the action of friendly bacteria, such as acidophilus, which reside in the healthy human intestine. These facultative bacteria have methods of protecting their territory against the encroachment of anaerobes; they secrete hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen in the single mono-atomic that is more powerful than atmospheric oxygen.

Results of higher aerobic atmosphere levels makes it more inhospitable to anaerobes. Pathogens are anaerobic in nature, they cannot survive in this created aerobic environment. When the peroxide secreting bacteria have an established colony in the colon, its difficult for the anaerobes to establish their own colony and the colon is much healthier. When the anaerobes have an established colony, they protect their territory against encroachment by the facultative bacteria by secreting toxins. These toxins may contribute to colitis and other intestinal diseases.

OXY-MEGA oxygen colon cleanser supplement delivers nascent oxygen to the colon at levels which are higher than the levels which friendly bacteria are able to secrete thereby making it difficult for anaerobes to survive. OXY-MEGA colon cleanser has mild saline purgative containing oxygenated magnesium compounds. In the encapsulated product, citric acid has been added to help facilitate dissolution. In the bulk powdered product, no citric acid has been added and will be available soon.

OXY-MEGA super oxygen colon cleanser supplement is dissolved in mild acids, whether citric acid, fruit juices or stomach acids, it produces salts of magnesium and begins releasing oxygen. The oxygen is released in the mono-atomic or nascent type, which is more reactive than normal atmospheric oxygen. The oxygen release takes place slowly over several hours. The magnesium salt acts to soften the stool mildly, which helps cleanse the colon and also acts as the vehicle for delivery of oxygen to the colon.

OXY-MEGA colon cleanser is formulated with higher levels of oxygen than most other colon cleansers which is the biggest reason why they work better and faster. When taken as directed, each capsule will release oxygen over 12 hours. With Oxy-Mega you receive 180 capsules, others may supply 120 capsules at higher prices or less capsules for less money.

If you compare all the colon cleansers up close you would see you have to purchase 2 or 3 bottles with less capsules compared to one bottle of the Oxy-Mega. The others brands will have less milligrams and less oxygen in parts per million per capsule. You may have to take 4 or 6 capsules daily of the others to get the same results of only two Oxy-Mega capsules.

Oxy-Mega Colon Cleanser Oxygen Supplement in vegetarian capsules with citric acid

OXY-MEGA liquid stabilized oxygen dietary supplement contains buffers with electrolytes of sodium chlorite, carbonates and bicarbonates in de-ionized water. The nascent oxygen works in similar manners as white blood cells, by blasting damaged cells with super oxides. This prompts the creation of new white blood cells to help fight infection problems and diseased cells. 70ml/2.33 ounce bottle.

OXY-MEGA Activated Stabilized Oxygen liquid therapeutic pH balanced formula contains distilled water, sodium chloride from sea salt, chromium, iodine and other trace amounts of carbon, calcium, copper, lithium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, sulfur, silicon, cobalt and zinc. One 60 ml/2 oz. bottle contains 15,000mg of o4 or 250mg/ml. Suggested Use: 15 drops in 8oz of water 3-4 times daily.

The new Oxy-Mega Oxygenated Colon Cleanser in vegetarian capsules without the citric acid are smaller so children or adults can swallow more easy. For best results they should be taken with fruit, lemon or orange juice instead of water.

Oxy-Mega Oxygenated Colon Cleanser in vegetarian capsules without citric acid

OXY-MEGA is our specially formulated oxygenated magnesium compounds. OXY-MEGA releases nascent oxygen to help soften stools, eliminate debris in the digestive tract and assist in the digestive process.

Antioxidants will ensure that healthy cells will be properly protected while the colon cleansing is taking place. Plant derived dietary supplements like Tropical Sunrise are highly recommended when taking the Oxy-Mega products.

Tropical Sunrise Dietary Supplement

Following your regimen of OXY-MEGA oxygen colon cleanser its advisable to take several combinations of friendly bacteria.

Order Oxy-Mega Super Oxygen Colon Cleanser On-Line

Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. OXY-MEGA oxygen colon cleanser and stabilized liquid dietary supplement product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Learn the REAL TRUTH about ozone and smog.

Ozone Regulations Assembly Bill 2276