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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Home Air Pollution Solution

Home Air Pollution Solution

Best solution business home pollution, create indoors, nature provides outdoors. Ozone generator produce clean air environment. Good indoor air quality enhances occupants comfort, health. Reduce air pollution, airborne bacteria, fungus, mildew, virus.

Ozone generator produce same amount produced outdoors. Activated oxygen control bacteria, fungus, mildew, spore, virus. Ozone purifier breakdown toxic air pollution like noxious chemical, gas, formaldehyde, radon, cleaning agent, paint fume bad odor.

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Ozone Benefits Home Mold Health Risk Part 2

The solution to pollution and how ozone can be applied in the home or business so everyone benefits.

Air Conditioning Systems: Air conditioning and ventilation systems clogged with dust can provide an ideal breeding ground for microbe, parasites and pathogens. The organism known as Legionnaire Disease is common in air conditioning ductwork. This bacterium afflicts up to 50,000 Americans and kills 10 percent of them. New strains of bacteria are emerging everyday.

Good indoor air quality enhances the occupants comfort and health. Activated oxygen will reduce air pollution, airborne bacteria, fungus, mildew, and virus that multiply in ductwork and filters. The elimination of air pollution like smoke from tobacco and wood stoves, formaldehyde, chemical agents, bad smells and fumes, will contribute to good fresh air. Cleaner air will help to eliminate most allergies in any dwelling.

Bath rooms: The use of activated oxygen in the bath room will eliminate bad odor. Chemicals only cover up obnoxious smells, activated oxygen destroys it and keeps the air smelling naturally fresh. It is the most effective deodorizer and the most environmentally friendly solution to your odor problems. Bubbling activated oxygen into your tub will help to relieve those aches and pain after your hard days work. It helps to relieve the pain from arthritis, bruises, skin fungus and poison oak. It will help control mildew growth in poorly ventilated bath room.

Evaporative Coolers: It helps eliminate bacteria and virus that thrive and multiply in sump water and pads stay cleaner. It helps in the reduction of outside pollutants and contaminates in the air. The air will be fresher and your family will be healthier with fewer germs floating around.

Home Plants: Watering house plants with ozonated water keeps them healthier, promotes growth and raises the pH of the soil. Ozonated water increases oxygen and nitrogen content making the flowers fresher and longer lasting. When applied in the air increases shelf life to cut flowers. It destroys the ethylene gases produced by aging and decay. It reduces algae, bacteria, fungus, mildew, spores, viruses and root rot.

Kitchen: Smaller generators can be installed under the top cabinet near the sink for purifying your glass or gallon of water for drinking and for sanitizing kitchen utensils. It also helps to eliminate bad cooking smells and bacteria on counter top. In pantry, and helps in preserving food.

Washing fruits and vegetables in ozonated water helps to reduce the pesticides and herbicide used by growers. It extends their shelf life and they will taste fresher. Some users state it helps in keeping the grease ants away. Others have said drinking ozonated water helps bad breath and relieves acid indigestion.

Pets: It reduces and deodorize pet indoor odors that permeate in the residence. Bathing your pet in ozonated water helps oxidize the oil from poison oak. Should your pet decide to confront the skunk, bathing it in ozonated water should eliminate the odor. Some people can show high sensitivity to chemicals in their living environment. Pets can also show the same sensitivities to chemicals and contaminates in their living environment.

Household pets are at ground zero level in homes. Pets are breathing and absorbing more formaldehyde than humans, due to their proximity to the source. Whatever the source, most contaminates are heavier than air and will fall to ground level. If humans suffer related illness from these problems, pets will usually suffer much more.

Activated oxygen is heavier than air and with pets being substantially smaller than people makes their tolerance level lower. However, natural ambient levels are safe. It helps reduce bad smells in cat littler boxes that usually travel and stink up the entire home. It oxidizes the odor causing substances, allowing the cat and you to breathe better.

Spa and Pools: It gives pools and spa what chemicals cannot, crystal clean water! It quickly and thoroughly rids pool and spa of contaminants, reduces the need for chemical, stops skin eye irritation, eliminates pool rings and protects equipment. Some ozone generators manufactured for residential pools are not that expensive, and can be adapted for other uses around the residence.

Purifying the air in your polluted indoor environment produces cleaner and healthier environment that will enhance comfort, health and productivity.

Bring the solution to pollution and after the storm freshness into your business or residence and breathe easy. Relieve yourself and your home of the environmental pollutants, obnoxious odors and indoor air pollution known as Sick Building Syndrome along with all those health risk factors. The best solution to pollution are air purifiers as ozone generators.

Air purifiers, air cleaners, and ozone generators are available for all types of air pollution in the Product Section for business and home.

Breath of Life book covers most all indoor applications. It explains how the homeowner can protect himself and his loved ones from the hidden dangers or risk factors that may cause sickness. It also explains how this natural element is the solution to pollution and how its used as an alternative therapy for any problems that may exist now or in the future.

Brief summary and contents of the Printed Version and the New Revised 2005 Edition is available in The Breath of Life section where you can purchase the book by credit card for 15.00. To receive the book go to the book order in the contents.


The Solution To Pollution and Better Health

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