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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Portable Air Ozone Sensors Monitors

Portable Air Ozone Sensors Monitors

Portable air ozone sensors monitors detector instrument, checking generator equipment applications gas leaks dissolved water analyzer. Eco Sensors low cost portable ozone sensors and ozone monitors detector analyzers, thousands used worldwide.

Gas ozone sensors, monitors, detectors, dissolved water analyzer helps business comply with air quality regulations, hydrocarbon gases, solvent vapors.

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A-21ZX Shirt-Pocket Size Ozone Sensors

A-21ZX Pocket Ozone Sensors Detector

A-21ZX portable ozone sensor detector provides reliable and inexpensive way to monitor or check generators, valves, piping and general environments for detecting leaks and for estimating concentration levels. Used as permanent indoors when concentrations average below .1 or outdoors for studies in moderate temperature conditions. Range 0-10 in .01 parts/million increments. Internal battery lasts 8 hours and recharges overnight.

A-22 General Purpose Sensor and Monitor

The new A-22 general purpose ozone sensor and monitor is designed for rugged indoor field use, factories, pilot plants, process facilities, and uses of all kinds. It covers 0-20ppm in two ranges. They are auto-selected and are: .030-1.999ppm and 2.00-20.00ppm. It operates from internal batteries or AC, and has voltage, 4-20mA and USB data outputs. Its built-in LCD shows parts per million concentration, average, high and low readings. It has outer rubber protection to minimize damage if dropped.

EZ-1X Simple and Inexpensive Ozone Sensors, Monitors

EZ-1X Ozone Sensor Detector

EZ-1X ozone sensor detector is ideal for checking concentration levels near smaller generators. Ideal for light commercial applications such as bars and restaurants, hotels, photocopy centers, water bottlers, fumigation, research projects, light manufacturing, swimming pools, and residential wherever exposure or gas leaks in the environment is possible.

Range 0-.14 parts/million. Internal battery lasts 8 hours and recharges overnight.

C-30ZX Simple, Inexpensive Gas Sensors Monitors

C-30ZX Gas Sensor Detector

C-30ZX is for permanent monitoring equipment in water treatment plants, water bottlers, pulp bleaching mills, generators, photocopier centers, AC and indoor air quality systems, research labs, and industrial processes such as plastic film treatment.

Audio alarm, outputs for external data logging and lower power relay contacts for external equipment control. Range 0-.14 parts/million.

OS-1X Low Concentration Ozone Switch

OS-1X Low Concentration Ozone Switch

OS-1X acts like regular thermostats to control generators and alarm based on adjustable concentration level set point over the 0-.1 parts/million range. Relay contacts handle 5 amps which as adequate to control most smaller generators.

OS-3 Ozone monitor and controller for 0-10ppm. Digital readout and data logging capability with 5 amp output relay. For higher concentrations of ozone .5-10ppm. Acts like regular thermostat to control ozone generators and external systems. Has LCD digital readout and voltage output. Same as the OS-4 only smaller.

OS-4 High Concentration Ozone Monitor and Controller Switch

OS-4 acts like regular thermostat to control generators and alarm based on adjustable concentration level set point. Ideal for checking ambient concentration levels in food storage, at the supply ducts in ozone AC systems, and checking output of smaller generators. Range 0-10 parts/million. Voltage output for data logging and the sensor is replaceable pre-calibrated module.

C-21 VOC Gas Monitors

C-21 VOC Gas Monitor Detector

C-21 is for checking indoor ambient air quality of solvent vapors in the workplace. This low cost VOC sensor with P-20 AC adapter is the same as the C-21 but with visual display only and replaces the C-11. Range 50-100 parts/million for most solvent based volatile organic compounds.

Typical applications are for auto repair facilities, dry cleaners, wood workers, electronics assembly, chemical labs, printers, and light manufacturing where solvents are used. Instrument has an audio alarm, relay contacts, and data logger output. C-21 may be run permanently from the AC mains or from its internal re-chargeable battery, which lasts for 2 hours. Range 50-100.

EZ-10W Dissolved Ozone Analyzer Detector

Portable dissolved ozone analyzer detector, battery operated instrument for taking water samples only. Uses 50-180ml samples and it does not come in contact with the water. Applications in bottled water, swimming pools and spa, water treatment systems, aquarium, food washing and canning, wine making, cooling towers, research and much more. Ranges: .02-.14ppm (mg/l), .1-.7ppm (mg/l).

EZ-10W Dissolved Water Sensor

Instrument is easily used by relatively untrained personnel and not affected by chlorine or salt. There are no consumables. The OG-1 o3 source is used for checking instrument response.

DOM-1 Dissolved Ozone Monitors and Controller

DOM-1 Dissolved Ozone Monitor and Controller

DOM-1 dissolved ozone monitors detector can be used in bottled water plants, food treatment, equipment sterilizing systems, factory pure water process and control applications. Low Cost on-line dissolved Ozone Monitor and Controller 0-2ppm. Insensitive to most chemicals such as chlorine.

UV-100 ozone monitor analyzer is for general purpose measurement of ozone in air. Its range is .02-100's plus parts per million with 2 percent accuracy, and it includes built-in data logger.

UV-100 Ozone Analyzer Detector

Instrument specifications, combinations and accessories with the ozone sensors and monitors:

Model Specifications

Price Schedule for Portable Ozone Sensors, Monitors and Detectors. Ozone Monitor and Sensors have one year warranty.

Model Parts Per Million Price
A-21ZX Ozone Sensor (0 to 10) 750.00
A-22 Ozone Sensor (0 to 20) 1,200.00
C-21 VOC Monitor (50 to 100) 295.00
C-30ZX (0 to .14) 525.00
DL-3 Data logger for C-21, C-30Z and OS-4 449.00
DOM-1 Dissolved Ozone Sensor Monitor and Controller 1,950.00
EE-2 Environmental enclosure for C, E and O series 220.00
EZ-1X Ozone Sensor (0 to .14) 350.00
EZ-10W Dissolved Ozone Analyzer (.02-.7mg/l) 495.00
OG-1 Generator source for testing instrument response, battery operated 50.00
OG-1AC Generator source for testing instrument response, AC operated 95.00
OG-3 Calibration source (specify .1 or 1 parts/million output ultra violet micro lamp) 465.00
OS-1X Ozone Sensor Switch (0 to .1) 385.00
OS-3 Ozone Monitor (0 to 10) 469.00
OS-4 Ozone Monitor (.05 to 10) 795.00
PAC-44 Remote alarm and controller panel 1,825.00
RAP-2 Remote alarm with strobe light and audio 500.00
UV-100 Ultra Violet Ozone Analyzer (.02 to 100+ppm) 3,500.00

Notes: AC power adapters for recharging are only sent in 120 volts for USA orders.

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