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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems AOS-1MD Ozone Generator Machine

AOS-1MD Ozone Generator Machine

AOS-1MD corona discharge ozone generator machine, dental, hospital, laboratory, medical therapy, veterinary clinic applications. Other applications include arm limb bagging, cupping, home colon cleansing, ear insufflations, kill bacteria, virus, parasites and worms, olive oil, saline drip, steam sauna, sterilize instruments, wound healing, yeast infection.

AOS-1MD ozone generator machine has corona discharge precision machined stainless steel reactor cell with quartz inner glass tube. AOS-1MD comes standard with ozone resistant stainless steel fittings and silicone outlet hose. AOS-1MD ozone generator machine is ideal for any dental, hospital, laboratory, medical, or veterinary clinic application that requires dependable and stable ozone production. Built to last for years without any maintenance.

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The AOS-1MD ozone generator machine is superior in quality, performance, reliability, and workmanship to all others on the market. Front control panel includes 5 to 100 percent variable control with six-position range selector switch that allows for over four hundred different output settings.

Both the brass oxygen inlet and stainless ozone outlet hose barb fittings will take 3/16 silicone tubing. Hose can be adapted easily to your Luer lock fittings.

AOS-1MD Ozone Generator Machine Features

Affordable, compact, portable and easy to operate.

Air Cooled.

Back flow prevention to help water from entering the dielectric cell.

Built for continuous, efficient and silent operation in harsh environments.

LED Visual Power Indicator light.

Long trouble free life from solid state power supply module, transformer and dielectric cell.

Low Frequency, will comply with the most stringent government radio frequency standards.

No overheating of dielectric cell and power components.

Non-leaking corona discharge dielectric reactor cell.

Output range selector six position switch.

Ozone resistant stainless steel fittings and silicone tubing.

Stable ozone concentration levels.

Stainless and Quartz Reactor Cell.

Stainless Steel Enclosure.

UL and CSA recognized components.

Variable Control from 5 to 100 percent.

Wall mountable or table top.

Instruction User Guide Manual.


Comes complete with diffusion stone bubbler, hose and adjustable oxygen flow regulator from 1/32 to 4 liter/min.

AOS-1MD Ozone Generator Machine FrontAOS-1MD Ozone Generator Machine Side

AOS-1MD Ozone Generator Machine Specifications

Electrical: 120 Volts AC.

Amps: 1.3

Frequency: 50/60 Hz.

Power: 60 Watts.

Cooling: Air-cooled 50 cubic feet minute fan motor.

Construction: Stainless Steel Enclosure.

Dielectric: GE 214 Quartz Glass, Stainless Steel.

Feed Gas: Oxygen.

Fuse Size: AGC-2 Amp 250 volt.

Gas Flow: 0-1000cc or 0 to 1 Liter Per Minute.

Percentage: Industrial or Medical Grade.

Size: 8 Height, 10 Width, 8 inches Depth with sloping front control panel.

Warranty: One year limited warranty on parts and labor from date of purchase and 3 years on power module and transformer when purchased from Applied Ozone Systems.

Weight: 9.5 lbs.

AOS-1MD Ozone Output Calibration Chart

Product Order Information