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Welcome, Applied Ozone Generator Air Water Purification

Ozone Generator Air Water Purification

Ozone generator purifier medical ozonator portable treatment applications, oxygen concentrators, corona discharge, air water purification systems.

Everyone deserves safe perishable food without contamination, breathe, drink clean air water.

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Contact Information

Applied Ozone Systems specializes in consulting, design, development, and sales of corona discharge ozone generators, ultraviolet air water purification systems for pools and spas, bottled water, microbial, pathogen control for the food processing industry on fresh food in retail markets, warehouses, restaurants.

We take great pride in distributing the highest quality corona discharge ozone generators, ozonators and oxygen concentrators for all air and water purification applications at reasonable prices. We also carry sensors and monitors for monitoring concentration levels in all treatment applications.

AOS-1M Series, PZV purification systems are probably the most versatile, least expensive purifiers available on market. The PZV can be used in most all portable air and water purification applications or in H/V A/C systems.

AOS-1MD Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

AOS-1MD Ozone Generator Machine

AOS-1MD medical ozone generators are built in the USA and superior in quality, performance, reliability, and workmanship to all others on the world market. The AOS-1MD has corona discharge dielectric reactor cell. The AOS-1MD uses ozone resistant fittings and Silicone tubing, which comes in contact with ozone. The AOS-1MD is ideal for any medical application that requires dependable and stable ozone production. Built to last for years without any maintenance.

Front control panel includes 5 to 100 percent variable control with six-position range selector switch that allows for hundreds of different output settings.

AOS-1MD is superior in quality, performance, reliability, and workmanship. This model will be the ultimate machine for the medical and veterinary professionals.

AOS-1MD Ozone Generator Machine

AOS-1MD Ozone Calibration Chart

PZV System

PZV Ozonator System

PZV ozonator can also be used in refrigerated cases, produce coolers, fish and meat boxes, and meat prep rooms in supermarkets or retail markets.

Ozone is produced by passing air across an ultraviolet light cold cathode type in the PZV. It produces approximately 300mg/h. Comes with easy carry handle and 2 year bulb warranty. Larger air and water purification systems of this type are also available.

Portable Home Counter Top Water Purifier

The ozone water purifier is great for restaurants, dental offices, home kitchens to purify your drinking water or washing fruits and vegetables. Compared to other drinking water purification systems, this compact and automatic unit has been designed to kill bacteria and parasites, remove bad taste, chlorine, heavy metals, and bad odors. It provides safe, economical alternative to distilled or bottled water. The purifier will treat about 1,080 gal/day or .79 gallons per minute with an ozone residual of 2ppm. Standard 120 volt.

Ozone Water Purifier Description

AOS-1C Counter Top Water Purifier

AOS-1M Portable Home Corona Discharge Ozone Generator Ozonator

AOS-1M is perhaps the smallest and most inexpensive type corona discharge ozonator on the market and its affordable for everyone. This powerful little home portable unit in plastic enclosure comes standard with variable control for adjustable output. It can be used to purify your drinking water or any other useful application. This will soon be one of the most popular portable home medical ozonator around the world. Specifications are included in the Medical Ozonator page.

AOS-1M Series

AOS-1M Medical Ozone Generator

Large Corona Discharge Ozone Generator Systems

CORONA DISCHARGE OZONE GENERATORS G-SERIES. Ozone Generators Offering Superior Performance and Reliability Corona Discharge, High Frequency, Air-cooled, Modular Design, Full Featured, Feed gas flow control, Feed gas back pressure gauge (0-15 lbs. square inch.), Feed gas regulator factory set for safety, Feed gas flow sensor turns off power supply if feed gas is shut off or fails , Green Power On monitor light, Red Output Indicator light, volt meter for output reference, and Variable output.

Automatic fan keeps equipment moisture free in cold and humid outdoor applications. Ceramic and titanium dielectric for maximum corrosion protection, heat dissipation, and current carrying capacity.

Reinforced fiberglass enclosure with stainless steel hardware. Modular design combines power supply and dielectric as one unit for quick and easy service if necessary (Module removal can be accomplished in five minutes).

Concentrations up to 6 percent by weight on certain models. One year warranty.

G-L-O Series Ozone Generators

O and G Corona Discharge Series

Model Price
O-1 8 g/hr at 10scfh 2,266.00
G-11 13 g/hr at 10 3,172.00
G-21 19 g/hr at 10 4,130.00
G-22 30 g/hr at 20 6,121.00
G-23 45 g/hr at 30 7,854.00
G-24 60 g/hr at 40 9,474.00

GA10 Dry Air Ozone Generators

Dependable ozone production for smaller demands (1g/hr to 4g/hr) is available with the GA10 Ozone Dry Air Ozone Generator. The GA10 combines the patented Floating Plate Technology dual action ozone reactor cell with high frequency variable controlled power supply.

Sturdy fiberglass-reinforced, wall mountable enclosure with easy to use control panel with versatile GA10 with Integrated Air Dryer. Rugged, lightweight and compact, the GA10 is an exceptional value.

Engineered to connect to local air source, the package includes 5-micron filter regulator with auto drain and coalescing filter as standard equipment with this new economically priced system. Air requirement is 0.1 to 0.5scfm at 80 to 125 lbs/. Introductory price is $3,836.00.

GA10 Ozone Generator

GA10 provides the means that were previously unrealistic due to cost, weight or location. With the GA10, those wanting to utilize this technology can now apply it with ease, confidence and success.

