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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Chemicals Food Medical Water Health Risks

Chemicals Food Medical Water Health Risks

Avoid carcinogenic cancer causing chemicals, chlorine, medical drugs, food pesticides, water contamination, environmental health risks.

Bodies expend vital energy, nutrients, protecting itself foreign substance. Reducing exposure like certain chemical substances helps our immune system fight other disorders causes further degeneration.

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Environmental Health Risks

Environmental health risks come in many types and disguises. Some are in contact with these everyday. Knowledge of these environmental health risks will benefit you and your family. Estimates show that 135,000 kids under the age of five will become victims of accidental poisoning. About 90 percent of these risks originate in the home.

Natural and man made chemicals are everywhere in our environment. The synthetic plastic types promote the formation of harmful free radicals in our bodies. The long term effects of the thousands of these in the air, drinking supplies, in the food chain, and environmental pollutants are affecting the health of everyone.

Those that have been banned for decades are still showing up in the food chain and will continue for years to come. When they are proven to be cancer causing and banned, another new one takes its place. Years later, after more damage has occurred, it is banned.

Ingredients on the products you buy daily show only partial amounts of the actual ingredients used in processing. Some ingredients may use dozens of other additives and shown only as one on the sticker. We are not informed of theses poisons being used in agriculture as fumigant, herbicide, insecticides, and pesticides for fruits and vegetables.

One recent report commissioned by the California EPA done by University of Calif. researchers estimate that in 2004, 200,000 California workers suffered from chronic diseases linked to workplace exposure to industrial chemicals and 4,400 people died of these diseases including cancer, emphysema and Parkinson's disease. In there 2007 report they found that low-level synthetic chemicals can disrupt the natural development of infants and children.

Agriculture uses over 800 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides annually. All contaminate the soil for years, and drains into rivers, lakes and ground aquifers when it rains.

Fish and other marine life die from these chemicals and cause irreversible damage to the entire ecosystem. When the ecosystem is out of balance, it gets sick the same way humans do. All are harmful to the earth's stratospheric ozone layer.

World Health Organization considers pesticide poisoning of farm workers major problems in under-developed countries. It estimates that pesticides cause some 500,000 human poisoning each year, 5,000 of which are fatal.

Cancer is the second biggest killer among Americans. EPA estimates that there are 300,000 affected in the USA.

These are poisons, toxic and designed to kill or control insects, weeds, or other pests. Common pesticides can affect the nervous system, respiratory system, kidneys, liver and heart. They can cause eye damage, skin rashes, cancer, sterility, deformed children and death.

The outcome of any new types in the environment may not become fully apparent for another decade. Those banned are still showing up and will continue to show up for years to come. Those banned in the are still being used in other countries and shipped back to us. One might ask why is this allowed to continue.

They are dangerous to the immune system and threats to all life on earth. There are over 800 carcinogenic chemicals used. Synthetics used in the production of meats as antibiotics, hormones, tranquilizers, and pesticides amount to over 2,700 different kinds.

Another problem to soon arise through biotechnology will be crops that have been genetically altered. Genetically altered food can contain genes from bacteria, fish, insects, pigs and viruses.

Bioengineering changes the genes of the seeds so they can resist higher doses of herbicides and ripen more slowly. Genetically altered seeds can only grow once and will not have the self-regeneration abilities.

Nutritional values are continually decreasing with the depletion of minerals in the soil. Some feel that altering the genes of the plants will change the environment, alter, or reduce vitamin mineral content and the enzymes needed for proper digestion.

Industries producing these non-edibles defend their products as safe and will influence the younger generation on what they consider being beneficial. Some government officials have decided that we do not need to know if they are genetically changed. Labeling them has not been any requirement and calls for labeling are worrying the industry.

Some ranchers state decreasing birth rates by 1/4 percent in livestock by feeding them genetically altered grain.

Some scientists are warning us of the potential threats but it will not become serious for some time. We will see the long-term effect but by then, the cause will be forgotten and blamed on something else.

Things in nature all have reasons or causes. Our CREATOR made it this way for one purpose. When we disrupt the natural life cycle, there will always be an effect from his actions.

Synthetics and genetics can affect the balance of nature and be disastrous for everyone.

Thousands Environmental Food Health Risks

Antibiotics will reduce the friendly flora in the digestive tract when taken. Research shows some bacteria have built up resistance to antibiotics. When out of balance, the unfriendly organisms take over and thrive even more.

Most of the meats and poultry we consume are fed antibiotics to keep them well. Like us, their health seems to keep getting worse.

