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Welcome, Applied Ozone Spa Pool Water Ozonator

Ozone Spa Pool Water Ozonator

Corona discharge ozone generator machine, spa pool water ozonator, industrial, domestic home swimming applications. Powerful high concentration air units capable eliminate swimming pool, spa water contaminates like bacteria, virus, cysts.

Ozone generator makes home swimming pool spa drinking water pure, clean. Natures most powerful natural oxidizer, purifier, sanitizer. Destroys algae, bacteria, mold, viruses, prolongs equipment life.

Reduce pool water treatment chemicals 90 percent used while neutralizing harsh irritating pool chemicals byproducts. Clean, Pure, Safe, Simple, Effective, No Harmful Health Byproducts.

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Still using cancer causing chlorine in your pool? Read this because it may save you more than time, money and chemicals. It may save YOUR LIFE.

Solution: Using ozone generators to sanitize swimming pools and spa is more effective than chlorine for oxidizing organics, bacteria, cysts, spores, or viruses. Water ozonators are non-irritating to skin and hair and the by-products of the oxidation process have no adverse health or environmental effects.

The water ozonator machine is superior over all the other brands because they are fantastic in all respects of aesthetics, low maintenance, quality, simplicity and better performance in dry or humid environments.

The use of ozone as opposed to chlorine in swimming pools and spa is gaining popularity worldwide. Unfortunately, the high cost of ozone generators in the past has impeded its growth into the market. Why spend all that money on chemicals when they have bad effects on your health that causes cancer and dry skin. Chloramine is produced in water when chlorine is used swimming pools and spa and by using less chlorine there are less amounts.

Everyone needs to promote better health instead of destroying it. There are no advantages when using chemicals only but there is greater advantage when you use the water ozonator machine. The bacterial kill rate is 3,125 time faster than chlorine and it is 50 percent stronger oxidizer than chlorine. It is 25 times more efficient than Hypochlorous acid, 2,500 times more effective than Hypochlorite and 5,000 times more effective than Chloramine.

These water ozonator helps swimming pools and spa drinking water pure, clear sparkling crystal clean water. It is one of natures most powerful oxidizers and purifier. It destroys bacteria on contact and prolongs and protects equipment life. It reduces the need for chemicals from 70 to 90 percent, while neutralizing harsh irritating by-products of all pool chemicals. Safe, Simple, Effective and No Harmful By-products!

Quickly and thoroughly rids swimming pools and spa of contaminants, reduces the need for chemicals, stops skin/eye irritation and eliminates pool rings. Some of the systems manufactured for home pools are not that expensive, and can be adapted for other uses around the home. Installing this equipment in public pools is more expensive because of state laws that discourage most from using it but the benefits of healthier water; maintenance, time and money far exceed its original cost.

Ozone is used chiefly in applications for water systems, it will attach and destroy, by oxidation, any offending molecule that gets in its path. It rapidly decomposes leaving no traces, and does not produce any toxic compounds. Makes your swimming pools and spa water smell, feel and taste like rainwater and it is safer for the environment. Being less corrosive in water than chlorine, it is less damaging to equipment with scale buildup in the heater and lines.

Unsurpassed in domestic swimming pools and spa for control of common bacteria such as E. coli and Fecal Coliform as well as deactivation of algae, virus and cysts. Chlorine can take hours to penetrate the cell wall of bacteria or virus, while o3 oxidation occurs within seconds. Unlike chlorine, ozonation does not produce any bad by-products and is non-carcinogenic. Chlorine can be blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide yet there is no evidence of any deaths to humans of over exposure to this natural element.

Ozonation reduces levels of harsh chemicals such as chlorine because its the stronger oxidizer and there is no unpleasant chemical taste or obnoxious smell. Ozone dissolved in water will not burn your nose, irritate your skin, ears, dry out your skin or leave chemical films. Chlorine and other chemicals used for water treatment have negative effects on the environment. By reducing chlorine consumption to the minimum, you could save hundreds of dollars yearly.

Water ozonator machine will oxidize many inorganic and organic impurities as well as inactivate bacteria, virus and cysts. It oxidizes iron, manganese, heavy metals, sulfide and nitrite types into insoluble types, which can then be removed by filtration. Good filtration is important in removal of high levels of oxidized minerals. It also functions as an clarifying agent to polish and soften the water.

Ozonation will oxidize oils and other contaminants in swimming pools and spa water and organic chemicals into safer elements. During the ozonation process, some compounds like ammonia and cyanide are broken down into nitrogen and water or other safe compounds. In all reactions, the main by-product after oxidation is oxygen. Ozonation does not change the pH, nor does it react with the remaining organics in water to produce carcinogenic compounds.

Blue Cross Health Wise Pool Care Products

Wide range of industrial water ozonator's and systems for both air and water treatment in home spa and pool applications, and for medical applications with 1 year warranty. The industrial units range in size from 1g/h to kilograms per hour. Number of options are available.

Industrial units are categorized into air systems for odor and surface bacteriological control and water units to disinfect potable water and industrial process waters.

AQ-500 Spa or Swimming Pool Water Ozonator Machine

Capacity of the AQ-500 corona discharge smaller swimming pools and spa ozonator is up to 3,000 gallon pool with use of sodium bromide or 1,000 gallon spa. Ozone output is 500mg/h on air.

AQ-2000 Swimming Pool Water Ozonator Machine

Capacity of the AQ-2000 swimming pool water ozonator machine depends on the pump cycles and if you use chlorine or sodium bromide. Larger volumes can be done if more sodium bromide is added. Ozone output is 2g/h.


Adequate production of o3 is only part of the comprehensive mechanism for the efficient use of o3. The injector is designed to introduce the produced gas into the water phase. The injector is designed to operate under low pressure with minimal restriction so as to not interfere with other pool maintenance mechanisms such as the pool cleaner or filtration.

Injector for the pool ozonator provides high mass transfer of the gas using patented multi-port gas injection technology and has no moving parts. Available in 1-1/2 slip.

Ozone Injector

See Model Specifications For More Information.

AQ-4000 Water Ozonator Machine AQ-2KP and 4KP Water Ozonator Machine

Capacity of the AQ-4000 and AQ-4KP swimming pool water ozonator depends on the pump cycles and if you use chlorine or bromine. Larger volumes can be done if more sodium bromide is added. Ozone output is about 4g/h from air. The AQ-2KP is the same only with 1 cell at 2g/h with plastic case.

AQ-6000-AQ-8000 Pool Water Ozonator M10G Pool Water Ozonator
AQ-6000 6g/h / AQ-8000 8g/h M10G Ozone Generator Machine

Capacity of the M10G ozonator depends on the pump cycles. Ozone output is 10g/h. with oxygen concentrator.

M20G Ozone Generator Machine

Mini-Spa 200 Water Ozonator Machine

Mini-SPA 200 water ozonator will provide you with 200mg/h of ozone to keep your spa clean reducing or eliminating the need for excessive chemicals. Mini Spa 200

Pool Ozone Machine Generator Management, Protocol, Theory

Go to the following to figure the model for your size pool application.

Pool Ozone Generator Size Chart

Spa Pool Water Ozonator Model Price
Mini-Spa 200 Ozonator 200mg/h 257.00
AQ-500 Spa Pool Ozonator 330.00
AQ-2000 Ozone Generator 625.00
AQ-2KP Ozone Generator 520.00
AQ-4000 Ozone Generator 725.00
AQ-4KP Ozone Generator 630.00
Injector 1-1/2 slip with tubing and check valve 65.00
M10G Industrial Swimming Pool Ozonator 1,175.00

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