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Welcome, Applied Ozone Colonic Testimonials

Ozone Colonic Testimonials

Ozone colonic irrigation colon cleansing therapy health testimonials. Safe, simple method, irrigate large intestine, clean toxins, other accumulated waste lining intestinal wall.

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Ozone colonic irrigation testimonials sent e-mail. If high colonic irrigation has helped you and have any testimonials to share send it to Applied Ozone Systems.

If others can learn from your experience you may help save them from needless pain and suffering or even their life.

December 11, 1999

I am writing this letter to thank you for all your help and support regarding my ozone needs. I think I now own every type and size available and would never want to go one day without any one of them. I feel that these machines are truly the most important health related items I have ever purchased and wish that I could have been able to find them years before I did.

I truly believe that due to my multiple sclerosis, multiple chemical sensitivity and fibromyalgia, I would not have survived the toxic environment I was in at the time I purchased my first ozone machine. The ozone began eliminating the toxic off gassing immediately. Although my health improved almost immediately, it was the improvement that I saw in my dog that impressed me the most. His mental confusion (that he had developed shortly after we moved into the new place) improved within the first week. I also started bathing him in ozone water, his skin completely cleared up, and no new problems have ever come back. This is amazing since the vet had him on special medicines and shampoo for one year before this with no success.

I soaked my right hand in warm ozone water to see if it would relieve the stiffness. After two treatments of 15 minutes each, my hand I was able to use the mouse on my computer for the first time for more than 10 minutes without having to stop from pain. The problem has never returned and that was 4 years ago. The list of things that I have used the water for is far too long for this letter, but it ranges from drinking it when I had food poisoning to soaking my fruit and vegetables in it to kill anything on them as well as having them last longer.

After just using the air machines for two months, I began to notice that my chemical sensitivity to things had decreased, my mental ability had improved, and my fatigue was less. As amazing as this all is, it was the first time I had an ozone colonic that I was the most shocked. I was having very painful days with my fibromyalgia and you talked me into getting the colonic. I did not expect more than some slight relief from the pain but not for some hours. Twenty minutes after I started the ozone colonic ALL OF MY PAIN WAS GONE, over my entire body! I was so shocked because I had been doing colon cleansing for years (I thought) and had even had plain water colonic with no success.

These machines have given me new freedom that I had not had for some long time due to my poor heath. My health has improved so much since I began using the ozone that I want everyone to use it. I can't thank you enough for all of your help.

Sincerely, D. King

September 26, 1999

I have experienced chronic digestive problems all of my adult life. In the last two years I started feeling worse with symptoms of stomach bloating, cramping, skin rashes, headaches, coated mouth, tooth abscesses, cavities, muscle tightness, fatigue and depression. I have tried many supplements, diets and therapies each would temporarily help yet the symptoms would return.

I decided to investigate colonic irrigation using hydrogen peroxide and ozone to see if it would help. After just one treatment I felt cleaner, my eyesight improved, bloating was relieved, there was the sense of relief, hope and wellness. In addition, the tightness in my breathing was relieved, the pain in my lower back, kidneys and liver were gone. Upon awaking the next morning, I felt great. I was clear, energetic and had not felt better in years.

I immediately called for the second appointment to continue treatment. I experienced major releases of bulk and old matter-simultaneously and spontaneously the vertebrae in my neck and middle back popped into place (these are chronic conditions that I see my chiropractor for weekly). The next morning I was mentally clear, my hearing improved, I could move my neck freely, had no aches or pains and I had the sense of hope and well being. In addition the bloating in my gut was reduced to half its size and I was able to wear one pair of pants that I have not been able to wear for some time.

I called for the third appointment and I am on my way now. I wonder what awaits me.

Stan P.

May 20, 2002

When I first heard about colonics, I thought this has got to be for the out there kind of person. (People who are seriously into whatever is out there that might make their bodies run better). Okay, so I was a little interested about what colonic, (or the other name I learned for colonics, ozone therapy) was all about. I read a booklet about colonics, as well as talking with several people who had been doing colonics for some time. I also read through parts of the book called The Breath of Life. By the time I was done with my little research trek, I was ready, willing and excited to give this whole thing a try.

The main thing that turned me loose on ozone therapy was the many claims about the overall health benefits of colonics! I am a very healthy person already, but it was clear that I could greatly benefit from having a colonic added to my life, especially because I did have this problem with allergies. I have suffered with allergies that affect my eyes. I have had these allergies in my eyes for about 15 years. Colonics are suppose to drastically reduce your problems with allergies. The allergies are simply toxins. A colonic is all about removing the toxins. It did not matter to me that Madonna has been doing this for many years. I was more hooked because of the claims of very improved health benefits for the quality of your life and that cleansing the colon helps in the absorption of nutrients. Which means all the good food that I eat will have an even better effect on the quality of my life. It also will deal with your bad breath, because you are removing toxins.