Canola oil, or otherwise known as Canadian, Rapeseed or Lear oil (low erucic acid rape) is used in fuel, soap, in synthetic rubber, as an illuminant for slick color pages in magazines, and lubricant or penetrating oil. However, its main use is in thousands of processed foods and salad dressings because of its low cost.

Erucic acid contained in Canola oil is toxic to humans and animals in large amounts. Our bodies may be able to metabolize it in smaller amounts but is it worth the danger of creating future problems?

Rapeseed is the member of the mustard family, one of the most toxic of all plants. During World War 1, they used it to make Mustard gas, and banned later because it blisters lungs and skin. Rapeseed oil was used in animal feeds between 1986-1991 in Europe and banned because of related illness in most animals.

Canola oil is high in glycosides, which inhibits the function of enzymes. Most people may not feel the effects for many years but when the digestive tract is clean, you can experience some reactions shortly after.

In past times when rapeseed was used it was unrefined and symptoms were not experienced. Some researchers feel the long chain of fatty acids in Canola oil (c22) causes high cholesterol levels and destroys the myelin sheath of nerves that causes the rare fatal degenerative condition called Adrenoleukodystrophy (ADL).

Chlorine does not kill all the microorganisms or oxidize other chemicals. They still continue using it, knowing that all reactions with organic material that carcinogenic compounds of chloroform, dibromochloromethane and trihalomethanes are produced. Its been known since the 1960s that chlorine is detrimental to ones wellness.

Some of the health effects of chlorine in water include allergic reactions, headaches, increased rates of bladder colon and rectal cancer, increased risk of heart disease, irritates eyes and mucous membranes, neurotoxic reactions, dry brittle hair, strips skin of natural oils leaving it dry and itchy, upsets the balance of intestinal flora which promotes Candida, and washes out hair color.

Chlorine dioxide approved by FDA is unstable, volatile and poses some of the same hazards as chlorine. Chemicals used in our day-to-day lives for drinking and food processing, end up in streams, lakes, and in our drinking supplies. In time, this contributes to the destruction of our ecosystem and the ozone layer.

Many of the thousands of compounds used have carcinogenic properties that end up in the food chain. The end result is passed along to us and consumed in the things we eat. The advantage of ozone over chlorine is that it kills much broader spectrum of microorganisms.

Food contamination spans the entire system. In preparation, it ends with sloppy food handling practiced by the handlers. Restaurants are the last pit stop for many people and they expect to eat safely. How many times have you gotten sick from your local restaurant?

Many potential sources can harbor microorganisms, and spots for them to hide and multiply. In warm and humid environments, harmful bacteria can multiply to dangerous levels very quickly. All types have certain numbers and type of bacterial contamination.

Hydrogenated oils not only contribute to heart problems but also to higher health risks of cancer, diabetes, decrease our immunity and they accelerate tissue decay.

During the hydrogenation process, oils are reacted under pressure with hydrogen gas at high temperatures in the presence of the metal catalyst, usually Raneys Nickel, which is actually 50 percent nickel and 50 percent aluminum. Using aluminum is particularly worrisome because of Alzheimer and osteoporosis.

The result of hydrogenation is the poisonous molecular distortion of the fatty acids that turn them into harmful TFAs. Research shows that the warped fatty acids raise bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol levels. The long term dangers of using these bad oils far outweighs the savings.

Irradiation of foods and the effects from it are creating new chemicals in fresh perishables called radiolytic products. In irradiated beef, the main by-product is benzene. The Sixth Annual Report on Carcinogens, 1991, shows radiation and benzene to be carcinogenic.

Irradiation destroys most of the essential nutrients, and may alter the taste and appearance of some products. No studies have been done to show what the long term effect of food irradiation will be, which makes one wonder how this was approved without this data.

Ozone is safer to consumers and workers than irradiation and it's more effective in the control of pathogens. It does not effect food cells or alter its chemistry because it always reverts back to its original element oxygen.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is not just used on Chinese food but used by most food processors to enhance the products they produce. MSG can be concealed in foods as natural flavors or as spices. Companies like it because it suppresses off-flavors, bitterness, sourness, and the tinny taste of canned foods.

According to the Pacific Research Laboratories, medical research linked MSG to many adverse health effects and disease like Alzheimer, Lou Gehrig and Parkinson. Another substance found in MSG is glutamic acid. It effects the nervous system and causes depression.

Nitrogen Trichloride is known as Agene and used to bleach flour. May cause failure of muscle coordination and epileptic-like fits.

