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Welcome, Applied Ozone Systems Dental Water Biofilm Purifier Ozonator

Dental Water Biofilm Purifier Ozonator

Ozone generator purifier eliminates dental water biofilm, delivery systems, high speed hand pieces, air syringes, cleaning. Dental water purifier system, necessity every dental office worldwide.

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Biofilm are microscopic communities consisting primarily of naturally occurring water bacteria and fungi that grow thin layers on virtually all surfaces including dental water delivery systems that remain in contact with water. The presence of biofilm in dental water unit waterlines has been well established. The result of biofilm formation, relatively high numbers of common bacteria can be found in some dental water systems. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 10-1999.

Biofilm consist primarily of naturally occurring, slime-producing bacteria and fungi. Dental plaque is one of the best know examples of biofilm. Just as plaque grows on the surface of teeth, bacterial biofilm grow on the walls of smaller bore plastic tubing in dental units which deliver coolant water from high speed dental hand pieces and air water syringes used in dental treatments or ultrasonic scale dental hand pieces used in cleaning.

Issues on biofilm gained attention when ABC 20/20 February 18th,1999 aired the segment called The Dentists Dirty Little Secret. The television segment showed how the dental water lines that feed high speed dental hand pieces and air water syringes are hosts for bacteria and other contaminants.

Researchers have known for years that dental water contains high levels of biofilm that can exceed the permissible levels in municipal h2o supplies. Some say there is no current evidence of public medical health problems because they do not want to accept the blame or be accountable.

Bacteria found in the dental unit water systems are the same as those found in drinking or tap water. The numbers of bacteria are usually higher in the dental water because of stagnation or lack of use, improper cleaning or failure of not flushing out the dental equipment lines before use. Some consider dental water to that of ponds.

Microorganisms found in the dental water can range from dozens to hundreds of bacteria, mycoplasmas, parasites, pathogens, protozoa and fungi along with any other known contaminate in the main supply. When these biofilm are injected through the dental spray water into the gums and under the teeth they can double in population every twenty minutes. Gum infection and swelling from abscesses caused by high speed dental hand pieces and air syringes are quite noticeable within days.

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Some of microorganisms found in the dental unit water include; Actinomyces, Bacteroide, Bacillus, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Flavobacterium, Klebsiella, Legionella, Moraxella, Mycobacterium, Peptostreptococcus, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Veillonella.

Bacteria are continuously released from the surface of the biofilm into the flowing main line. Other patients and clinical staff are exposed to the same biofilm microorganisms because they can travel in the air through the tiny droplets or fine mist as they are sprayed out.

Article called Dental Water Line Contamination, an Overview; The lines are conducive to the growth of bacteria, including Legionella bacteria, the cause of Legionnaire's disease. Heterotrophic plate counts (total colonies of all types of bacteria) up to 10,000,000 colony forming units per milliliter have been detected in dental water lines.

Environmental Protection Agency has established the heterotrophic plate count limit of 500 for drinking water. The Dental Association set their goal to have bacteria levels in dental water below 200 by the year 2000, but the goal was not attained. When bacteria doubles its growth every 20 minutes, 0 percent should be the goal instead of 200.

Solution to this medical health problem of most is to change filters and disinfect the inside of the equipment and dental water line systems daily with chemicals and bleach. This can be complicated, expensive, time-consuming and unpractical.


Benefits of Ozonated Dental Water Purifier

Dental water biofilm is eliminated.

Naturally clean pure dental water without chemicals.

Sterilizes, disinfect and cleans at the same time.

Controls algae and all types of dental water biofilm.

Eliminates cysts, gum infection and abscesses during cleaning.

No weekly flushing or cleaning of lines with bleach or chemicals.

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Environmentally safe and chemical free cleaning delivery system.

Improves efficiency of equipment and extends equipment life.

Keeps spray nozzles on the high speed dental hand pieces and syringes cleaner.

Dental water purifier removes scale build up and mineral deposits from existing lines that clog high speed dental hand pieces, air syringes and ultrasonic scale units.

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