I have had four now, and I tell you the truth! The allergies I have battled with are pretty much gone. I no longer have the red stingy eyes because of the make up I wear. As far as how I feel after having a colonic, well, I love the way I feel; light, full of energy and clean. I love the feeling of really cleansing without having to do a cleansing fast.

I know the first time you hear about colonics you may simply ignore the whole thing. (Too embarrassing or something). Get over that one! Once you do one, if you are like me, you will be hooked for life. I will be having one at a minimum of once a month.

Hope this is helpful to anyone out there who is just wondering if normal everyday people get into this stuff. Absolutely YES! It really is a wonderful thing for your bodies.

Margaret S.

May, 2002

In October 1999, I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. IBC is very rare and extremely bad cancer. I am very happy to say today that I am cancer free. I believe the only reason I am here today is because of ozone and God of course. On a regular basis, I insert oxygen and do colonics as often as possible. Dietary supplements have also taken part in my recovery. The combination of all these has been blessings from above. I Thank God!

Jude P.

October 15, 2002

I have struggled with candida and chronic fatigue syndrome for 19 years. I began seriously committing myself to healing about years ago, no longer willing to accept less than ideal health. I have tried many different kinds of treatment with varying degrees of success, and recently began using oxygen based therapies.

Although I was resistant to doing the ozone colonic because I had heard negative comments about its effectiveness (always from people who had never had one), and I didn't like the intrusive nature of the treatment. Nevertheless, I plunged ahead and decided to do it again. It was not as unpleasant as I had imagined, and I can report some impressive healing from its use. Five hours after the first colonic I suddenly began having bowel movements, which lasted for the next 2 hours. I was passing clots of blood and mucus, the signs of a diseased digestive tract.

Additional colonics resulted in passing large softball sized clumps of candida. Symptoms that I have struggled with for 19 years have almost disappeared. I used to not tolerate any cold or raw foods and would feel as if my stomach was ice cold, now I do not have any problem at all. I used to react with allergies to almost any food I ate, now the food allergies are diminishing as my gut heals. I sleep better and have more energy. I still have a way to go but I am committed to using the ozone colonics as I know that I have stumbled on a truly effective weapon against the power of disease. Health and Healing, Jess


Dear Family and friends,

Attached is my live blood cell analysis before and after taking oxygen supplementation.

I feel like a new person, looking forward to every new day to live and not just exist. The August 2002 analysis was taken on a day when I was really feeling sick; low blood sugar, undigested protein, low potassium, high sodium, low oxygen in cells, headache. Was tested for food allergies and Candida in the blood stream tested positive for both. Allergic to 23 different foods. I started on the Hydroxyen shortly after this and began gradually feeling better 40% in just a few months. The second analysis taken after 5 months Hydroxygen and 2 weeks ozone my blood cells are more fully oxygenated and feel more alive and I can feel a high that I have never felt before. I also have changed my diet since November to more raw foods. Less fruit, more vegetable and less carbohydrates.

In my search for more information on oxygen therapy, and liquid food supplementation God led me to Kate D. who introduced me to an educated and experienced mother named Kathy whose daughter, Rebecca had Lyme's disease 4 years ago. The doctors tried to give her stronger doses of antibiotics with no redeeming results. She was bed ridden and in a wheelchair when after just a couple of days on ozone given rectally in a clean colon for 1 minute she was up and walking around. After a total of 6 weeks on ozone for 1 minute a day she is totally free of Lyme's disease.

The friend of Kathy had a machine he purchased for several thousand of dollars. Since then she has found a more reasonable machine just as effective for a fraction of the cost. I purchased one of these machines. I used it for 2 weeks before the attached latest cell analysis and it made me more flooded with oxygen, along with home colonics with oxygenated water and rectal inserting the ozone. The liquid food supplement has benefited me too.

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I met a dear old friend of mine, at the Desert Industries while donating some time helping there, Thelma M. 80 years old had a fungal lung infection and the doctors tried to treat her for a whole year but with no success. She found out through a friend about a doctor here in CA nearby who did oxygen therapy. After the third treatment of taking this therapy she was over the lung infection. They took a live blood cell analysis and it confirmed the fungus in the bloodstream. So after serving the Lord, on my way out he sent another witness to me to verify that I was on the right path. This sister in the gospel is well respected in the community. Her husband is a patriarch in our church.

I have been on the ozone for l month now and will continue to use oxygen therapy because of it's benefits. I use it to purify my drinking water, fruits, vegetables, I use it to clean out the pores of my skin, even to clean the air in my house.

Dr W. Spencer Way writes in the Journal of the Amer. Assoc. of Physicians:

Symptoms of Oxygen Deficiency: Overall bodily weakness, Muscle aches, Depression, Dizziness, Irritability, Fatigue, Memory loss, Irrational behavior, Chronic hostility, Circulation problems, Poor digestion, Acid stomach, Lowered immunity to colds, flu and infections, Bronchial problems, Tumors and deposit buildups, Bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

After 2 days doing the ozone and colonics the pain in between my shoulders went away. Less tense and I have a general feeling of well being.

Love you all, Rebecca

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