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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Vitamins Minerals Natural Health Food

Vitamins Minerals Natural Health Food

Vitamins minerals natural health food supplements, nutrition, balance cells, oxygen energy, medical disease prevention. Good supplements should balance, cleanse, nourish, oxygenate, protect, purify, strengthen.

There many natural remedies, raise our immune system, regain homeostasis, everyone should take responsibility over their own health. Food chain gets worse having less vitamins minerals requires extra supplements, better eating habits. Cure, disease prevention, using natural remedies, treating pain symptoms using no drugs. The cause must be eliminated to maintain homeostasis and immunity. What goes into the system must come out. There can be NO accumulated waste left behind that will hinder normal functions.

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Vitamin Mineral Natural Health Food

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General wellness and longevity depends on your wisdom in keeping the scale of life in balance. What you do with the knowledge in the tree of life affects your quality of life.

Extent of the good or bad life depends entirely on the choices you make regarding your natural health food and nutrition. Good or bad decisions regarding your food and nutrition can mean the difference of the better life or one of pain and misery.

When the bad outweighs the good the scale of life is out of balance

Secret of wellness and the prevention of disease is keeping your whole-self in harmony with equal portions of essential natural vitamins minerals from natural health food and other nutritional supplements.

General health of every child, man and woman depends on your daily essential of vitamins minerals consumed for keeping us in balance.

Nutritional health involves amino acids, carbon, digestive enzymes, exercise, hydrogen, fatty acids, friendly flora, macro and trace minerals, nitrogen, oxygen, water, vitamin intake, frequency, pH and clean colon.

Medical term used for balance is homeostasis, which describes the state of equilibrium. To maintain this equilibrium our bodies are constantly working to equalize our internal components with the effects of the external elements consumed.

Setting the thermostat on our heater and this temperature is maintained in the room depending on the differential set into the thermostat. All normal functions and organs are required to operate within certain set points for optimum performance.

If it varies from its set point it must be able to counteract or regulate the imbalance. For our automatic regulatory mechanisms to act constantly and efficiently we need the proper fuel to convert and eliminate the excess.

Human make-up contains millions of living cells that hold an electrical charge. If the car battery does not keep charge it will go dead and not start. Cells need proper fuel to eliminate the excess waste that clogs your blood, cells, organs, and tissue.

Your car motor has to be in balance; otherwise, at high speeds it falls apart. The gas we use in our car contains chemicals, the more they add, the lower the performance with more pollutants.

Compare this to the food you eat and the waste left behind. Natural health food and nutrition will provide the power to keep your motor running at its best.

Cells hold and generate power but also the expenditure of it is required (cellular respiration) for its transfer. This vital life process is done through the oxidation and reduction reactions of amino acids, carbohydrates, enzyme, fatty acid, hydrogen, iron, and proteins into carbon dioxide and water. If the carbon dioxide is not eliminated properly from the blood, it increases its acidity and reduces oxygen to the bodies cells.

Oxygen is the ultimate supply fuel for power generation for all normal function. When the cells are bathed and nourished with it, the burn is complete and clean. When the cells produce the required amount of voltage, the electrical frequency raises to normal with the constant flow of electrons.

Achieving balance and strengthen immunity all of our internal components have to harmonize with each other to counteract the external components.

Breath of Life creates, protects. It sustains all life, without it, nothing good would exist.

Oxygen is essential in the maintaining balance because it regulates all our activities. Our ability to think, feel, and act comes from the energy created by it. Approximately 90 percent of our energy originates from it. Oxygen is our most important and vital element for immunity and the prevention of disease.

Along with natural health food and nutrition, it's the primary element that cells use to generate energy for all its functions. With it, the energy production is through oxidation of the unhealthy cells. The burn is incomplete without the main fuel.

During the oxidation process takes place throughout, antioxidants are protecting the living cells. Antioxidants act as cooling or regulating system for maintaining the metabolic temperature at constant levels, which prevents over oxidation. Our internal organs then have to cleanse and purify the waste and debris left behind from the oxidation process.

Inadequate supplies of oxygen to the tissue is called hypoxia. When the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is reduced due to circulation, liver, or heart disorder, it prevents it from being adequately oxygenated. This results in tissue death. If this condition leads to the complete absence of oxygen (anoxia), the cell metabolism is disrupted and die in minutes. We can recuperate from temporary hypoxia due to exercise but over time it leads to serious problems.

Starvation at the cellular level causes cells to be too weak to manufacture the enzymes that protect them. The oxygen starved cells are vulnerable to virus and pathogen. Ozone will attack microbes that have no enzyme coating, as well as diseased cells with deficient cell wall enzymes.

During the respiration process, waste products are exposed to the action of the oxygen of the air and are burned up, thereby producing our internal heat. This heat is continually being generated through the chemical action of carbon and oxygen.

Most medical problems and degenerative disease originate in the intestines. Virus, fungus, parasite and unfriendly germs will thrive in non oxygen environment, high in carbon dioxide and high in acid or low pH factor. Any one interferes with homeostasis.

Bacteria, viruses and parasites cannot live in an oxygenated environment. To oxygenate results in maximum wellness. Natural remedies will not work without it. When ozone is used, it oxidizes the waste products and facilitates their elimination. Ozone increases metabolism without the expenditure of vital energy.

Oxygen Deficiency Disease

Colon Cleanser Oxygen Supplement

Hydrogen Potential pH Balance

Bread of Life gives life to hungry worlds. When balanced within, harmony abounds.

Ashes from combustion must self cleanse properly through the organs and colon to maintain this clean burn. The burn will not be clean unless you have sufficient amounts of O2. For example, the flame on welding torches. If there are insufficient amounts of O2, the flame will be yellow with lots of smoke and soot. When the supply is correct, the flame is burning clean. There are fewer by-products when the flame is clean.

Processed food equals low wattage output from the cells and more by-products from oxidation. Fresh natural health food and nutrition will raise the wattage and make the flame from within glow bright because they are on the coherent frequency that harmonizes with other normal internal function.

Natural health food and nutrition are important. Everyone is deficient in vitamins minerals because they are lacking in the foods we eat and you are lucky if you absorb 10 percent of what you purchase in pill types. The importance and lack of vitamins minerals in our foods was documented in 1936 by the 74th Congress 2nd Session in Senate Document #264.

Vitamins are complex chemical substances which are indispensable to nourishment, and important for normal function. Disorder and disease result from any vitamin deficiency. It is not commonly realized, however, that vitamins control the bodies appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals, they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but lacking both vitamins minerals will not balance, cleanse, nourish, oxygenate, protect, purify or strengthen.

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