Pesticides contain more than 70 active ingredients that are cancer causing. The organophosphate and carbamate classes of insecticides are toxic to almost all types of life. Just because they are sold in almost all stores does not mean they are safe. Most of us will consume trace amounts of three to five pesticides daily.

Allowable levels in drinking water exceed the standards applicable to food by factors of 10 or more. Information is from Pest Management at the Crossroads, Consumers Union, by Charles Benbrook, Ph.D., 1996.

Prescription Drugs, Risky, Hazardous Health Risks.

Pharmaceuticals are daily health risks which are toxic and foreign to our bodies that only trade immediate or temporary relief for more suffering. They interfere with our biochemical pathways and metabolism. Some can cover-up and temporarily alleviate the symptoms, but the cause is merely masked as further degeneration is taking place in our bodies. Some can bind minerals, destroy vitamin C and cause bowel problems.

Pharmaceuticals to lower blood pressure (calcium channel blockers) increase your risk to heart disease. Others can cause confusion, disorientation, inflame the pancreas, liver failure and memory loss. The bad effect of these is never ending as new ones are developed.

There are other dangers when you take prescriptions by mixing them with certain beverages, foods or vitamins. Repercussions can range from minor to lethal. Other choices include abstaining from drugs, do not eat, or find out more information. Your doctor or pharmacist should be able to warn you of any possible reaction and what to avoid. The right information can either save your life or take it for the lack of it. You cannot become the victim from the choices of others if you have the right information.

Nonsteroidal types aspirins used as pain killers work by attacking selected organs that divert your brains attention and the immune system from the source of pain. Some possible reactions from aspirins may include allergic reactions, arteriosclerosis, brain hemorrhage, bleeding and irritation of the stomach, nausea, and ringing in the ears.

More powerful pain killers attack the brain and spinal column that shuts down your support functions. The brain loses contact with the rest of itself. The pain and source of the problem still exist but are only being ignored. Prescriptions for pain cause constipation.

The older we are, the more reactions we will experience from them. Drugs will build to higher levels in the elderly because the liver and kidneys are less efficient in eliminating them from the blood. Those over 65 are three times more likely to the adverse effects than those younger.

Synthetics have consequences that can lead to one problem after another. Others are then prescribed to counteract the problem caused by the previous one used. The Downhill Roller Coaster Effect Into The Pit Of Dependency. Meanwhile, the doctors and pharmaceuticals get richer while the sick get sicker.

Taking pharmaceuticals in the wrong combination may be more lethal. There are at least 140,000 people killed annually in the USA from prescriptions. This estimate is felt to be very under-estimated by many. There are two million people hospitalized yearly (25 percent) from adverse effects to the prescriptions they use. Iatrogenic disease is the name for conditions produced by your physician that results from treatment.

When over 200,000 people die yearly from prescription drugs, one may ask why the same standards for scientific research do not apply to the drug companies. You will be surprised when you look at all the statistics concerning drug and medication errors, adverse drug reactions and other mistakes. In an article called Death by Medicine, by Gary Null, PhD and other medical doctors their estimates in annual deaths in the medical field for adverse drug reactions, bedsores, infections, malnutrition, medical errors, outpatients, surgery-related, and unnecessary procedures range from 800,000 to almost 100,000. This should be compelling evidence that our medical establishment causes more harm than good.

We are always being told by the manufactures that the benefits outweigh the health risks. We are always reading in the news that FDA is targeting pharmaceutical drugs linked to deaths. If the FDA were to be the test subjects for all new types, maybe they would be safer for public consumption.

Recent newspaper article says conflicts of interest probe is expanding over the drug Rezulin because the one testing it for the NIH Diabetes Prevention Program study is listed on three separate patents of Rezulin potential use in diabetes which causes liver damage. Another article on new heart medication study was to last two years, but only lasted for six months.

There were nearly twice as many deaths among patients taking the prescription as among those taking the dummy. One pain killer by the name Celebrex was linked to ten deaths and eleven cases of gastrointestinal hemorrhages in its first three months on the market. After every death, the company's spokes people said there is no evidence that their products actually caused the deaths in question.

Late 1800, most doctors were taught many different techniques of healing and holistic medicine. The use of drugs began with the discovery of insulin and penicillin in the 1930. In 1933, the AMA, headed by Dr. Simmons, set out to destroy all medical treatments that were competitive to drug therapy. The suppression of ozone therapy began then and continues in the USA today.

The Greek word for pharmaceuticals is pharmakon, which means poison. In Greek, antibiotic means against life. One of the largest environmental health risks to us and the world environment.

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