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Welcome, Applied Ozone Air Purifier Cleaner Treatment System

Air Purifier Cleaner Treatment System

Natural ozone machine generator sanitizer air purifier cleaner treatment system, business, home, industrial, medical application. Reduce, control, eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungus, chemical gas, formaldehyde, smoke particles, mold, mildew, pollen, bad cooking odor, pet smell, tobacco, paint fumes effect everyone.

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There are many ways to produce activated oxygen, for example, we have all experienced the clean, fresh smell in the air produced by lightning after thunderstorms. That is ozone or activated oxygen at work. Now you can have your own natural air purifier and treatment system at an affordable price. Read this because it may save you more than time and money. It may save your life.

Problems: Indoor pollution in the business, home or industry is common everywhere! Most air purifiers do not reduce mold and sources of indoor pollution that contribute to allergies, asthma, bacterial or viral infections, hay fever and home respiratory problems. Some only trap the mold or bacteria allowing them to grow more rapidly and your health declines even faster.

Let Mother Nature Use Her Most Powerful Tool To Clean and Sanitize Your Air.

Solution: Ozone machine air purifier improves air quality, reducing many indoor pollutants that filters alone are unable to trap. Activated Oxygen breaks down odor and other pollutants at their source. Normal oxygen o2 is converted to o3, which is commonly called ozone or activated oxygen, which breaks down odor and other contaminates.

Ozone machine air purifier sanitizer re-creates the same process that Mother Nature uses to keep the air fresh and clean. It produces activated oxygen to remove odor without the use of fragrances. It helps to break down and oxidize bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and other industrial pollutants at their source.

Refresh That Old Stale Air That Ruins Your Health

Like the water we drink and the food we eat, the air we breathe has an impact on our quality of life. Air purifiers can control and reduce sources of discomfort, which contribute to allergies, asthma, hay fever and other types of airborne irritation.

Utilizing activated oxygen; these air purifiers can significantly reduce: bacteria, viruses and fungus, chemical gases, formaldehyde, smoke particles, mold, mildew and pollen, bad cooking and pet smells, tobacco and paint fumes in most applications.

Activated oxygen is normally kept at modest levels in occupied spaces. Unused ozone always reverts back to oxygen in about an hour.

Blue Cross Health Wise Home Care Products

Portable Ozone Machine Air Purifier Sanitizer, Auto, Bathroom, Boats Business or Kitchen for Better Indoor Health.

Lightning Air Purifier Sanitizer Ozone Machine

LA-2SP natural air purifier sanitizer ozone machine with HEPA filter is the most affordable air cleaner treatment system. In the kitchen or bathroom it will oxidize bad odors and mold while killing the germs or bacteria on the counter top at the same time. They can also be used in the car or truck, bedrooms, or used in your office at work.

Lightning Air portable natural fresh air purifier cleaner treatment systems are for normal indoor spaces such as business, home and offices. Compact and portable, the ozone machine can easily be moved to different locations in homes, offices, apartments, motel room, dorm room and recreational vehicles. The LA-2SP (left) is for normal indoor spaces such as homes and offices. The LA-4SP (center) is for bars, restaurants and heavily used rooms. The LA-31C (right) has the timer for industrial cleaning.

LA-2SP Air Purifier Cleaner Sanitizer Ozone Machine Model LA4SP Air Purifier Cleaner Sanitizer Ozone MachineLA-31C Industrial Air Sanitizer Machine

The LA-31C industrial air purifier cleaner is designed for professional carpet cleaning, janitorial services, smoke and water damage, hotel or motel rooms, commercial kitchens, rental cars and other commercial applications.

All three models come with full 90 day repair no charge warranty. Limited lifetime warranty to original purchaser is for parts only, customer pays labor and shipping.

Control for negative ion generation is separate from the activated oxygen control. Negative ions can be created around the clock to keep down dust and particulates. Available in Cherry, Walnut or Oak. Great Gifts For Healthy Living!

AV-2500 Industrial Variable Control Air Purifier Sanitizer Ozone Machine

Cleanliness and sanitation needs to be accomplished fast, this highly powerful air cleaner and purification system will do the job for all tough medical applications when sanitation is essential. Used in doctors offices, hospitals, kennels, motel room, medical surgery rooms, or veterinary clinics to sterilize mold, bacterial and viral contamination. The AV-2500 has durable stainless steel enclosure that is available in 120 volts.

AV-2500 Industrial Air Cleaner Treatment System is designed with the professional in mind. The AV-2500 ozone machine air purifier can also be used in bars, hospitals, industrial, restaurants and heavily used rooms. It will remove stronger odor from unoccupied spaces in short periods of time. Deodorizer simply mask odors and filters only capture some of the airborne particles.

AV-2500 Portable Natural Air Purifier Ozone Machine

AV-2500 Industrial Air Purifier Ozone Machine

Control Indoor Pollution and Bad Odors The Natural Way

Using activated oxygen, the AV-2500 will oxidize odors and eliminate them. The AV-2500 generates ozone internally and disburses it into the desired space thereby ridding the environment of pollution odors at their source. It will control odor from pollution sources such as: carpet, cigarette smoke, cleaning fumes, cooking, decaying matter, formaldehyde, mold and mildew, new construction, paint fumes, pets, pesticides, smoke, fire damage and water damage.

Durable dielectric cells in the generator do not require any maintenance. Other features include low energy consumption, no filters to replace and variable control to adjust ozone machine from 100 to 2500 milligrams/hour.

Tough Cleaning Has Never Been So Easy

AV-2500 portable air purifier or ozone machine generator can easily be moved from one pollution problem to another of high contaminates. These units are all portable with one year limited warranty. Just plug it in and enjoy clean, mountain fresh air treatment for only pennies daily.

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Air Purifier Directions in Occupied and Unoccupied Spaces

Ozone News See the latest regulatory news concerning home ozone air purifiers.

All models are for commercial applications only for use in non-occupied areas.

Product Order Information