M18 Portable Ozone Water Purification Systems

Ozonated water production for food processors in cleaning work space and equipment in dairy and poultry farms, fish markets, meat packing, rendering plants and slaughter houses. The sanitization of tanks, surface disinfections and other uses has never been easier or more cost effective.

M18 Portable Ozone Water Treatment Purification Systems are rugged, all stainless steel package that uses an 18g/hr (1 lbs/day) high concentration ozone oxygen concentrator system with on board pump and injector for efficient ozone mass transfer. Simply connect plant water in and get high concentration ozonated water out with no loss of flow or pressure. It can be used in line with any high pressure washer. 0 to 100 g/min flow. Price is $14,783 for M18. Also available is the M30 with 30 g/hr for $16,550.00.

M18 Portable Ozone Water Purifier System

Complete Ultimate Ozone System

SGA series ozone generators are mounted in stainless steel enclosure, the highly efficient ozone oxygen concentrator is designed for minimum maintenance. They will soon be the leader in the food processing industry for microbial control in all perishable food applications.

Complete system can be used for bottled water applications, direct contact on fresh food in storage, or fresh produce bin tanks, dump tanks, dip tanks, and spray wash systems.

Output can be accessed by the easy to see and operate control panel. All functions are available to adjust any amount of concentration needed within the output parameters of the system. Automatic proportional control is available to automate any dose application.

Features: High Frequency Corona Discharge; Rotary Valve Oxygen Concentrator; Titanium Ceramic Components; Elegant Simple Design; Variable Output; Air Cooled, Pulse Modulated Control.

SGA-11-24 Ozone Generator

Model No Compressor Price
SGA-11 13 g/hr .5 lbs/day at 10scfh 6,774.00
SGA-21 16 g/hr .8 lbs/day at 10 7,923.00
SGA-22 30 g/hr 1.6 lbs/day at 20 10,111.00
SGA-23 45 g/hr 2.4 lbs/day at 30 13,536.00
SGA-24 60 g/hr 3.2 lbs/day at 40 16,448.00

Larger SGA Series are enclosed in durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel floor mount enclosures with integrated oxygen concentrators and powerful titanium reactor cells are great for large water purification systems.

SGA43 thru 64 Ozone Generators

Model No Compressor Price
SGA-43 90 g/hr 4.8 lbs/day 19,177.00
SGA-44 120 g/hr 6.4 lbs/day 20,548.00
SGA-53 135 g/hr 7.2 lbs/day 26,334.00
SGA-63 180 g/hr 9.6 lbs/day 31,763.00
SGA-64 240 g/hr 12.8 lbs/day 35,479.00

SGC-11-22 Ozone Generators

Model With Compressor Price
SGC-11 115v or 230v 60-50Hz 13 g/hr 8,231.00
SGC-21 115v or 230v 60-50Hz 16 g/hr 9,148.00
SGC-22 115v or 230v 60-50Hz 25 g/hr 11,506.00

SGA Series Ozone Generator Combination

Laboratory Counter Top Corona Discharge Ozone Generators

Model Price
L-11 13 g/hr 4,486.00
L-21 19 g/hr 5,082.00
L-22 30 g/hr 7,178.00
L-23 45 g/hr 8,592.00
L-24 60 g/hr 9,781.00

L Series Ozone Generator

M Series

M Series models are totally self contained ozone generators that include variable control, feed-gas-flow control, reactor pressure and output indicators, as well as cooling fan. All of the features of these high quality industrial and commercial generators are packaged in 19 rack mountable chassis with anodized aluminum front control panel. Models are available from 135 g/hr to 1080 g/hr.

AE Series Corona Discharge Commercial and Industrial Ozone Generators

Model Grams/hr Liters/Minute Price
AE12M 22 g/hr at 10 4,450.00
AE15M 28 g/hr at 10 5,650.00
AE20M 38 g/hr at 20 6,550.00
AE25M 46 g/hr at 20 7,350.00
AE30M 57 g/hr at 25 8,950.00

Absolute AE Series Ozone Generators

AE Series Information Specifications

Air Compressor Kits

Oil-less air compressor kits from 0.5 to 12scfm with after-cooler, over pressure relief valve, and rotary screw air compressors from 24 to 72scfm with refrigerated after-cooler, air tank, filtration and fittings are available for all systems.

Workhorse Oxygen Concentrator Systems

Workhorse Family is one series of oxygen concentrator systems engineered to provide reliable, maintenance free supply of oxygen on rugged platform. The Workhorse design builds upon simplicity and elegance which are suitable for any industrial ozone application. Quad systems are available up to 200scfh.

Model Complete with air compressor and oxygen concentrator Price
Workhorse-8 0 to 8SCFH 1,705.00
Workhorse-12 0 to 12 1,815.00
Workhorse-15 0 to 15 1,925.00
Workhorse-23 0 to 23 3,255.00

Workhorse Industrial Oxygen Generators

Eclipse Portable Oxygen Generator Specifications

Prices on filtration systems (filters and housings), air purifiers, counter top home water treatment purifiers not shown are available on request. We can supply complete air and water purification systems and automatic equipment for bottled water suppliers from 100 to 600 bottles per hour.

See the latest regulatory news concerning ozone generators and home air purifiers.

Ozone News

Applied Ozone Systems is announcing the new SMOG BUSTER. This small sized 12 volt ozone generator injects activated oxygen into your cars, diesel engines, or trucks intake air that produces cleaner burning fuel, increase your gas mileage, increase horsepower, performance, torque, reduce tail pipe emissions, reduce smog levels in the city and save you money at the gas pumps.

Smog Buster Ozone Generator

Information on our air and water purification systems, air purifiers, oxygen concentrator or corona discharge ozone generators please contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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