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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Oxygen Deficiency Disease

Oxygen Deficiency Disease

Oxygen deficiency cause most illness, disease. Without vital earth element, human life, health would end.

Oxygen deficiency medical symptoms include: stomach acid, bacterial, viral, parasitic infection, bronchial, chronic hostility, circulation problems. Also depression, dizziness, fatigue, irrational behavior, irritation, lowered immunity to colds, flu and infections, memory loss, muscle aches, overall bodily weakness, poor digestion, tumors, deposit buildups.

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Ninety percent of our energy is created by oxygen. Our eliminative processes consume larger amounts of oxygen to rid human bodies of waste and toxins.

Scientists were stunned to discover that atmospheric oxygen level in ancient times measured twice as high as that of today: We are being more and more deprived of precious oxygen in the modern environment, and it is causing serious health problems as numerous studies and research on Oxygen Deficiency have proved.

Medical symptoms of oxygen deficiency include: acid stomach, bacterial, viral and parasitic infections, bronchial problems, chronic hostility, circulation problems, depression, dizziness, fatigue, irrational behavior, irritation, lowered immunity to colds, flu and infections, memory loss, muscle aches, overall bodily weakness, poor digestion, tumors and deposit buildups.

These medical symptoms often begin with the vague feeling of uneasiness. They progress over time, to full-blown illness and disease. As stated in The Townsend Letter for Doctors: Cells undergoing partial oxygen starvation send out tiny panic signals which are collectively felt as the continuous vague sensation of uneasiness, dread or disaster. This low level generalized warning tends to get turned out as mere background noise by the individual experiencing it. Or, it is attributed to other sources of uneasiness.

Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of our bodies cells by an anaerobic (oxygen-deficient) cell respiration. Dr. Otto Warburg. Two-time Nobel Laureate Winner of the Nobel Prize For Cancer Research.

The lack of oxygen clearly plays major roles in causing cells to become cancerous. Journal of Experimental Medicine.

The true cause of allergy is lowered oxidation process within our bodies, causing the affected individual to be abnormally sensitive to entering foreign substances. Only when the oxidation mechanism is restored to its original highest requirement of efficiency can the sensitivity be eliminated. Dr. Wendell Hendricks from Hendricks Research Foundation.

Starved of oxygen our bodies will become ill, and if this persists it will die, doubt if there is an argument about that. Dr. John Muntz. Nutritional Scientist.

Simply put, disease is due to the deficiency in the bodies oxidation process leading to an accumulation of toxins. These toxins would ordinarily be burned in normal metabolic functioning. Dr. Albert Wahl.

Serious disease conditions we find low oxygen level. Oxygen deficiency in our bodies tissues is an indicator for disease. Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease. Dr. Stephen Levine. Renowned Molecular Biologist. Author, Oxygen Deficiency: Concomitant to All Degenerative Illness.

The sharpest of scientific minds are growing concerned that the human bodies are not getting anywhere near the levels of oxygen needed for peak health, vitality, immune system function, and longevity. They point to the growing evidence which suggests; 1) the human bodies are meant to function at far higher concentrations of oxygen than it is currently getting; 2) the total dissolved oxygen content of most peoples bodies today is considerably lower than what is needed to maintain health, high energy levels and benefit proper metabolism; and 3) the lower the dissolved oxygen content is, the greater our susceptibility to chronic illness and disease.

Dr. W. Spencer Way writes in the Journal of the Amer. Assoc. of Physicians, Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life threatening disease. The connection between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established.

Why do you need extra oxygen since plenty of oxygen is in the air?

Scientists were stunned to discover that atmospheric oxygen content in ancient times measured twice as high as that of today: It was 38 percent 10,000 years ago, compared to the 21 percent of today, getting lower and lower due to pollution and industrialization. We are simply NOT getting as much oxygen as our human bodies were designed for!

Does drinking oxygenated water benefit me?

Dissolved oxygen in water or food is absorbed through the intestinal membrane along with ions and other nutrients, then the oxygen goes directly into the blood stream to help create energy and expedite the waste removal process.

Is it safe to use the Oxygen Generator at home?

Unlike other oxygenating products, we do not use any flammable material or combustible parts like oxygen tanks. We use Pressure Swing Adsorption technology in our oxygen generators that was developed by NASA, which is extremely safe and easy to operate.

Do you know if the water contains high oxygen?

It does not have any color, odor, or taste. It can be detected only with an oxygen analyzer or dissolved oxygen meter. However, people who have sensitive taste can feel the slight difference between regular water and oxygen water. ALL units tested and checked before shipment for any defects.

Where does the oxygen come from?

The oxygen generator separates oxygen atoms from the ambient air. The excess oxygen left over after being used goes back into the air, thus the oxygen level in the room remains almost the same.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

OXY home products come with 6 month parts and labor, 1 year parts with one-way shipping warranty for inside USA only.

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